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Update posted by Andre Cronje On May 24, 2018

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On Saturday afternoon, 19th May 2018, a fire burned out of control and caused total damage to the homemade shelters of a small community on the outskirts of Paris. It happened in the 12th district, and left over 50 homeless overnight. The sight was under Police guard, which prohibited any of its inhabitants from returning. It was not clear if the residents, would be able to return, but since the site has been declared unsafe, it seems highly unlikely.
No deaths have been reported, and no one was seriously injured. It is fortunate that all escaped without any injury. The cause of the fire is still unclear, and seems accidental. Regardless, the blame will rest on the inhabitants.

This small community of people are all of Romain origin. They have been granted special permission by the owners of the Commercial property about 5 months ago during the cold winter to stay on this vacant lot on the edge. The place is situated on line T3 next to Baron le Roy stop. The community last night, grabbed whatever belongings they could carry with them. From across the main road, they watched anxiously how the firefighters and Police were taking care of the situation. But the kids were running around and like little children seemed to make the world a better place even when disaster strikes. After 5 hours of tense waiting, the community finally realized that they would no longer be able to go back to get any other belongings.

Safety does take preeminence over comfort in the French society who has proven themselves as a kind and generous people overall. Sadly last night the reality of loving your neighbor if they were Romain, has also been witnessed. Families with little children, babies, and some pregnant woman were left unattended during the whole ordeal. No help came for them. I saw one man working tirelessly making calls and another. After midnight half was gone. Could not say where too. My heart wants to believe some relief came by the back door that allowed the woman with children and babies to have a shelter for the night. It also depended on the people themselves to accept help, if the wanted it. The comfort zone of culture always plays a dominant role, regardless of humanitarian aid.

Traffic was interrupted during this time until Police received the signal from the Pompiers (Firemen) that the traffic flow can start again. There were many Fire engines and dozens of Police filling this main road. Thank God it was not a terror attack or a public disaster. But you can’t help to think what this place would have looked like if it were not the despised outcasts of Europian pride. This community living peacefully next to me, now are homeless again, and their desperate situation does not stir or move the hearts of everyone. There were precious of opportunity to do good. Food for the kids. They loved the dry bread and tea. Some adults were so grateful for a small cup of coffee, but they prefer tea like the Queen. Simple people, thieves at best, but still Parisian. Their area of living was always clean, and they shared one toilet at the opposite end of the yard. Weekends were for party, but weekdays life went on as usual. Sometimes you see them, and other times they are gone, to prison or somewhere else.

What if Jesus were a Romain stranger, hungry, naked, in prison or sick? Would you turn a deaf ear and a blind eye too? There are times even I wondered. Why not be the good Samaritan? He did not pass the beaten down stranger, but in his kindness reached out to bind up the wounds afflicted by robbers, and provided shelter and care for this man who no longer had a purse or a walking stick, until he would recover to find The hardest thing though is to keep walking in love. God warns us that in the end times the love of many will turn cold, for lawlessness will abide. People will only love themselves rather than to obey and to follow God’s way. You may have failed miserably, but by his Word, his love is restored and perfected in you like fresh bread and a cup of tea.

#Lovewins when you can say:
My love is patient, and my love is kind, not jealous, boastful or proud. My love is not rude or selfish, nor easily angered, and also keeps no record of wrong. My love does not take pleasure in the evil of others but finds its joy in the truth. My love endures all things, and faithfully believes without end, and in hope continues, and it will forever endure. My love wins because love never fails. My love comes from heaven above. His love is my love. If you want to help this community, you can Sunshine to Paris.

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