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Česká republika - DeFo je nadací, která podporuje děti z nejnižších sociálních vrstev s dětskou mozkovou obrnou a autismem ze severní části Tanzánie, konkrétně ve městě Arusha a okolí. Plánem nadace a naší pomoci je rozšířit pomoc mezi více postižených dětí a zlepšit jejich bezvýchodnou situaci. Já a manželka se tam opět v listopadu vydáváme, abychom pomohli rozvinout to, co naši tanzanští kamarádi začali před rokem na koleně tvořit.

Našim cílem není spasit svět, chceme dovézt nové základní cvičební pomůcky. V kooperaci s kamarády fyzioterapeuty točíme videa základních cviků, abychom třeba vylepšili stávající stav. Já osobně chci proškolit personál v základní zdravovědě a první pomoci, neb je mi to jako profesionálnímu záchranáři nejbližší. A na závěr taky udělat potěšení dětem, třeba i ve formě hraček.

Za české zástupce, s poděkováním Klára a Matěj Břeský

Destiny Foundation Program is one of the indigenous social Organizations in Arusha, Tanzania. The association was established in 2017 with an aim of improving the standard of children living with Autistic Spectrum Disorder and those living with Cerebral Palsy in Arusha and other parts of Tanzania.

Since its establishment Destiny Foundation has carried out a lot of several activities in the center especially speech therapy, Physiotherapy, Basic learning, Basic survival activities, nutritional support, health advise, capacity building and other sectors.

Autism is a disorder of brain development that affects one percent of children. Its social impact is overwhelming. In Autism, the brain is unable to process sensory information normally. As a result, these children are incapable to respond effectively to stimulation and initiate social behavior towards family, friends, and peers. There is no effective medication for Autism.

Cerebral Palsy is the result of immature brain injury or a brain malformation, Cerebral Palsy is actually caused by brain injury or abnormal development of the brain that occurs while a child’s brain is still developing – before birth, during birth, or immediately after birth. Cerebral Palsy affects body movement, muscle control, posture and balance. It can also impact fine motor skills, gross motor skills and oral motor function.

Although the Center has one year old, it currently care for 45 children who attending for rehabilitation at the center among of them 20 children stay in the center and they are drawn from very poor families who cannot afford nutritional support needed for rehabilitation.In outreach program we have 60 children with disabilities from different area here in Arusha Region who needs home grogram two days visit per week.

The economic burden of this disease to affected families and indirectly to society is unbearable. That is why the Destiny Foundation Program has decided to come out with the new methodologies to bring the relief to children born with Autistic Spectrum Disorder and those living with Cerebral Palsy in Arusha and other parts of Tanzania.

The context for this project is one where children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder and those living with Cerebral Palsy have been neglected and underrated in the society. In fact, Autistic Spectrum Disorder is a little-known disability within the disabled sector in Tanzania due to the negative perception and lack of interest towards it. The anticipated impact of the Destiny Foundation project is that it will address fundamental support for the children living with Autistic Spectrum Disorder and those living with Cerebral Palsy through identifying them through regular assessments and providing needs-based services in speech therapy, Physiotherapy, Occupational therapy and various rehabilitation processes; and initiate progression to promote the social inclusion of children living with Autistic Spectrum Disorder and those living with Cerebral Palsy.

Depending on the level of severeness of Autism and Cerebral Palsy after full rehabilitation, the level of recovery will also differ. We expect some of children to recover to the extent of performing economic activities that can enable them to partiallytake care of themselves and those with severeness to recover to the extent of at leastto take care of themselves though they cannot performing any economic activities . In both care the issue of care-takers will highly be minimized, so that other people in families affected by problem of Autism and Cerebral Palsy will engage in productive activities


Destiny Foundation working with deprived and undermined community to uphold dignity, equity and self-confidence in the society.


The mission of Destiny Foundation is to create meaningful opportunities for social and economic development of the marginalized community so that the gain dignity, equity and self-confidence in life and the world around them.

Goals and Objectives:

  • Enhance the capacity of disabled persons within the communities to improve their socio economic condition and ensure their Human Rights are sensitized.
  • Enhancing the potentiality of individual by providing quality full rehabilitation services
  • Capacity building of family and communities to take care of their children within the society
  • Socio economically rehabilitate involving the community program
  • Promoting opportunity, participation and ensure the rights of the marginalized are sensitized in various communities/society

Action plan

  • Building a special center with a provision as complete as possible for Autism and Cerebral Palsy children and their caretakers and recruit eligible staff center.
  • Provide transformative workshops in the village through outreach programs
  • Provide capacity building to staff in order to help them understand howto handlechildren with malformation
  • Equip the families of Autistic children with the knowledge and skills to provide targeted care for children and provide means by which the children can develop a level of independence;’ relevant to their needs.
  • Advocacy and networking for the rights of Autistic children
  • Advocacy and networking for the rights of Cerebral Palsy
  • Facilitate networking withother working social needs providers in the area, such as Government, schools, clinics and homes
  • Assessment and determination number of children with disabilities in the communities.
  • Create awareness on the magnitude of Autism and Cerebral Palsy
  • Problems in the community and provide valuable
  • Information to other stake holders such as Government, private sectors, Religions institutions and other NGOs


In order to achieve the above action plan, Voluntary work by trustee members and other Individuals, find financial support from Government, Private sector, NGOs, Religion Institutions and Individuals.

Develop and maintain prudent financial management and reporting System


  • Well-beings of people living with disabilities
  • Education and Empowerment
  • Health and sanitation
  • Community Development
  • Networking and Advocacy
  • Capacity building
  • Fight against discrimination of people with disabilities
  • Sustainability


1.1 Rental facilities

Currently we use the specious rented buildings for Destiny Foundation Programs especially for rehabilitation services such as physiotherapy, speech therapy, psychosocial counseling, basic learning, and vocational activities

In our initial plan, we did not know the magnitude of the problem but just after we started the rehabilitation we find that the number of children seeking services is far more than our estimate. In deed there are children who needed accommodation facility and Nutritional support thus the same building has to accommodation for these addition needs.

In future the organization consider to have its own building to effectively carry out its mission

1.2 Health facilities

Currently Destiny Foundation is implementing health care; therefore we ask support on medication and first Aid workshops

As we are all aware children with Autism and Cerebral Palsy are also vulnerable to other diseases, in normal Government Hospitals children under the age of 5 and people with disabilities are privilege with free Medical care. However cares are limited to Medical perspectives which deals with common diseases only, but leaves much of requirements of people with Autism and Cerebral cases are unattended.

In order to attain our Mission Medication and first aids kits for these special needs children is also required to bridge the gap left by Government for Medical care.

1.3 learning Materials

Destiny Foundation Program has an ongoing assistance for children living with Autistic Spectrum Disorder in speech therapy and language disorder we therefore asking support on learning materials such as exercise books, story books, crayons, pencils flashcards, pegs boards, soft clay, counting blocks, beads, stamp pictures, color marching box, games, video games, Radios, Television, and music instruments, this will help kids to have speaking capabilities and gesture language.

1.4 Therapeutic materials

In order to provide therapy we need;-Standing board, gym ball, shoulder pulley, balance board, tumbler, bolster, mattress, peto chair, mirror, bed, ramp and stair board, parallel bar, u- pillow and round pillow, stationery bicycle, electrotherapy modalities, splints, FABS, plaster of paris(P.O.P) bandages, cotton, plaster surgical blade, examination bed, wheel chairs, KAFO and AFO

1.5Nutritional support

Due to some difficult physical challenges to the Autistic children, the Destiny is observing difficult to provide special diets to children with Autism and Cerebral Palsy so that we need support to provide special diets which have no negative impacts on the growth and development of children. This is because some food stuff can lead to some defects such as heart diseases, constipation and many more.

1.6 Transport facilities

In order to have an effective program, we need support on transport services so as to reach communities for awareness and families and to facilitate other services conducted at the Centre.

This is essential when we consider visiting and conducting rehabilitation services to the children out the center at least two visits per week.

1.7 Monetary support

Welcome for Financial assistance which will cover the administration cost such as:- Staff salaries, utilities and stationeries.


This initiative Destiny Foundation strive to sustain and achieve its Mission basically through voluntary services and currently with few support in kind from individuals but this fall much short in comparison with requirement due to number of children already on our list of need, thus your support and cooperation will highly be appreciated.

Having a lasting impact for just one needy child, is a way of creating human values of caring for our fellow beings, while recognizing the presence of a living God in each tender and admirable face. Destiny Foundation believes that sponsorship is one of the best ways of having a perpetual impact on the vulnerable children; through your benevolent support we will be able to make a worthwhile impact while giving them much-deserved for their future.

We help them help themselves, filled with self-worth, and dignity despite of their physical and biological challenges.

Join us in making our Mission, Vision and our objectives come true.



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  • Hello Me and my Wife Klara are the first donators from Czech:)


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  • Hello Me and my Wife Klara are the first donators from Czech:)



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