Stroopy Jump – Best Game Ever!

Stroopy Jump is a 3D endless arcade game, that will challenge not only your reflexes, but also your brain. This game is based on Stroop effect, so you’ll need to be fast and decisive. Your task is to jump as far as possible. To do that, you have to choose one of 3 colorful buttons and your character will jump on the matching colored platform in the next line. But be careful! There are tons of traps and some platforms on the rows are already missing. In order to find the right path, you have to choose wisely and quickly, because time is the essence. The platform on which you’re standing is falling apart, so you have just a few seconds to plan your next move. Stroopy jump offers you an unforgettable journey, where you can unlock dozens of characters and discover beautiful landscapes. In order to make Stroopy jump even better… We need your help! We are a group of 5 game enthusiasts that have been working really hard for the last 5 months to develop Stroopy Jump. Now we launched its Android version and we would like to continue working on the game and publish it also on IOS devices. So far we were financing ourselves, but we are running out of money. We really want to finish our game, but we need to increase our budget. We would be really thankful for any amount you would donate us. Our goals are: