Super typhoon Haiyan

Update posted by Maria Jehan Alimpuyo On Feb 16, 2014

Hi everypne,

I apologise for the lack of update about our projects progress.

There's still no electricity in the province and ive only just manage to find a caple to connect my camera on to this laptop. (i am technologically challenged at times).

With the money we've all raised, we help 20 familes buy corrugated roofs and nails. 

It was great to see old and new faces on the day of goods distribution. Most of them were so shy to receive something from total strangers, but you can tell on their faces how glad they were to have this materials. 

My Grandma used to tell me that its better to give than to receive, and thats exactly what I felt on that day. Especially when you can feel how grateful they are, their red and teary eyes says it all. 

I wish you were all there to witness that moment, it was pure bliss.

All the photos will be posted up soon.

These are the photos from my phone, and there many others that needs to be uploaded from my camera.


We still have some money left to buy school items for children in the local school. I'm looking to buy materials ready for the school opening in June.


I'm sure you all look forward to seeing their faces. I can't wait to see their cheeky grins. 


thank you very much everyone!!! 



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Update posted by Maria Jehan Alimpuyo On Nov 25, 2013

On Friday the 22nd of November, we are lucky enough to have been allowed to go to British Gas to carry out our first fund raising event which included cake sales and raffle draw ( we planned other staff but we run out of time ).

We went in at 10:00 by 10:30 our cakes were almost sold out, staffs  were asking for more  that by 12pm Mardin had to run and get some more. They even sent their own driver to drive Mardin about. 

A lot were pleased that I will be personally taking the money over to help the village.

The support we received was very overwhelming, very little questions were asked, everyone knew about the typhoon that any explanation was almost unnecessary.

Five hours later, we managed to sell 64 cake slices, 4 boxes of Fererro Rocher, one raffle ticket booklet and most of all we managed to raise £336.74. 

Thank you very much British Gas. In tagalog, maraming salamat po.

It was such a heart warming experience that inspired me, Kim and Mardin to carry on and plan for another event.

So on the 30th of November we're holding another fundraising at Baracoa bar leeds. 


see you all!!!




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Update posted by Maria Jehan Alimpuyo On Nov 11, 2013

Thank you very much to those who has already donated and helped me with all the ideas towards the fundraising event that I'm trying to organise.

It saddens me to hear that the few aid workers are struggling to typhoon victims. 

The scale of this catastrophic event is beyond everyones experience, to decide which town or village to help first is going to be difficult.

Everyone is on the same boat right, lack of food, rest, proper sanitation and as we can all imagination, all these problems can lead to an even bigger issue such as diseases. 

But even hospitals are badly damaged. The havoc this natural event has caused is stretching local governments resources. 

on top of that, there's the problem of corruption. Aid are not directly being given to those who badly need them. They are being distributed mainly to those who are under the present government parties, and their delegates.


Where's kindness in that? Where's filipino spirit in that? Is this what we've been thought by our elders? to be a total scum and take advantage of those who are needy? For all you religious people, is this what the Bible says? to expect something in return ie in the form of Votes?? 

Hell NO.... 


useless morons who doesnt deserve to be given the title of "leader of the people"...

I will personally manage all kinds and donations. I will be going home on the 27th of December and will imidiately fly back to the province and buy buildin materials and others things that they need. 

You will all be kept updated, and all progress will be documented to asure you all that your kindness reaches all those that needs them. 



salamat and thank you!


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Update posted by Maria Jehan Alimpuyo On Nov 09, 2013

so this is the 4th day now and still having difficulties in getting through to my family.

from what I gathered on facebook from friends from other parts of the Philippines, Capiz is still 95% down. The area is getting a lot less coverage compared to other affected areas. Due to lack to aid, Capiz supply of food and clean water are running low.

until now, most part of Capiz including the small town where I grewup is still trapped. 

Still no network, no electricity, lack of support from the government. Many areas are not pasable due to flooding and fallen trees and debris.

I haven't made another contact with my family, the first and last time I spoke to my grandma, she mentioned that it may take 60 days to fix the power supply given that most towns and villages are down, power companies are also strugling to priorities their work.

When it comes to food and clean water supply, i hope that my family would have enough to go round and also share with the neighbours. 

i have asked my cousin to take photos of damages, but for now, this is almost impossible. No power supply, not network and also they cant get to the nearest town. 


but this is a video that was posted by some nitezen from the city. It shows exactly the aftermath of Haiyan.








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Update posted by Maria Jehan Alimpuyo On Nov 09, 2013

after hours of panic and worrying about my family, I was so glad that somehow i managed to get through to my Aunt as most networks were down.

She told me that she was thankful that they were all okay despite the roof of their house getting blown away, she was just glad that they are safe. 

The same cant be said aout our neighbours who've lost their houses.

background story is that, Aganan, is a sleepy village, 30 minutes away from a small town called Cuartero. its a close knit village, still pretty traditional with people still living in bamboo huts and farming is the main source of income.

now those bamboo houses are gone, even the primary school has also been left roofless. Crops are damaged and people are homeless.

i knowthat Filipino people are strong and resilient, this is the not the first or last storm but in my grandmas  words, this is by far the strongest she's ever experienced. 

with not enough food to go round, roads are blocked, flooding is ongoing, no electricity and people are now left to share houses, times are definitely a lot tougher. 

unlike us, when we run out of money, we can easily go to the bank and withdraw for more, or extend overdrafts. These people does not have that privilage, they simply rely on their livestocks and crops. Unfortunately, even all these are severely damaged or gone. 


so any help that we can would be very much appreciated, £1 can buy a kilo of rice, it can be spent to buy a handful of nails to help them rebuilt their homes, or buy new clothes and school materials for those kids who've now lost their school.


please help my local village. 


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Hope this will be of some help.

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Hope this helps, good luck with your fundraising.

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Wishing you all the best with your fundraising.

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Hope this helps and good luck with all your fundraising.

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This is for Kim & Jehan and the rest of the Crew. Great cause! Hope the event on Saturday goes awesomely well! People of the Philippines... Stay Strong. Liurve' Chung

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Hope this helps!! Good luck with your event !!

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