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Dear People,

We are a Hungarian family, living in the heart of the city. We have a wonderful daughter, who is almost 5 years old. She started music school not long ago, learning how to play on violin. Becky, who is very talented, amazingly feels the music from the inside out, since day one :) Her dream is to become a musican.

We live in the central, to give her the best we can, such as educations, nice people around and great nursery ( not private but really super-duper ) ...everything is so lovely here, we are very blessed that way, indeed.

My husband and I are working full time to meet our financial demand, month by month which we just about to make it, but we can not save even a penny to have the chance to buy our tiny, small home/flat here, to settle down for good. The rent is very expensive in general comparing to the avarage income.

...and I think, this is the worst circle, almost impossible to get out of it, paying your rent, which is a lot, then no chance to move forward as the result of already spending your money for bills and food...and you know, it is no way out.

My husband is working from home office and I work in the evening so we cover each other for Becky. So if anything happens with nursery because Covid, or she is just a little ill, I can be with her. And evening daddy comes in, when I am out. So we manage to get two incomes that way...Evening jobs are very limited and usually, those rules are for cleaners or/and hard, phisical jobs. Anyway, I am happy to at least have the opportunity to work, no matter if it is cleaning..or lifting heavy things at night...but must admit, not a dream come true :) I was working before Becky as a nurse, helping disabled children, but those working hrs are not suitable anymore for us..12hrs and more because of our daughter. We owned flat in my childhood, with my family until my parents devorced, sold our home, and we moved into renting, so since then when I was 16, working hard supporting my family. I remember though the feeling still, what was like to live in our own place..

Because we know, we are not going anywhere, regardless how hard we try, makes us feel disappointed. We wanted to have another little one, but having no property for our own, no matter how small is, seems impossible. Life is very risky that way, not knowing what happens next month..

I saw small flats in the city for sale, and if only we could rase somehow with mighty miracle 90 000 dollar, our life would be completely different. We would have the security if anything happens, especially with the risk of Covid nowdays, when people are loosing jobs, rented places all of a sudden...we would have a little flat in town, working and being happy about cherrish our little girl future with peace :) ..that is a dream come true, and our goal with this funraising.

We moved 4 times just in 2 years, because always something happened...My dream is to be home and stay there forever :) We moved countries, living in many different places to find financial security and buying our home, but it seems by now, we are unable to do it by our own.

If you feel you want to support our future, to get a safe and nice home for us, please help and donate us. No matter how small the amount is, every penny count, and highly appreciated, with love. :)

Thank you for reading this, have a lovely day!

Krisztina Ben and Becky


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raised of $90,000.00 goal
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Help this ongoing fundraising campaign by making a donation and spreading the word.

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