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Update posted by Gary Rose On Sep 18, 2017

This is a long article to read, but an important one. It provides the insight needed to understand the facts on the ground for the Yazidis in northern Iraq.

The factional politics of Kurdistan is complex, with no single path looking like a solution. What is clear is that the losers in the battle for autonomy will be the Yazidis. While they are trying to assert themselves, the reality is that they will continue to be consumed and used by the forces around them unless they have international support or until there are no Yazidis left.

The genocide of the Yazidis is ongoing, and it will be for the foreseeable future.

Please support Project Abraham. We must continue to rescue them from obliteration.

In the Field With Yazidi Fighters, Tales of Genocide at ISIS's Hands and More Conflict to Come

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Update posted by Gary Rose On Sep 07, 2017

Project Abraham volunteers helping the GTA Yazidi community

The Mozuud Freedom Foundation's Project Abraham is successfully supporting the growing Yazidi community in the GTA and helping them adapt to living in Canada. With our growing network of committed volunteers, we are providing clothes and furniture, helping find jobs and housing, and working with the community to ensure their needs are being met.

We are also committed to helping the community with the ongoing effort to bring their family members to Canada. This is a huge commitment for us. It requires hundreds of hours of volunteer work to complete applications, lobbying the government to allow more refugees to come to Canada, and raising the funds required.

As we have become a source of hope for the Yazidis, and have become to understand the breadth of the genocide that has forced them from their homeland, we now see the true lack of significant help that governments and the UN have given, despite their acknowledgement of the Yazidi genocide

Project Abraham is working with other human rights organizations such as One Free World International (OFWI) and the Yezidi Human Rights Organization – International to address the failure of the Canadian government to do more than a token effort to bring Yazidis to Canada. We are a small voice, but have achieved so much in the last two years, and are continuing to fight on behalf of the Yazidi people.

Despite the lack of significant government support for family reunification, the Yazidi community is thankful that the people of Canada has taken them in. They are learning English, going to school, taking jobs, and are celebrating their religious holidays, births, and upcoming marriages, in freedom. They are a people who have suffered yet know the real meaning of family, community, working hard, and moving forward to become good Canadians in every sense.

Supporting the Yazidis community is a significant undertaking. Many of the refugees in the GTA community are survivors of ISIS - women and children whose husbands and brothers were shot and killed, and were then taken and traded in the sex slave markets. Others escaped Iraq and were living in Turkey in squalor, unable to return to Iraq, and unable to work because of discrimination. These people survived what only can be called crimes against humanity.

Project Abraham needs to raise $50,000 by the end of 2017 to cover the costs of supporting more Yazidi refugees who will be arriving in the GTA, as well as the ongoing costs of supporting the GTA Yazidi community. In time they will be self-sufficient, but until then they are a people recovering in a new country from the horrors of a genocide. They need our help.

Please donate to Project Abraham and support the Yazidis.

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