Help PAWS build a proper shelter for strays on Paros

We kindly request your financial support for the construction of a new dog and cat shelter on the island of Paros. We are a legally registered Greek Animal Welfare Charity, established in 1999 (Court of First Instance in Syros No 889/1999). We are a non- profit organization, operated by volunteers and managed by an elected Board, administering the charity. According to our Statute, we also have a 3-member Inspection Committee. The current Board was elected in September 2014 and subsequently re-elected in 2016 and 2018. The current PAWS Board members with their prime responsibilities are provided at the end. Our work includes rescuing of a great number of stray or abandoned puppies and dogs, kittens and cats around the island and the provision of medical treatment and care, while in our temporary refuge facility, we foster up to 40 dogs and puppies. Every year we successfully re-home some 200 dogs and cats, finding loving families for them in Greece and abroad. Additionally, our volunteers feed up to 400 cats around the island every day and neuter about 150 cats every year to reduce future numbers. CURRENT REFUGE SITUATION When we were first elected in 2014, we were presented with a situation that had been the status quo for many years: There was an intensive cat neutering program, but no cat refuge. Stray cats were fed in cat colonies across the island, but no facilities existed for cats to recover after medical interventions. The area of land at the facility (<1000 … Continue reading Help PAWS build a proper shelter for strays on Paros