Help people in need in Thailand due to COVID pandemic

For who? Many people in Thailand depend on tourism for their income. Due to the prevailing pandemic, most tourists have left the country. For the foreseeable future, the number of tourists in Thailand will continue to decrease. Because of the lack of tourist influence, locals are struggling to support their basic needs of food, housing, healthcare, and paying utility bills. Sadly, many locals are starving. The number of struggling families and individuals has been increasing and the upcoming cold season in the north of Thailand will make the situation even more difficult. The best way to support and help the locals here is to ask for supportive donations. These donations will be used to purchase food and fulfill basic needs to those most in need. Those who have been strongly impacted during this difficult time. How can you support? Your donation helps the people struggling here tremendously. With your support, we are able to create an essential food pack for one family for 5 euros that will last for one day (3 meals). Your donation will help our team gather the food and create food packages that will be distributed to families in need. Where does your donation go? 100% of the donation will be used to purchase the food and other necessary items. Local people volunteer to help by collecting all the needed items, packaging it, and then delivering it to the families who are in need now. Who am I? My name is Geert De Groof. I was … Continue reading Help people in need in Thailand due to COVID pandemic