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A little bit about who we are:

My name is Luke and My wife of 10 years ( Claire) and our two boys are currently living in George, South Africa. We are a Christian family and we have noticed a disturbing decline in the faith, so we came up with this project and need the support to expand.

Check out our website here:

This is what we believe and are our grounding principles:

1) God

2) Family

3) Hard Work

4) Taking Responsibility

5) Only the truth (Gods word can truly uplift and unite us)

We have always believed that a Christian groups should be more hands on, doing the work themselves so instead of just handing out a bible we go and preach and get the person taking the bible to commit to coming to church,

Instead of donating money to a church we believe in fixing the church ourselves and bringing new people into the church through various means.

Instead of giving a unemployed person some money and walking away we believe in giving them a job and paying them for the work done as well as giving them the information they need to see what Christianity is and be saved.

We have noticed that the churches are often only half full these days and we want to change that. As we all know Christianity is becoming less and less popular as our youth and young adults get drawn in by the many distractions our world has on offer today. We can change this

We are running this campaign because we came up with an idea that can really help all our churches in our community, The unemployed people of our community and to spread the word of God in ways most churches still lack in this modern age.

These are our plans for this campaign and into the future:

1) We will identify and connect with all churches in desperate need of maintenance of the church itself or the grounds (We will hire local unemployed people to do the work with us, we have one vehicle, all our own tools (I worked maintenance jobs for years so we are blessed to have the tools needed for the jobs)

2) Update and/or design a new website for the churches so their church will be brought into the internet/modern age and help attract more people to the church to be saved. (We are blessed to have a tech savvy person on our team!)

3) We want to also buy and distribute bibles throughout our community (not just handing out bibles but actually sitting with people, forming connections and asking them to join us at church so they may be saved.

4) We want to do physical marketing for the churches, for example designing and printing flyers to be handed out in the street with the church details, insperational quotes and reasons to give Jesus a chance to open up their eyes to the truth of the world.

5) Our ultimate goal is to identify places within South Africa that don't have access to a church at all and actually build a church for that community. We would conduct a survey with which we could tell the most popular denomination and build the church accordingly.

South Africa is in a very difficult situation with years of corruption and many other factors leading to the unemployment rate being one of the highest in the world. We want to not only give the people in this country their dignity back but even more importantly help them to be saved and all while doing the lords work.

We want to save our churches our peoples souls, please consider donating to us and if you have nothing to spare please share this campaign on your social media. We can accomplish so much and bring our community together through your help and for that we will always be thankful and humbled.

Please also consider leaving your email address and your name as we will send out a newsletter every month detailing our work done (with pictures), how the money donated was spent and the name of all our donors.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and may God bless you and your family with good health, love and happiness.

With love from:

Luke and Claire (our two boys, workers and volunteers)

Saving The Faith

Ora et Labora

PS we attached a video by world renowned preacher and uthor Ken Ham about the decline in the faith and the churches. It is one of the videos that inspired us to start this project in the first place as well as seeing the very rapid decline in these very things within our own community here in South Africa.


We are a Christian organization that helps maintain and fix churches, distributes bibles, websites for churches and much more.

We are a Christian organization that helps maintain and fix churches, distributes bibles, websites for churches and much more.

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raised of $10,000.00 goal
0% Funded
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Help this ongoing fundraising campaign by making a donation and spreading the word.

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