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Drug pipe in the van with her children. Speeding. Fleeing after being pulled over to avoid a simple speeding ticket. Fleeing at speeds over 100 mph while weaving through traffic, even into the wrong way lanes - with her children in the van. All when she could have ended it with just a speeding ticket. Her son got out of the van when told not to and assaulted the police officer (after the first time she fled).. He could have been shot while trying to help his mother. After the assault and fleeing second time, a newly responding officer shot at the van’s tires after taking careful aim. No one else fired. She needs help. Instead she got probation and is free to place her children in more danger. I hope she got help, but it’s mental and spiritual help she needs. Five kids - where’s the father, or fathers? Make them take some responsibility before asking strangers to donate. But I will make a pledge that if you show me a certificate saying you completed a drug rehab program and evidence that you’ve sued the father(s) of your children for child support, or reported him/them to appropriate authorities, I’ll send you $200.

David Carr

Posted On Jun 13, 2019


It amazes me how people can look at the same thing(video) and come to a completely different conclusion. There are so many things that could be addressed from the video but for me there is one simple FACT that no one with an honest and logical mind can deny...If this Mother, and I use the word Mother loosely when it comes to this woman, If she had made the decision of accepting her responsibility for speeding or if she felt she had been wrongly accused, to go to court. SHE decided on a third option which put not her childrens lives in danger but everyone around her! Instead of feeling as though she was treated unjustly, she should feel lucky that her actions didn’t result in the death of anyone involved that day!! Those poor children are now scarred for life because their Mother not taking responsibility for her actions. The children can now watch that video and see that their Mom has a problem with telling the truth( saying she didn’t flee and that she complied from the beginning etc...), let alone what the definition of injustice is...SO SAD!

John Dougherty

Posted On Jan 04, 2019


Injustice? This fundraiser is an injustice, and so are all you people aiding her. She nearly caused the death of her own children, do you people not realize this? The dashcam CLEARLY shows her at fault, refusing to make a needed decision, not following commands, driving off twice!! This lady needs her children taken away so that they don’t fear police. The only reason you should fear police is if you are a criminal, and on that day, she fit the bill.

Guest One

Posted On Dec 10, 2018


Thug son needs a bullet in him

Dindu Nuffin

Posted On Dec 07, 2018


Hysterical all the Black Lives Matter losers are backing this awful disgusting excuse for a mother. I’m glad to see this campaign has raised hardly any money. You can all search for the 18 minute video of this moron on YouTube and watch how she had no regard for the safety of her children by disrespecting and acting completely out of her mind in front of police officers. Led her family on a high speed chase and almost got her children killed. Too bad the officers bullets missed the van. The world would be better off without criminals like Oriana in it.

Will Dejesus

Posted On Dec 03, 2018


A mother’s instinct is to always protect her children, clearly Ms. Farrell felt a threat and acted in accordance. Signing a ticket would have prevented a lot, and she should have just complied and left it at that. Since she chose to not comply with a ticket she did put police action and police state in the spotlight. Police officer’s are paid for by tax dollars to protect and serve the people. In modern times, any opposition to their direction is a crime with increased loss of freedom and financial penalty. If any of you nay sayers think for a minute this couldn’t happen to you then you aren’t paying attention. I am a single mother, conservative, and veteran from European decent, but at the end of the day I am an American. Ms. Farrell is a fellow citizen and I hope and pray she prevails. If you still have somewhere to donate I will support you Ms. Farrell. God Bless.

jaime rose

Posted On Nov 30, 2018


Make no donation!! What this mother did was extremely silly. She made a scene and fled after getting pulled over for a simple speeding ticket. Her silly actions put her children at risk. Do you want a peaceful relationship with the police? Then stay calm and just comply with the law.

John Stones

Posted On Nov 11, 2018


This person was pulled over by police, then drove off and led cops on a chase. Was pulled over again, then pulled out of the car since the cop couldnt trust her to not drive off. She resists. Her son assaults the cop, then they flee AGAIN!!! Yes what an injustice here, WOW!! They should not have been shot at, but why did the woman flee from police TWICE with her 5 kids in the car?? Now its a cry for injustice?? Cop gets fired, woman gets probation, son gets charges dropped, THATS the real injustice. Good luck begging for money for breaking the law

Daniel Cortez

Posted On Aug 04, 2018


People need to take responsibility for their actions, and show their children that there are consequences. She was speeding and driving with an expired license. Sign the ticket to pay the fine and move on. Instead she put the police officers, innocent by-standers, AND her children in danger. Senseless. When an officer tells you to do something, do it. Period! I guess the fact that she was accused of child abuse before this incident makes sense.

Sarah Albert

Posted On Aug 01, 2018



Backed with $200.00 On Feb 16, 2015

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