Help manga editor Chikao Shiratori fight against leukemia and cancer/ 漫画編集家、白取千夏雄氏ご支援とご協力のお願い

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This crowdfunding campaign seeks to assist a person who helped Japanese manga become an globally recognized art form and who helped publish the works of legendary creators including Sanpei Shirato, Shigeru Mizuki, Ryoichi Ikegami, Yoshikazu Ebisu, Yoshihaaru Tsuge, Suehiro Maruo, Jun Miura, Usamaru Furuya, and many others.

Chikao Shiratori is the former vice editor in chief of the Manga magazine Garo, a former professor at Japan Journalist College, a part-time lecturer at Kyoto Seika University and the partner of Murasaki Yamada, a manga creator who started her career at Garo magazine.

This project’s aims to support Shiratori’s work and his ongoing battle with leukemia and cancer.

* * * * *

Do you love Japanese manga and anime?

Manga and anime have incorporated Japanese ukiyoe traditions from the past, Western art techniques, as well as modern influences such as Disney animation.

Even with all of these influences, geniuses such as Osamu Tezuka and Shigeru Mizuki, as well as many others, created their own unique expressions and further elevated the medium of manga.

The storytelling techniques and unique dynamism of manga are tools that are now used all over the world. With so many different kinds of manga, covering a vast array of themes and genres, this is a medium that continues to entertain a global audience.

Just 50 years ago, the common societal standard was the belief that Japanese manga were predominately for children. In this old way of thinking, it was expected that readers “graduated” from manga when they reached adulthood.

Yet when artists who were educated under Osamu Tezuka (known as the “Tokiwaso Generation”) became major players in the industry, they began making manga that adults could enjoy. Or, to put it more accurately, they began making manga for adults. These great works could show a person’s subtle feelings, make grand statements about politics and life’s triumphs and tragedies, all through the medium of manga.

In this new landscape, a magazine called Garo became the premier leading force for showcasing the full artistic range of manga

Garo was a monthly manga publication established in 1964 by editor Katsuichi Nagai as a vehicle for Sanpei Shirato’s masterpiece The Legend of Kamui, which contained themes that were not suitable for children’s Shonen manga magazines.

Garo, which serialized other works from major artists, also became the go-to magazine for a new generation who wanted to explore and experiment with themes and techniques that mainstream manga outlets would not touch.

New creators, inspired by The Legend of Kamui, started to knock on Garo’s door, and eventually made their debut in Garo’s pages. They include such names as Shigeru Mizuki (GeGeGe no Kitaro), Ryoichi Ikegami (Crying Freeman), Yoshikazu Ebisu (Salaryman From Hell), Yoshiharu Tsuge (Screw Style), Nekojiru (Nekojiru Udon), Takashi Nemoto (Monster Men Bureiko Lullaby), Kazuichi Hanawa (Doing Time), Seiichi Hayashi (Gold Pollen and Other Stories), Suehiro Maruo (Mr. Arashi's Amazing Freak Show), Usamaru Furuya (Short Cuts, Genkaku Picasso), and many more artists.

In the meantime, Osamu Tezuka – inspired by Garo – gathered together popular creators and started his own magazine, COM, where creators could also enjoy freedom of expression.

Garo and COM became major publications for talented new manga creators who wanted to expand the limits of graphic storytelling. This, in turn, helped shape the evolution of manga.

Garo’s editor in chief was a man named Katsuichi Nagai. And the man that Katsuichi named his “last disciple” as Garo’s vice editor in chief was Chikao Shiratori (born: Hokkaido, Japan, 1965).

Shiratori joined Garo in 1984, and until the magazine ceased publication in 1997, he sought to carry on the legacy of Katsuichi’s original vision. In 1996, Shiratori sought to expand the world of Garo via the Internet, and, as such, continued to keep the spirit of the magazine alive through new media.

In the year 2000, Viz Communications Inc. published the book Secret Comics Japan. In his role as editor, and through commentary, Shiratori helped introduce Garo-style manga to North America. In his personal life, he became the husband of Murasaki Yamada, a highly esteemed female creator whose work had appeared in Garo and COM.

In 1997, he became a professor at Japan Journalist Collegewhere he taught young editorial hopefuls. But in 2005, Shiratori was diagnosed with acute lymphatic leukemia.

Although the progression of the cancer was slow, his immunity was greatly reduced. Nonetheless, with treatment, Shiratori was able to continue his editorial work as a freelancer. In 2006, his wife, Murasaki Yamada, landed a post as a professor at Kyoto Seika University in the manga department, and Shiratori was there to support her.

In 2007, they decided to move to Kyoto, and Shiratori himself taught at Kyoto Seika University as a part-time lecturer for a year.

However, in 2009, Murasaki Yamada suddenly passed away from a brain hemorrhage at the age of 60. To lose a wife whom he loved and who had supported him until the end further progressed Shiratori’s disease. With the frequency of infections and blood transfers increasing, this was the beginning of an unbelievable battle against the ravages of cancer.

Through disease and sadness, Shiratori wanted to have Yamada’s work available to future generations, and, as a result, he organized her late work and managed to republish four of her best pieces.

In 2013, still wanting to contribute in the field of manga editing, Shiratori went to the Japanese government's Employment Service Center to see if there was any editorial work available.

These activities eventually took a toll on Shiratori and his cancer progressed. Recuperating and taking care of himself at home, he also helped to start and guide the editorial process at the Osaka-based company Ookami Shobo. Even now, despite his troubles, Shiratori continues to work with independent publishers.

But in 2015, Merkel cell cancer -- a serious types of skin cancer -- was found on his left eyelid. During that year Shiratori had six general anesthesia surgeries, including removal of the left eye-lid and then reconstruction surgery. Radiation therapy began; however, the cancer returned and spread. In 2016, Shiratori’s left eyeball was removed.

Currently, Chikao Shiratori is under chemotherapy and has been in the hospital for the past six months. He still wants to be an editor, and he has said, “Even with one eye, I can still edit… I can still read manga.”

Unfortunately, through continued surgeries and cancer treatments, and due to the medical system available today, Shiratori is now in a dire financial crisis.

This project’s aim is to support Shiratori’s work and his battle with cancer.

For those who love Japanese manga and anime, and who would like to give back to an editor who has contributed so much to the expansion of Japanese manga; and for those who would like to help protect Murasaki Yamada’s legacy, we would be grateful if you could help any way you can.

Thank you very much for your support and consideration.

Supporter, Izumi Evers / Daughter, Yuu Yamada

Excerpt from Chikao Shiratori’s Yamada Murasaki Chronicle

At the end of April in 2009, with the closing of Cherry Blossom season in Kyoto, and in the middle of the night, manga artist Murasaki Yamada complained of an intense headache and then lost consciousness. On May 5 th, she passed away.

To lose my beloved wife, who was also a creator I respected deeply, was like being ripped apart and swallowed up into a deep darkness.

For someone who has been suffering from Leukemia since 2005, losing the one partner who supported me throughout was a tragedy that was more painful than the disease that struck me.

Throughout these hard times, the words of family members, friends, and the countless fans of Murasaki Yamada are among those who have supported me.

As someone who has helped edit and publish countless works, and I believe the all-time best work I have ever read is Yamada’s manga Showaru Neko.

There are many more great works which Yamada has left behind, and I wish the next generation would have a chance to read them. But unfortunately, when a work is deemed “un-commercial,” it suffers the indignity of becoming out-of- print and unavailable.

I hope a determined publisher will republish these great manga. This has been my only motivation to live since being sentenced with a life-threatening cancer diagnosis and losing a loved one.

The idea to “sell what sells” is the goal of any business-minded publisher. Yet, “selling great art for a long period of time” should also be part of the agenda when one is involved in the world of culture.

As someone who has worked for a long time at an underfunded publisher, believe me when I say that the most important job a publisher can do is to preserve great art.

To leave behind something that must passed down to the next generation… that is something I need to see through, and I will not be able to die before then.

With this promise in my heart, I have managed to struggle on in these sad times.

But because of the caliber of the creator’s work, and with the help of manga critic Mr. Haruyuki Nakano and Chikumashobo Ltd.’s Mr. Shinji Aoki, we have managed, through Shogakukan Creative, to republish three of Yamada’s best known titles.

Also, one of the first people to praise Yamada’s work as a poet, Mr. Kuro Oda from Shichosha, has scheduled to publish an illustrated book of her poetry in a new edition Ki no ue de Neko ga Miteiru (“The Cat Upon the Tree is Looking”).

Seiwaru Neko


Yurari Usuiro

Ki no ue de Neko ga Miteru

(▲A link to the Amazon page will appear if you click on the above images)


Since her death in 2009, three of Yamada’s manga titles and an illustrated book of poetry have been republished. In addition, Gendai Shitecho magazine has put together a special issue as a memorial.

The wonderful, thoughtful, and loving editorial work by Shogakukan Creative’s Mr. Hiroshi Kawamura and Shichosha’s Ms. Ichino and Mr. Kazuno Fujii, has given me much encouragement.

I think I was able to help preserve Yamada’s legacy, at least to the bare minimum of my abilities.

Again, Murasaki Yamada created many more great works, and I would like more of them to somehow be republished. However, given the state of condition I am in, it falls on a heavy heart to complete this mission. In order to chronicle Murasaki Yamada’s works and to catalog her years of activity, I had to go through her manuscripts and personal items. Every time I picked up an item, my hand would stop, and I was unable to move forward as planned. Yet, as long as I am still alive and have the energy, this is something I must finish.

With that in mind, this is an in-progress site which I have been slowly compiling.

I hope this site will make fans of Murasaki Yamada happy. And for new visitors, I hope this will make you want to read more of Murasaki Yamada’s work. That would make me very grateful.

Winter 2011, From Kyoto, Husband - Chikao Shiratori

A chronicle of Shiratori’s battle with cancer

2005: Shiratori is diagnosed with leukemia; eight of his teeth are extracted (including molars). Fortunately, no immediate treatment is needed. Though his condition is monitored, his immunity is lowered.

2009: Murasaki Yamada, Shiratori’s wife, passes away suddenly.

2013: With stress and fatigue, various infections take hold, but once stable, another round of stressful events occur which ultimately ends up causing a further decline in health. With frequent blood transfusions, multiple infections set in.

2015: With hospitalization due to influenza, radiation treatment begins and initially proves successful. Thyrotoxicosis is under control, the spleen is reduced in size, and hemolysis stops. But by summer, Merkel cell cancer is discovered in Shiratori’s upper left eyelid. The upper lid is removed and, after two more surgeries in the affected area, chemotherapy starts on the left eye.

January 2016: Shiratori is discharged from the hospital. Three months later, on the backside of the left ear, chin and on the parotid gland, Merkel cell cancer is discovered. Surgery removes the cancer from the lymph nodes resulting in light paralysis on corners of the mouth. Four teeth are removed to prepare for chemotherapy treatments. Difficulty chewing ensues.

May 2016: Chemotherapy starts, treatment ends in June. Shiratori deals with the side effects of radiation.

July 2016: Unbelievably, Merkel cell cancer appears again on Shiratori’s upper eye lid.

On 8/16, after much consideration, the decision is made to surgically remove Shiratori’s left eyeball as well as skin surrounding the affected area.

After surgery, a pathological examination is done, and, as a result, cancerous cells are discovered in the lymph nodes.

September 2016: A portion of skin and bloods vessel are removed from the right femoral region and transferred to the left eyeball area. During the same surgery, a tumor in Shiratori’s left clavicle is removed. From the Merkel cell tumor traces, additional cancer is found and the cancer has spread. After surgery, the right femoral region is inflamed. This turns out to be an MRSA staph infection.

Current status:To prepare for chemical treatment, Shiratori has been transferred to the dermatology department of the hospital.


Garo Magazine Wikipedia



Murasaki Yamada Wikipedia





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Viz Communications Inc.から「Secret Comics Japan」という日本のインディペンデンスな作家たちを集めたアンソロジーが発刊されましたが、その作家選定や解説など、編著者の一人として北米への 「ガロ」的なマンガの紹介もしています。 また、私生活では「ガロ」「COM」で活躍した女流作家として評価の高いやまだ紫の夫としても知られています。














支援者、泉・エヴァーズ / 娘、やまだゆう



















Seiwaru Neko


Yurari Usuiro

Ki no ue de Neko ga Miteru










2011年冬 京都にて、夫・白取千夏雄













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白取千夏雄『全身編集者』発売のお知らせ/ Chikao Shiratori

Update posted by Shiratori Supporting Team at 11:56 am

白取氏の愛弟子であるおおかみ書房から"白取千夏雄『全身編集者』"の発売がはじまりました。伝説の雑誌「ガロ」元副編集長が語り下ろした半生記・半世紀。 師・長井勝一との出会い、「ガロ」編集としての青春、「デジタルガロ」の顛末と「ガロ」休刊の裏側。 慢性白血病、最愛の妻の急逝、悪性皮膚癌発症、繰り返す転移と度重なる手術という苦難の中、それでも生涯一編集者として生きた理由、「残したかったもの」とは…… 銀行振り込み・代引きをご希望の方は、 からお買い求めください。 ※本書は、2015年11月~12月・2016年3月に京大病院での総合マンガ誌キッチュ編集部とおおかみ書房編集部が行った合同インタビューを元に著者が本文を執筆し、著者の死後、おおかみ書房編集部が著者ブログ「白取特急検車場」を元に加筆・校正したものです。ーーーーChikao Shiratori"Zenshin Henshusha" book on sale (in Japanese)Chikao Shiratori"Zenshin Henshusha"(in Japanese) is now on sale published by his disciple from a publisher Ookami Shobou. Together with another Shiratori's disciple Kitsch magazine, Shiratori's whole life as a manga editor is written. There is a long interview of

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Last Greeting

Update posted by Shiratori Supporting Team at 04:14 am

Dear Supporters,We got a chance to hear from his step daughter Yu Yamada about her last visit with Mr Shiratori on the day before he passed away.She visited his hospital on March 16th since she was concerned about not getting any response back from him lately. She was informed by. . . . .

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