Save Little Leon from Biliary Atresia

Update posted by Katrina Escolastico On Jan 17, 2019

Hi, good day everyone!

Our last update was about my son's health was August 2018. So far, Leon is still doing well and we somehow follow his doctors' monthly check up and vaccines. He just had a few colds, coughs and fever this past few months and nothing serious about it, that lasts for 3-5 days. Thank God. He just had a mild case of cholangitis last November and did not require confinement. Leon is still in his prophylactic antibiotic just for prevention of cholangitis.

Leon still have splenomegaly due to his condition and we're hoping that his liver will work for years to come.

We are saddened by the news that Leon's other groupmates from the support groups that we joined succumbed from this illness because of being immune compromised and having complications. Others have failing Kasai ,means that their kasai procedure is not working anymore just after a few years. Others died after transplant because of complications too.

I just started working online a few months ago to provide for Leon's medical maintenance and to help his dad for the expenses at home. Still, we try to save up for his possible liver transplant and slowly we are trying to reach our target goal. It seems impossible but we know that God will provide kindhearted people who will help us reach our goal.

If you happen to see campaigns like this, do try to help sick kids. Know if the account is legit, because we heard news from others that there are bad people out there trying to make money out of sick kids by grabbing their pictures and putting fake details. We talked about it in our support groups.

I am a member of these support groups and if you have time please do check them out.

They give financial and medical support to members but sometimes it wasn't enough because Billiary Atresia cases is getting higher and budget is not enough as well.

Anyway, have a great day everyone. I hope I helped by suggesting to help other sick kids too. God bless us.

Leon's Mom, Kaye

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Update posted by Katrina Escolastico On Aug 16, 2018

Hi, it's been a while since the last time I've posted for an update about our son, Leon. Last May, he was confined because of recurrent cholangitis and got home after a week of IV antibiotics. God is good because after that confinement, he did not have cholangitis the following months until now and gained weight as well. He is updated with his vaccines. He had flu a month ago but he got well after a few days maybe because the flu vaccine helped a bit.

We were very observant especially with his poops because we're afraid that he might poo or vomit blood anytime and it's because of his portal hypertension. He only takes his maintenance medicine for that. We've asked his pedia hepatologist what to do about it but she only suggested that she'll find a way when the time comes if ever he poop or vomit blood. His platelets are also low and his spleen is getting larger too.

Aside from his health, the good news is he can now walk and he's as playful just like some normal healthy kids out there. He's talkative too.

We are still preparing him and his living donor which is his Dad. Still, we ask everyone to pray for him and his Dad to be well before the doctor suggest that he needs liver transplant soon.

You can check his page here for more updates

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Update posted by Katrina Escolastico On May 05, 2018

Leon was confined once again for more than a week after having fever that goes up and down for a week. He was treated for cholangitis and suspected of having viral infection. We just got home today. He lost weight again and been between 8-9kg since December 2017. I just hope that he gain weight after his confinement.

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Update posted by Katrina Escolastico On Apr 07, 2018

Leon's monthly lab today is good according to his pedia gastro. Then from cefixime, he shifts to cefuroxime as his prophylactic antibiotic. I also asked her about the spider veins in his stomach for which she answered that it is portal hypertension, just being well maintained through the help of atenolol, (another medicine that Leon takes since his kasai procedure).

Still, I ask for prayers for Leon to get well until the BIG DAY comes.

We thank you all who include our son in their prayers and thoughts.

#braveleon #savelittleleon #biliaryatresiafighter

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Update posted by Katrina Escolastico On Feb 14, 2018

Hi, we're back again here at PGH. It is such a roller coaster ride having a baby with biliary atresia. Leon had fever and been here at PGH more than a week now. His first 2 I.V. antibiotics did not resolve his recurring fever. This 3rd strong antibiotic cleared his fever for 2 days now and we're praying that it won't come back. Doctors are treating it as cholangitis. I can't really make Leon take antibiotics orally especially if the powderized form because of its super bitter taste. It makes him puke a lot. He is getting thinner on each hospitalizations. We're still hoping that his Kasai won't fail as we are still raising funds for his possible liver transplant. We really wanted to go home.

Please share his page and please help us reach our goal. Thanks and God bless us all.

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Update posted by Katrina Escolastico On Jan 12, 2018

It's been a while since I've updated Leon's page and for 2 months after his bouts of cholangitis, we stayed at home but currently we're back at the hospital for having pneumonia and stomach flu. We don't really know where Leon got it but me and his dad also got stomach flu from him. So the three of us were sick but we still take care of Leon and do whatever we can. Please pray for us and I still believe in God that we will get through this.

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Update posted by Katrina Escolastico On Nov 04, 2017

It's been 4 days since we're out of the hospital now. We decided to go to his pedia to have rotavirus and pneumococcal vaccines. 2nd dose for both and he's turning 7 months next week. He's below average in weight but his height and head circumference are not in the good range due to being sick lately. We're thanking God above for giving us good people who are helping us in these situations.

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Update posted by Katrina Escolastico On Oct 24, 2017

We're here at the Philippine General Hospital once again because Leon had another bout of cholangitis and found out through ultrasound that his ducts are inflamed and infected. He was given Meropenem for that's one of the antibiotics he respond well. We positively look forward that this will treat him well and won't need any surgery.

To all who continuously help us, we thank you all.

For all the updates about our son, Leon, click the link below.

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Update posted by Katrina Escolastico On Sep 09, 2017

Leon is in good shape and doesn't have any fever or been sick for almost 2 weeks after his last hospitalization this August. We thank God that he gave Leon strength and we are also thanking all people who prayed and donated for our son.

As of now, we still observe his Kasai if it is still working. We inspect his poop everyday because he have an on and off pale stools. He have check ups every 2 weeks so we really need to know what causes that on his upcoming check up. Please continuously pray for Leon.

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Update posted by Katrina Escolastico On Aug 10, 2017

Still at the Philippine General Hospital. Leon is finishing his 10 days antibiotic. We agreed to stay for a few more days when he's done with his antibiotics just to observe if his fever will come back. We're waiting for his 2nd blood culture as well. Hoping and praying that all is good.

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Praying for Leon's recovery


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Courage to you and your little sweetheart! Bisous !

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Thanks to all donors. We’ve been praying that Leon will be okay after this.

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God Bless you Leon. May God's gealing power be upon you.

Christina Pamparo

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