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My name is Karen from the Philippines, and I’m here to save my father, Lecerio Merueña.

We recently found out that my dad has liver cirrhosis (due to HepB), and a liver tumor, which was said to be malignant. Prior to the diagnosis, we’ve already seen some changes to his health— he’s easily tired and his legs and abdomen were swollen (it’s because of the cirrhosis). Because of the size of the tumor, he’s no longer fit for a liver transplant, and would instead undergo a non-surgical treament called TACE.

Now, my family is not rich, and my dad has been working since he was 21 so that he could support us. Their generation is not yet ‘financially woke’, and so he and my mom didn’t have savings, nor insurance. I have 2 other siblings, the youngest is just 11 years old and still in elementary school. My other brother and I are both working already, but our salaries combined simply cannot afford the treatment. WE BADLY NEED HELP.

We didn’t grow up in luxury, but my dad made sure that we’re not deprived. He is our rock, our protector, but now that rock is slowly crumbling. I hate seeing him suffer, and I hate that he’s in misery. I hate seeing my mom cry, and I hate seeing my little brother confused as to what’s happening.

If the treatment could buy us more time, or at least let him live until he’s 60, then we’d take it.

So please, please, HELP ME SAVE MY DAD.


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