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To whom it my concern

Hi iam a recent single father needs your help to support my 2 kids and parents.

I know there's allot off people in the world who needs more help them me. But iam asking for help to.

My name is Tinus iam a 37 year old man and live in south Africa a most beautiful country years ago at this time I know that the whole world know what is going on in south Africa between the farms attracts and black and white issue and now the corna virus . But i am not writeting this letter about that.

Iam so ashamed to ask for help but I am. Iam a man that is lost and I don't know what els to do. I am recently single Father finding out my wife was haveing affair. My 2 kids is 8 and 3years old with the help of the court I have the custody of the kids. I work everyday from 7am to 17pm I get 7600zar its 480 dollars a month. Out of that money I have to pay school fee fuel for the month food for the month and meds for the kids. Our exspenses is more then what I get as salary iam strugling a bit.I dont know how iam going to pay the school fees that iam behind and iam stressing over that. We just buy what we need and its sad if your kids ask you for a toy or sumthing and you have to say no because we dont have money. To be honest we just keeping our heads above water.

All off our expenses
School fees R1450 zar p/m 92 dollars
Food R2500 zar p/m 158 dollars
Fuel R1800 zar p/m 113dollars
Car instalment R1800 zar p/m
113 dollars.
Meds R285 zar p/m 18 dollars
Loan behind R35 000 zar 2210 dollars

South Africa is so corrupt South Africa borrowed 500 billion dollars from China to help families in this time of need but our government can't say where that money is. everything is going up except your salary and then the company's still wants you to do your job and be on time for work.

I work for a small company that had to be closed for 2 months off the corna virus issue.

Iam ashamed to say that iam struggling to support my family and two kids. My parents that is on pension for the last 10years and they still trying to help me and it breaks my heart because I have to look after my parents and help them. That is how it suppose to work your parets look after you till you start looking after them.

The worst thing is if sumthing happens now with me or my kids get sick I don't have medical aid I can't afford it. And if sumthing happens to me I have nothing to leave behide for my family no house no car no pension no saving no nothing and its eating me up in side every damn day and I don't want my kids or parents to know what's happeing. There is lost of times i know there is not enought
food for all of us so then i make sure they eat i can skip n day or two. Sumtime my kids will ask why iam not eatting that night then I will tell them that iam not feeling well or not hungry I make up a story that they don't have to worry to. But I know there is not enough food for us all but for my kids and parents I will always make sure they have sumthing to eat that day. All iam trying to do is to be a good man a good husband a good father a good son to my parents.

I know the God has a plan for us all I know he looks after as everydag and iam thankfull for that. I also knows that God puts people in our path for a reason and a test to see where our heart is. Someone told me to change the world is to do one rondom act of kindness at a time.

Please I invite you to come see where I live and how we live every month so you can see for yourself. If you need any more information from me I will be gladly show you.

Iam just trying to give my kids the live they need. To put them in the right school so they can build the best education in there life to became just what they want because they work for it. Iam just trying to teach my kids to have a good heart and that there is good people in the world. Iam trying to teach my kids the value of live.

Iam not afraid to work for the rest of my life as long as I know my parents and family is look after.

All iam asking if you are willing to help a stranger with a good heart. If you know anybody that can help me just past this email on please. My email address is [email protected] my number is +27711924389. If you or your company is willing to donate money so I can get out of dedt and pay off school fees and help my parents and kids. I will always be grateful.
To thank you truely that your read this letter

Hope truely to hear from you.
Have a blessed day be safe and well.
Kindness to all.



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