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'See a Smile' Acts of Kindness Projects Fund.

Warm Hearted Greetings from Tibetan Refugees - Daramsala

I have travelled to many areas of the world, to learn and experience the beauty of our cultural diversity first hand.

I have been overwhelmed by the kindness of people I have met and our communication and cultural exchange.

For this reason I have set up the 'See a Smile' Acts of Kindness Donation Funds to generate financial support for the many beautiful people I meet along the way who will value your gift, whether monitory or to fund a project.

To offer financial support or the purchase of much needed items for those who really need that extra help. Beautiful people I meet who live in difficult situations.

Sharing Fruit with Children who enchanted me with their Music - India

To bring the world closer together with the wealth of our diverse cultures and to offer gifts of kindness to people in difficult situations with your support.

To fund arts projects or whatever comes along while I am on the road. Projects that will not only bring joy, but also people closer together!

• Your monetary gifts will mean so much to so many.

I lead a simple life where providing support to people I meet in difficult situations along the way, has always been my dream.

This is where your financial contribution to the 'See a Smile' Acts of Kindness Project Fund, large or small as 10 euro, will mean so much to so many...

I wonder of Life on the Road...

A university graduate in communication, I now use my knowledge and travel experience to raise awareness of the wealth of our diverse cultures, by bringing the world closer together and providing support for those who need it. I will keep you well informed while on this journey across cultures and continents and all the projects created in support of people I meet along the way.

With my own limited funds and time, personal projects and funds I have so far supported:

• In a school as a guest volunteer English teacher, supporting kids to follow their dreams.

I hope with your contribution to this fund, our gift to create a ' See a Smile' Food Event and more will, to help these beautiful children in India not go to school hungry.

Their favourite food as they had told me is mango!

• Laughter and storytelling with gypsy children through art. Tattoos as they called them! Somewhere in Europe.


StoryTelling and Drawing with Roma Children

• Providing 'See a Smile' gifts of kindness to the many families and children who live out on the street due to poverty.


Spending Precious Time with Young Families Living on the Streets...

A young family sharing their smiles and time with me. Getting to know them while offering a monetary gift.

• Supporting refugees build their life after fleeing from their so loved homes through war.

I was overwhelmed by people's donations when I created an 'Urgently Needed Items' donation point in my home in my heartfelt efforts to help ease their suffering.

I am forever greatful to all who stood by me in my attempt.


Seeking Refuge. A Mother - A Young Girl Fleeing Civil War. Aspiring to help war survivors and humanity, she wants to be a Doctor.

• Personally spending time with the abandoned beach doggies in Kerala. Offering medical support from my limited funds and cooking for them while eating together at sunset and sunrise while there.

Newspaper Article Highlighting the Care of these Loving Beach Dogs.

Fortunate enough to meet a journalist morning who offered to raise awareness for them through a newspaper report through an interview with me and them!

• Creating an art class in the rainforest of the Philippines.

• Supporting a young girl with rent. Philippines.

• I so much wanted to support a newfound friend with financially supporting his community centre in the rainforests of the Philippines but could not do so, with my own limited funds. It is projects and requests like these that your support will contribute to.

Keeping within traditional methods of construction and local lifestyle.

Community Centre.

• Providing shoes and coats to good people I befriend who walk barefoot with nothing but a bag over their shoulder, during the cold winter months. To see him smile was worth it.


A Pleasure to Meet You.

I can assure you, your monetary gifts will go a long way in supporting many. I meet so many that my heart reaches out to help...

• With sleepy children and me on the left, newfound friends, a family in the north of the Philippines inviting me to stay several days and nights in their warmhearted home.

My Comfortable Loving Bed for the Night.

With their interest in mediterranean cuisine and yoga, I was able to offer vegetarian tastes , minus the olive oil!
Rarely used therefore difficult to find there.

I miss our time together!

For your support, I am forever greatful.

I understand that at times, I will honour all who wish our time together to remain confidential, yet I will always do my best to update you on who and how you financial gifts to the 'See a Smile' funds will benefit

I thank you for your support in making my dream a reality. Together this will be our dream.

To bring the world closer together and see the glowing smiles of so many people worldwide.

I will continue to post updates of my journey, with writeups and photographic imagery of the many projects your funds have contributed to!

Newspaper Article of an Art Exhibition I had, to collect funds.

Please also find a link to a YouTube short profile film made by the national TV station here on the island highlighting my art, culture and passion for travel in a world without boarders...

I speak in Greek. Hopefully soon my time will allow me to translate it into English.

With this I send you peace.


I am forever greatful for supporting my vision and my dream.



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