Sponsor Team Hong Kong to participate in Overwatch® World Cup! [Campaign is in Hong Kong Dollar!]

Fundraising campaign by Derek Kwok
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Hello, all agents from Overwatch®,

We are creating this campaign because we are very desperate to get enough funds for us, Fire Dragons - Team Hong Kong, to participate in the annual global celebratory tournament, Overwatch World Cup (OWWC) 2019.

Who are we?

Fire Dragons, a brand for Team Hong Kong, is a team composed by 7 Hong Kong players:

  • DPS
    1. Tsz-kit "Mikouw" Wan
      • Ex-Hong Kong Attitude, OWWC 2018 player
    2. Ivan "MoonBlue" Wong
      • Cyber Athletic Champions (Open Division North America)
    3. Chi-yeung "Moowe" Yip
      • NovaMS Esports, OWWC 2018 player
  • Tanks
    1. Cheuk-pang "Amcrazy" Lai
      • Bastet Cat (Open Division Pacific), OWWC 2018 substitute player
    2. Chun-yu "Step" Lo
      • Bastet Cat (Open Division Pacific)
  • Supports
    1. Kin-long "MangoJai" Wong
      • Talon Esports, OWWC 2018 player
    2. Yuen-ho "YiWind" Chan
      • Charm Junior Zoo (Open Division Pacific), OWWC 2018 player

And the team is supported by 3 official competition committees:

  • General Manager: Derek "MimicOmnic" Kwok -Community Lead & Acting GM, OWWC2018
  • Head Coach: Keng-chuen "HaRuHi" Lee - Head Coach, OWWC2018
  • Community Lead: Audrey "ASCII" Yam

We have been a constant competitor in previous years' OWWC and this year will be the strongest form of Team Hong Kong compared to previous years with a much stronger team spirits, organization and management from committee and supporting staff. We have veterans in competitive Overwatch this year; we have professional and seasoned coaches this year; the most important thing is, players feel proud and excited to represent their homeland, Hong Kong and we all have one clear goal.

Our goal is to get a spot in Top 10 and compete with the players from the peak level around the world this year. Setting out this goal is hard to realize, it means that we have to take a win over ranked 6 - 10 teams in order to win a spot in the top 10 group stage. However, we are strongly confident with our strength and energy this year.

You may be wondering, why would we need funding? Isn't Blizzard fully sponsoring every team in previous years?

Unfortunately, OWWC this year changes drastically from an invitational tournament to an open tournament. Blizzard only fully sponsors top 10 teams based on previous OWWC results and other teams, they have to self-fund their travel to Anaheim, California in order to participate in OWWC 2019. If any eligible team with functioning competition committee and 7 final players could not afford their own travel expenses, the team will automatically forfeit their participation in this valuable tournament.

Despite being a constant participant of OWWC in previous years, Team Hong Kong, unfortunately, could not make it to the Top 10. So, we have to reach out to every single channel and seek for sponsors.

What are the costs?

We will be arriving at Anaheim, California on 28 October and leaving US on 3 November, 2019. These are our cost breakdown per player finalized (currency rate: USD:HKD = 1:7.8):

Items Expenses (HKD) Expenses (USD)
5,364 687.7
2,543 326
Ground Transportation (Uber round-trip from LAX to hotel and 5 round-trips from Anaheim Convention Center to hotel)
400 51.2
Food (Uses this as per diem cost)
3,088.8 396
Internet cafes in US (Reboot-usa; 3 days for 3 hours) (3) 187.2 24
Visa application (B-1) 1,248 160
TOTAL 12,831 1,644.9

Fire Dragons members are mostly students, professional players and fresh graduates who definitely cannot afford a trip that cost 12,831 HKD. Fresh graduates from university on average earned 16,000HKD only and professional players earned even less in Hong Kong.

Why do Fire Dragons want to participate in Overwatch World Cup despite this tremendous financial burden?

Hong Kong, in fact, has a lot of extremely talented players. We are ranked in Top 20s in the world in terms of average skill rating in Overwatch Competitive play despite the small community in Hong Kong. Team Hong Kong committees at first decided to participate in Overwatch World Cup not only it is "cool" to participate in a world-class tournament. However, this is the only one tournament that we can showcase as many Hong Kong players as possible in a global scale. The exposure and scouting opportunities from Overwatch League/Contenders teams given by Overwatch World Cup are extremely important for Hong Kong players to continue or even start their careers as a professional Overwatch players.

We, the competitive committee, has been self-commissioned to encourage skilled players to play professionally, help Hong Kong players to climb to higher spot in the Overwatch's "Path to Pro" ladder and ultimately, produce our own Overwatch League player representing Hong Kong.

We almost produced one Overwatch League player last year with an outstanding performance from Moowe who won most of the widowmaker battles against highly respected Overwatch League-level widowmakers like Carpe, Linkzr and Mistakes. This ignites competition committees passion and excitement to strike for another chance to showcase our best players to the world. We strongly believe that having Overwatch League players from home will definitely attract many other professional Hong Kong players to compete within the scene.

And this year, we have more new faces willing to participate in Team Hong Kong as a player, with integration of MoonBlue and Step, plus many new players with a lot of potentials dropped from trials like Krekro, Team Hong Kong vision is proven to be on the right track.

Emily Rand from ESPN wrote this article featuring Moowe as one of the three players impressed her the most in OWWC 2018 Incheon group stage.

These promising opportunities given by Overwatch World Cup are exactly the reason why the competitive committee insists to send Team Hong Kong to the United States for Overwatch World Cup. Being not able to participate in OWWC 2019 will be a biggest regret and the worst nightmare which committees and all of our players could have related to OWWC 2019.

Why do Fire Dragons seeking for a crowd-funding solution?

We have been actively searching for local sponsors for help. Whilst we might secure some sponsors who are very kind enough to sponsor us a fraction of the cost, we still need quite a substantial amount of funding to allow us for sending our players and us to the United States and participate in Overwatch World Cup.

Seeking community support would be the last resort to us. Overwatch and gaming communities are always known for being one of the most generous communities in the world that global members are always willing to help each other out. The competition committee is always a giver and actively particpate in charity events like Mercy's BCRF charity event and other streamers' charity event. This time, unfortunately, the financial burden is too huge that we have to seek out for help.

We are looking forward to your contribution!

Each contribution from you are deeply appreciated by everyone in Fire Dragons. Your support would be a massive for many future stars in competitive Overwatch. Words cannot be enough to show our appreciation to you who funded us for participating such an important annual event in BlizzCon. Please also share this crowd-funding project to your friends and family to help us travel to the US!

All expenses will be recorded on a Google spreadsheet which will be published after OWWC 2019. All excess funds, after deduction of all costs (including operation costs), will be donated to a charity that Fire Dragons picked.

Thank you!

Competition Committee
Fire Dragons, Team Hong Kong
Overwatch World Cup 2019


What is Overwatch World Cup?

Overwatch World Cup is an annual global celebratory tournament which players across the world gather together and compete in Overwatch, an online first-person shooter game developed by Blizzard Entertainment.This event is one of the key spotlight for an annual conference - BlizzCon which attracts hundreds of thousands of players around the world watching every year.

How to contact us?

You can reach out to us on Twitter, Facebook pages and this GoGetFunding plan!


Level 1: Mentions on social media and firedragons.hk

116 Backers

Level 2: 1 random player photograph, Level 1 mentions

10 Backers

Level 3: 1 signed player photograph of your choice, 1 random poster, Epic mentions

11 Backers

Level 4: 2 signed player photographs of your choice, 2 posters, Epic mentions

2 Backers

Level 5: 3 signed player photographs of your choice, 2 posters, 1 travel photo album, Legendary mentions

10 Backers

Level 6: All signed player photographs, 2 posters, 1 travel photo album, Legendary mentions, a meet-up with Team HK members (limited to Hong Kong donors)

4 Backers

Level 7: Everything in Level 6, jersey signed by all players, Golden legendary mentions

5 Backers

Fundraising Team

  • Derek Kwok
  • General Manager
  • HK

General Manager, Fire Dragons - Team Hong Kong, Overwatch World Cup

General Manager, Fire Dragons - Team Hong Kong, Overwatch World Cup

  • Audrey Yam
  • Community Lead

Community Lead, Fire Dragons - Team Hong Kong, Overwatch World Cup

Community Lead, Fire Dragons - Team Hong Kong, Overwatch World Cup


  • Leung Sai Hang
  • Donated on Oct 27, 2019
  • Guest
  • Donated on Oct 23, 2019
  • Go Fire Dragons! We've got your back!

  • Guest
  • Donated on Oct 19, 2019
  • You go Fire dragon

Aug 02

First 24 hours, rewards, travel status update

Update posted by Derek Kwok at 07:07 pm

Hello everyone, It has been a fantastic 24 hours for us to have 16% of our target done! You are amazing! Again, words cannot be enough to show our appreciation of your support. We have never imagined to have 13,000 HKD (which is A LOT) on the first day.Let me. . . . .

See update
Aug 01


Update posted by Derek Kwok at 12:29 pm

Hello everyone!We know the rewards ain't the best, but we are struggling to offer a much larger reward packs - for obvious reason. We hope to allocate most of the donations to travel and accommodation. We know we can do better, we are looking into expanding some higher tier rewards:

See update

Donors & Comments

389 donors
  • Leung Sai Hang
  • Donated on Oct 27, 2019
  • Guest
  • Donated on Oct 23, 2019
  • Go Fire Dragons! We've got your back!

  • Guest
  • Donated on Oct 19, 2019
  • You go Fire dragon

  • Anes Busrial
  • Posted On Oct 18, 2019
  • If you see this, can you please help me promote my fundraising page? My mom needs urgent money for her tumor treatment or it has to be stopped. Please help to share by clicking my profile or look for "Help Anes and His Family Fight Breast Tumor" (Anes Busrial). Thank you so much. I appreciate any help given.

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  • Donated on Oct 17, 2019
  • Guest
  • Donated on Oct 15, 2019
  • md fakhruddin
  • Posted On Oct 15, 2019
  • I am not able to share the link, please type in the search box " Md Fakhruddin" or " I want to be a computer engineer Please help me to admission" and you will get my campaign. Thank you.

  • Anonymous
  • Donated on Oct 14, 2019
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  • Anonymous
  • Donated on Oct 14, 2019
  • I hope you enjoy yourselves in California! It's a beautiful state and I'm glad you can come here to represent your great city. Thank you for persevering through tough times and continuing to play this great game we all love. I support you as a team and the people of Hong Kong!

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  • yu tszfung
  • Donated on Oct 14, 2019
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