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The California inventors, founders and proprietors of Nascent Applied Methods & Endeavors (NAME) have developed an internal genetic-based Internet/Distributed Operating System Architecture (IBOS/DOSA) and Distributed Abstract Life/Integrated Autonomous Office Application (DALP/IAOA) that automates the adaptive qualities of strategic autonomous software systems, e-commerce solutions and work-related educational development. NAME's autonomous office applications and internet-based operating systems, when combined, will also provide generic computer operations and networking systems with self-ruling decision-making capabilities which replicates managerial thought & employee interactions. This goal is achieved through a process of applying the scientific and sequential algorithms of human genes & chromosomes into compressed multiple neural networks of tactical and strategic evolving organizational forms. The basic premise of this process, is to provide NAME's customer-base and its subcontractors with a systems program that will create a virtual R&D laboratory within the confine of its own engineering functions. Whereas, the objective is the autonomous research, development, and distribution of cutting-edge business processes and software technologies through e-commerce solutions. This technology's secondary premise, consists of having its communication aspects surf the internet for those new technologies related to its own organic procedures, and then automatically incorporating those technologies into a process of upgrading its own internal systems. Therefore, providing a user with a form of business object-oriented technology that far-out competes any latent or mainstream operating system & office application on a minute-to-minute bases.

STRATEGIC EDUCATIONAL & EMPLOYMENT RELATED SYSTEMS DEVELOPMENT also implements a number of biological processes for the analogous purposes of manufacturing information through cutting-edge mathematics and logistical computer operations. This operational procedure consists of planning, developing, integrating and implementing the ideological, structural and physical qualifications or characteristics of "model workers, managerial staff members and their organizational structure," as defined by NAME's investigative profile, the Thomas Registry Guides, and the Dictionary of Occupational Titles. The architectural framework of this program shall then, by the current language skills of modeled business personnel, and as circumscribed by previous or modern dictionaries, thesauruses, & other reference materials, develop artificial or real-time scenarios in virtual reality that will aid business owners, managers & employees in resolving those problems related to their day-to-day functional operations in a matter of minutes, instead of hours, if not days.

STRATEGIC EDUCATIONAL & EMPLOYMENT RELATED SYSTEMS DEVELOPMENT also utilizes strategic managerial principles to further perpetuate its autonomous agents and structures through the synthesis and execution of the following administrative grammatical criteria, which are morale/cohesion, power/authority, norms/standards and goals/objectives. Furthermore, through a SYSTEMS MATRIX and SOLUTION FRAMEWORK,this grammatical criteria will also assists the autonomous agents (DALP), autonomous structures (EWA), modeled personnel (KWS) and organizations (DOSA) in predicting how certain individuals, groups, ventures and various functions will perform under tenaciously predicated conditions and events. The costs associated with employing and implementing the systems development & educational program of NAME are tax deductible for clients (pub. 970), investors (pub. 550), investment groups (pub. 550), network contractors (pub. 535), subcontractors (pub. 535), virtual host or internet service providers (pub. 535), and property owners whose properties are exclusively delegated toward this network to facilitate its services (pub. 544 & 550). The original systems design is currently being presented to a number of purchasers, proposers & vendors by the inventor/owner over the Internet. Additionally, the program is currently available for developmental leasing to information manufacturers, marketers, contractors, subcontractors, and virtual host or Internet service providers.

The following is a list of just a few design features and procedural advantages involved in acquiring the software end of STRATEGIC EDUCATIONAL & EMPLOYMENT RELATED SYSTEMS DEVELOPMENT:

An exciting new MRP/ERP and Distributed Artificial Life Program (DALP) with over 4 billion variations


  • The ability to analyze & predict the future end-results of a problem, function or action by inputting the data from an investigative profile into a virtual reality MRP/ERP and DOSA/IAOA setting.
  • The ability to analyze & predict the future actions and decisions of one's competitors, by inputting the data from an investigative profile into a virtual reality MRP/ERP and DOSA/IAOA setting, and then running artificial scenarios against the competitor(s) and applying the desired results to real-time scenarios.
  • The ability to have a cutting-edge advantage over any competitive operation in the areas of business or employee management and marketing.
  • The ability of lawyers, prosecutors & judges to confidentially forecast the outcome of pending legal cases through infusing an autonomous DOSA/IAOA investigative profile into the jury selection process (i.e., analytical netmapping).
  • The ability to assist lawyers, prosecutors & judges in automatically structuring case documents by having NAME's internet-based platform and autonomous structures search legal information databases.
  • The ability to incorporate over 58 separate self-replicating autonomous support applications into a single internet-based operating system.
  • The ability to additionally incorporate over 100 personalized forward and backward chaining, grammatical and mathematic, word and whole document search engines into a single internet-based matrix.
  • The ability to create over 4 billion Thomas Registry and DOT skill-based Smartphone applications from a single generic internet-based platform.
  • The ability for a user to combine & use any number of textbooks, procedural manuals & novels to develop sub-routines (procedural scripts) as a form of network, organizational and procedural implementation.
  • The ability for a subscriber to deduct the cost of this network's technologies and its educational services from local, state and federal taxation.
  • The ability of a network provider (subcontractor) to circumvent property taxation of those lands used exclusively to support the services of this network.


  • An unlimited number of precise, strategic and tactical programming variations associated with enterprise resource planning.
  • A programming format whose grammatical structuring system mimics human thought and behavioral patterns within a virtual enterprise, for the purposes of information manufacturing and human resource planning.
  • A programming format that can automatically develop an individual autonomous enterprise work architecture for over 50 million separate businesses.
  • A programming format that incorporates the Dictionary of Occupational Titles and the Thomas Registry as a base for developing & integrating over 4 billion interactive autonomous internet-based operating systems.
  • A programming format that can automatically improve or upgrade its own software procedures by first analyzing itself through a systems performance evaluation, and then restructuring its internal operating methodologies by searching the Internet for new technology options.
  • A programming format that can additionally create a virtual intranet, whose sole function is to mimic portions the Internet for the purposes of developing and maintaining a secure perimeter for DOSA and IAOA semantics.


  • Product and services designs are completed. Educational services are now available through online registration. Working EWA and DALP prototypes are currently under development for Internet publication and online distribution.


  • Individuals, groups, inter-groups, business systems, social systems & larger social systems located in the U.S. and worldwide.................3,925 or more.


  • The combined minimal revenue projections for the first five (5) years under Plans 1 - 10 are $42,059,350; for 2021, $615,946,968; for 2022, $615,946,968; for 2023, $615,946,968; for 2024, and by the year 2025, $615,946,968. Plus an additional $697,337,500 in advertising dollars for an approximate total of $3,203,184,722 in distributed income or revenue at the end of the initial and subsequent 5 year educational or service cycle of NAME within the A-Square Technology Group consisting of around 11,500 distributed business/service models.


  • Manufacturers of computer & software systems
  • Distributors of computer & software systems
  • Business brokers
  • Business development firms
  • Consultants & consulting firms
  • Databanking or data warehousing firms (Cloud computing networks)
  • Educational institutions
  • Individual counseling firms
  • Management firms
  • Marketing firms
  • Virtual host or Internet service providers
  • Seminar brokers
  • Social development firms or institutions
  • Software programming firms
  • Tax preparers


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  • William Earl Fields
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