Single Mamma, 2 Babies on the Verge of Homelessness

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I find myself required to jump this huge hurdle of shame in order to ask for help… I have needed so much help since becoming a single mom over the past year.

Since the day I freed myself and my babies (now ages 2 and 10 months) from an abusive partner (their father), I have been busting ass to survive while also trying to gain financial and material sustainability and independence. Unfortunately for me and my kids, my best efforts have not yet been able to reach that goal.

Without stability, what may be manageable setbacks for others have proven to be devastating for me. My car recently broke down and has made me unable to work enough hours to pay rent for September. I have lost my transportation, my income and my home in one fell swoop. As of September 1st, my babies and I will have no home.

Rather than try to stick it out in a city I cannot realistically afford, I am relocating to a more affordable town very near my oldest son who lives with his dad. Unfortunately though I have no friends or family who have the space or resources to host us.

Thanks to a good friend, I may have a vehicle in the works that I can finance for very low payments. I also just landed a full time job with commissions that I’m scheduled to start September 3rd, in the area I’m trying to move to.

So, some doors are opening but in the meantime, unless I can raise some quick capital I am looking at car camping with my babies at best, tent camping at worst, until I can work long enough to afford move in costs for a house. Living out of a car or tent is better than the streets and better than most shelters BUT it is still homelessness and substandard living. I cannot allow this to happen even if it means I must humble myself enough to beg for help.

This campaign is specifically to raise money for move in costs and living costs before my first paycheck. It would be approximately a minimum of $2,000 just to get us moved in somewhere. Another $1,000 minimum to live off of in the meantime would suffice. So, my unofficial, humble goal is $3,000. That small amount can be the difference between homeless and home for me and my kids.

Thank you for hearing my prayer for help. Blessings to you.



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Help this ongoing fundraising campaign by making a donation and spreading the word.

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