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We are asking for your kind assistance to help us send our Tatay (father) to his final resting place. He was diagnosed with esophageal cancer stage 3 last February 2017. It was a bomb in our ears hearing that our father is sick. Who would have thought that the most generous, helping to others and loving father will have cancer. It broke our hearts hearing the news from his doctor but we tried fighting, hoping and praying that he will be healed and things will go back to what it used to be but we're wrong. He have to under go 32 radiation and 4 chemo so that somehow we can prolong his precious life. But after his 27th radiation we were told that we cannot continue the radiation because his body is not responding anymore and if we continue the treatment he will be paralyzed eventually, all our hopes fade away, we cried hearing the news from the doctor. Our tatay lost his will to fight and to continue his treatment, he just sleep all day, lie on his bed and lost his interest in watching tv. He just want to lie on his bed lights off. The room is so empty and sad, we don't know how to console him, we know how painful it was for him. He always told us, how excited he was to travel with our mother so two of them can relax. He was also looking forward to his grandchild because my sister was pregnant that time. All his plans was gone.

We were able to convince him to do his last chemo session for us, eventhough he was so weak and in pain, he gave in to our request. In hospital, we found out that he has pneumonia, the chemo was cancelled and pneumonia was treated first, but after couple of days, his pneumonia goes back and it become a cycle. Last September 13, 2017 he was diagnosed with pneumonia for the 4th time, from that moment the stared in my eyes and told me, no more hopes. We stayed beside his hospital bed since then, he got worst, and in pain the whole time. All of us is crying everytime we look at him. He even asked us if there's nothing we can do anymore and we just answered him with total silence, it was the most painful question i ever heard because i know that he dont want to leave us yet. The cancer spread to his body, to his other organ even to his bones. He was in pain everyday and all we can do is to cry silently. Until Sept 15, 2017 4AM in the morning tatay already left us. It is the most painful experience in our life but the thing that somehow mend our broken hearts are, no more pain for our dear tatay. No more tube, needles, suction.

Now, we are mourning for his death but we don't know when we can send him to his resting place. We can't get his death certificate from the hospital because we cannot settle the hospital bill amounting almost a million ($18,000.00), my father was hospitalized for more than a month.

We are knocking to your hearts that you can help us send our dear tatay to his final resting place.

Any financial support will be highly appreciated. Thank You and God Bless.

You can also send your assistance to my sibling's account.

Acct Name: Nova Flores

Banco De Oro Acct No: 7790043339




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raised of $18,000.00 goal
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No more donations are being accepted at this time. Please contact the campaign owner if you would like to discuss further funding opportunities