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Update posted by Geri Townsley On Apr 28, 2017

Hanging out at WINZ

OPINION: I cope with a slow winter by going on the benefit, but it's no easy task.

Sitting into those bloody chairs for an hour is like waiting in a dentists office or even a doctors office. For me it aggravates my back and neck injury. And none of you gits will even offer me any support so what should I do then? Dealing with Winz results in "panic attacks, trouble concentrating, and near-constant anxiety," yet I can't even find a suitable job that puts zero pressure on my neck.

Uber Engineer Who Made $170K per Year Commits Suicide Due to Job Stress

This sounds like a guy who had plenty of other job options, so there had to be some kind of mental illness at play, right? Family members say Mr. Joseph’s job at Uber resulted in "panic attacks, trouble concentrating, and near-constant anxiety," yet he was "adamant" he could not leave his job.

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Update posted by Geri Townsley On Apr 28, 2017

Initially I need $26,000 so $100 from each donor means we need 260 supporters, this allows me to raise the funds I need to start the ball rolling as I (Geri Townsley) due to injuries in 2005 and 2006 don't have the money to travel anywhere for face to face meetings right now. However, my bank has stated (due to strict banking laws) I must be there in person. Therefore, this puts me in a tough spot.

Our primary objective is to drive prices in New Zealand down by first selling our own brand Mini and Micro PCs.

Our secondary objective is, to carry out the following:

  • Target small business owners would be the primary target for mini PC sales that fits on the back of your computer monitor.
  • All that’s needed are external hard drive and DVD/Blu-ray drive. Moreover, a low cost keyboard/mouse pack.
  • If the business grows, we will have to employ staff (like; installers, etc.).

Use of Funds

Marketing and Promotion – Prnz, Google & Stuff, Marketing Materials, Voip business phone line, setup webhosting account, registration our company, pay PNCC for a certificate of compliance, purchase printer ink, and paper. Order computer chair. In addition, stock has to be ordered as well.

Reason why PC sales have plummeted is due to people no longer have enough funds to pay over $1,500 for a brand new PC. Whereas AIO Intel i5 PC cost $699 and that includes 8GB memory, 500GB hard disk drive, 21.5” monitor, keyboard/mouse and it comes with Windows 10 Home x64 operating system.

Any extra raised through crowdfunding will go towards expenditure costs.

Consider how much you would pay for a hardback book - you will find you are drawn in to something special and will have the pleasure of knowing you have helped to share my campaign.

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