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Update posted by David Pretorius On May 26, 2020

So few entries for our gorgeous raffle πŸ˜₯

Squirrel reckons that today is so cold, that he really envies the cat that wins the Simply Spoilt - Luxury pet products tee-pee.

Our little fighter is really doing well. He's eating well and been very naughty recently 😍 our friend warrior Kubo, eats through his injections, but Squirrel insists on being hand-fed cream cheese after his injection.

We're quite a long way from our fundraising goal. We were really hoping for some more raffle entries πŸ˜₯ if you have anything to spare, it would be so appreciated by all of us.

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Update posted by David Pretorius On May 25, 2020

Before Squirrel started his treatment, he looked sad, sickly and very weak. 33 injections later and look at that handsome face. His is responding so well to his treatment and really needs your help to fund his next round of injections.

Please spare a moment to follow his journey and, if possible, donate something (no matter how small). Even if you are unable to donate, please help spread the word. Squirrel deserves a shot at a healthy fulfilling life. He really is the most loving kitty in the world!

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Update posted by David Pretorius On May 24, 2020

A gorgeous Squirrel endorsed cat tee-pee from Simply Spoilt - Luxury pet products up for grabs! This is part of our fundraising efforts for Squirrel's FIP medication, that so far, is proving amazing.

Raffle tickets are R50 each.

Shipping is unfortunately only within SA, but if you are overseas and want to enter, we can donate the tee-pee to a welfare of your choice 😻

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Update posted by David Pretorius On May 24, 2020

After 1 month of injections, Squirrel has shown tremendous signs of improvement. Even with missing a few injections, he has been so courageous.

His appetite has improved significantly. His energy levels remind his parents of when they first adopted him.

Squirrel is simply a mobile purring fluff ball. Please help this handsome fluff ball fund his next round of injections.

With such promising signs of improvement, he deserves a fighting chance. Just one month ago, Squirrel nearly didn't make it. Let's ensure he pulls through till day 84!

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Update posted by David Pretorius On May 22, 2020

Our Squirrel has something special today!!

A very special person at Simply Spoilt - Luxury Pet Products is letting us raffle off one of her beautiful cat tee-pees to raise funds for Squirrel's medication!

This tee-pee is Squirrel approved, and is an absolutely gorgeous addition for any special kitty in your life. Go to Simply Spoilt's Facebook page to watch the videos of cats enjoying their tee-pees!

We're selling 100 tickets, at R50 each. This will really help with buying some vials, as we are a long way from our goal πŸ˜”

Please email me at [email protected] to buy a ticket.

Shipping is unfortunately only within South Africa, but if someone from overseas buys a ticket and wins, you can nominate an animal shelter of your choice to receive the tee-pee.

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Update posted by David Pretorius On May 21, 2020

Squirrel had a great day - he ran about playing, inside and out. He's really enjoying lockdown with everyone at home - constant adoration is exactly how he likes it 😍 today he decided to take over his brothers boxes, wondering if he could fits and sits (he couldn't).

We're back to our routine of our expensive injections every evening. Last night was a bit of a mess - he cried, there was blood πŸ˜₯ but tonight was seamless.

If you can help us at all with our fundraising for Squirrel's meds, we'd appreciate it so much. Those of you who have already donated - you are amazing, and we can't thank you enough

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Update posted by David Pretorius On May 20, 2020

I have never been so happy to give an injection in my life! Our next set of meds was released yesterday and delivered today. Squirrel had to miss 3 days of treatment, and we were so scared he was going to take a step backwards, but everything seemed ok. He's been eating well, even though he has expensive tastes πŸ™ˆ

We're hoping to do our final order of medication soon. So we need to do a big push for fundraising. Any amount, no matter how small, is really appreciated. Today, we even had a request for an exclusive video, which we were happy to comply with πŸ˜‰ we're happy to do those too!

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Update posted by David Pretorius On May 19, 2020

We're breathing a huge sigh of relief. Our first order of meds took 9 days to get here. This second order has taken three weeks! With fewer flights from USA for shipments and our COVID lockdown, Coronavirus found a new way to hurt us πŸ˜₯ Squirrel has been without meds for 3 days because of this, so as horrible as the injections are, we can't wait to start again!

Despite the gap, Squirrel was active and naughty this morning and ate well 😁 we were so worried we may see a decline, even in these few days.

We want to do our final order and get the rest of the full 84 day course soon. So we need to do some major fundraising. We've raised only R4035 ($221) so far. We need at least 17 more vials, at $90 each 😱

Coronavirus has hurt everyone, but if you have anything to spare, please help us.

It's not easy for us to ask, but for Squirrel we will do anything!

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Update posted by David Pretorius On May 18, 2020

Weight gain! πŸ˜ƒ

If we needed any more proof that Squirrel's treatment is working, his 300g weight gain can convince anyone! It may not sound like much, but considering he weighed only 3.2kg at the start of this, it was enough to make all of us super happy πŸ˜€

This does mean, however, that the dose of his meds needs to increase, which increases the cost 😫 Squirrel is worth every cent, but we are begging for help raising funds for his meds.

We sincerely appreciate any donations, the likes and the shares, the words of encouragement and all the positive energy from our friends! πŸ’—πŸ’—

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Update posted by David Pretorius On May 18, 2020

FIP can do all sorts of terrible things to the body, and one of them is vasculitis and small little blood clots being thrown out into the system. We saw a while ago that he had a nasty sore on his ear, which progressed to hard scab-like skin, and eventually fell off a few days ago. It sounds terrible, but is not painful per se. More tingling, and unfortunately no way to stop it once it started. At the same time the very tip of his tail seemed a bit funny (not even 1cm from the very end), but we hoped that it would come back..... But not.

FIP is a crazy disease, that causes such a wide array of damage to the body. Every organ system can be hit. At least with the special medication, no further lesions have been noticed, and today (despite his tail) he ate well and played hard with his sister.

If you can help at all with his medication costs, it would be so appreciated.

We really hate having to ask for help. It's really not easy. But at this point, we would do anything to help little little ball of fluff and purrs.

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