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In Okinawa, sea turtles nest between May and September.

Last year our Turtle Ranger team patrolled the beach 5-6 times a week and recorded 34 loggerhead turtle “crawls”.

A crawl is when a turtle comes up on to the beach but does not nest.

We don’t know why this happened, the experts are also at a loss. But the most likely reason is that something is disturbing them and preventing them from laying peacefully. Some potential disturbing factors include lights, noise, stray or wild animals, human threats (campers, fishermen, four wheelers etc.) or other.

Our goal is to monitor and protect the area to make it a safe space for the turtles to lay their eggs in peace!

Churamura is aiming to raise $4850 to fund equipment for this project. Your donations will allow us to put up motion activated, night vision cameras so we can observe the behavior of the turtles when they come onto the beach, monitor any nests, and see any activity on the beach that may be preventing them from nesting.

If we can discover why the turtles will not lay eggs, we can find solutions to creating a safe nesting habitat for these endangered species.

The cameras will allow us to know immediately when a turtle is nesting and we can do our best to ensure the safety of those eggs. This is much more effective than patrolling the beach and looking for potential nests.

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Help this ongoing fundraising campaign by making a donation and spreading the word.

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