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Update posted by Jessie Buss On Jun 29, 2017

I was so happy to be getting money back from my insurance company. I was in contact with the dealership to coordinate the down payment with how long I'd be paying for the car. I was going to go looking for auto insurance quotes. But then I got blindsided....I needed a cosigner...WHAT?! I thought I was good to go. So I have given up hope of getting a car at that dealership. I continued researching cars. I found a few, considerably older, all under $4500 . I thought great, that sounds like a plan, and its from dealerships that offers limited warranties even on older cars. But....apparently I need a cosigner with them too. I just can't win. So unfortunately I am having to raise the amount of money I am trying to fund raise for...not a happy camper. And on top of everything else, absolutely no one has called regarding the 15+ applications I submitted last week for jobs.

Update posted by Jessie Buss On Jun 14, 2017

So I finally found out how much I'm getting back from my insurance. Much lower than I thought but it'll definitely help, am still short for a down payment though. Any amount given will be greatly appreciated.

Update posted by Jessie Buss On Jun 06, 2017

So I just got off the phone with my ins company, since I cancelled my policy and it was prepaid in advance I may get as much as $600 back! That will definitely be helpful!!

Update posted by Jessie Buss On Jun 03, 2017

I think at this point I'm not worried as much about driving for Uber/Lyft as I am making sure I can get to and from a job reliably and making sure I have a car so my daughter has a way to and from school when it starts back up. Unfortunately alot of the jobs around me won't hire you unless you have reliable transportation and since I also have to have money to be able to possibly get a bus pass to get to said possible job, therein lies my catch 22, no money=no bus pass,no bus pass=no job, no job=no money .



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