Series of critical surgeries needed for treating my serious health condition

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Hi !

My name is Panagiotis Karapanagiotis but all my friends call me Panos,

I live in Greece right now and I am giving a fight with two serious diseases. Bone cancer and Systematic fibrosis. Both diseases were provoked to me by medical mistakes..

Unfortunately, I have come to a point to ask for help from all my good friends out there.

My health condition deteriorates day by day.

For those who already know and for others that they are hearing about me for the first time, this is my sad story..

On April 2017 I had a serious renal colic on my left kidney. Due to this colic an acute renal faillure followed.

Because of this I ended up in the surgery room and was saved by few hours only, as my surgeon told me. I was about to die becuase the renal faillure was established for three days and I didn't know it.

After I was saved I did a CT scan to check how my kidney goes.

After this CT scan I started to have some strange symptoms like extreme exhaustion, fatigue, fast weight loss etc.. After four months my blood work showed some elevated values on my white and red blood cells. At the same time a strange edema on my right abdominal side started.

It was obvious that the ionizing radiation from the CT scan did something very bad to my bone marrow.

Suddenly at the same period my kidneys failled again.. (August 2017). Again I was saved by submission to a military hospital.

The next three years was a total hell. I was so unlucky that during an MRI the dye failed in my body causing systematic fibrosis which is ongoing until today damaging all main organs. Gadolinium in the dye which is a very toxic heavy metal failed to excrete from my body and caused toxification and fibrosis. This is an uncured serious disease that contracts all muscles and turn them into stone like formations and they just fail to work. Pain is very strong, Also all internal organs developed fibrotic connective tissue and slowly they die..

This systematic fibrosis caused further deterioration of my kidnyes and liver. The small and large intestine developed serious fibrotic connective tissues and adhesions. I am loosing muscle mass and fatty cels.

My body is failling in many ways.

This fibrosis and the ongoing cancerous damage to my bone marrow created a combination of terrible symptoms all over my body. Organs have cysts and fibrotic tissues. Neoplasmatic blood values are rising..

Right now my main issue is the faillure of my abdominal walls due to muscle mass loss and ribs enlargement. My intestines are pushing my abdominal walls outwards. I can't eat properly and food is not working on my body.. I can't gain muscle mass. Also my ribs are enlarging hitting my abdominal walls too causing pain and damage in every movement of my body. The cancerous damage to my bone marrow caused bone enlargement all over my body. I also have edema in many tissues of my internal organs and in my mouth area. Fibrosis, bone enlargement and edema are spreading all over my body along with extreme autoimmune disorders causing psoriatic lessions and open wounds in most of my skin. Pain is all over my body internally and externally.

Right now I hold my abdominal walls by wearing all day long a special belt. It is not so comfortable but I can't do anything else.
I will have to do probably two surgeries to try to correct my abdominal walls failure.

The first operation will try to correct loose enlarged ribs that are hitting the walls on the right side causing havoc to my abdominal muscles. Those ribs (cartilages to be exact) are falsely freed from the main thoracic cage and they are now moving freely hitting the abdominal walls in every movement of my body. Pain is also almost unbearable. Possibly my systematic fibrosis disease caused a cartilage connection failure and those cartilages just broke off from the thoracic cage. At the same time bone marrow damage is causing bone and ribs enlargement.
So, there is going to be a surgery to try to reconnect those cartilages or even remove them..

Then I will need a second operation to install a frame on my abdominal walls to keep them in place because the damage is permanent now and only a frame can hold them.

Those two surgeries will be done to a private hospital from two different surgeons because the State hospitals just don't care.. Along with two surgeries a series of biopsies will be needed like bone biopsy, bone marrow biopsy, muscle biopsy and more..

So I am sorry to ask but those two private surgeries and series of biopsies will be very expensive..

Time is passing and I am loosing this fight... time is against me when it comes to bone cancer..

I am asking for help because my options have ended. Those operations must be made as fast as possible so as to prevent more deterioration of my abdominal walls.
Any help that you can send will be helpful in order to collect the amount to pay both surgeries.

I am on a struggle to survive. I am fighting for three years now..
I love life. I have no alternatives but to seek some help from my friends. All of my problems started from falsy medical actions (like the CT scan and the MRI dye.. t) I had no health issues prior to these medical accidents.. Radiation and MRI dye destroyed my life causing cancer and systemic fibrosis. Cancer and systemic fibrosis are globaly considered to be the most devastating diseases and I have them now both..

Thank you all in advance. Every penny counts.. I have to give my last fight for life.

I love you all and God bless you !!!

Panagiotis Karapanagiotis or.. Panos



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