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Update posted by Lori On Mar 03, 2013


I honestly NEVER expected to even raise $500...this is incredible. 

I started paying off her medical bill, currently on one card it is $2,300, so I am so very happy that I am able to pay off a big chunk of that! This really eases my mind a bit.

Sadie was taken to a new neurologist this past Tuesday. As of now they do not know if it is her meningitis or a spinal injury (could be meningitis related or something new). For now she is on new medications to help ease the pain with the nerves in her leg/spine. We are also currently weening her off her steroids completely in the next two weeks because we cannot get an MRI performed because the steroids mask the meningitis. Worst comes to worst, and hopefully not the case, she will need surgery on her spine.

But, the good news is, the doctor seemed quite certain we will NOT have to put Sadie down. We literally cried with relief when we heard this. So now Sadie is under strict crate rest and taking her meds and the other day she got out of her crate on her own (instead of us having to help her out) which is an amazing feat! She has not been able to do that in weeks!! Lately she's been having some pep in her step but still favoring the right left over the left. Although she is showing signs of improvement we still have no idea if it's just the meds masking the issue right now. We will meet with doctors again in a week. 

Save Sadie is an on-going fundraiser for now because the medical bills keep rolling in, and we still are unsure whether she will need surgery or not but everything that has been donated so far has helped us SO MUCH!!! Words cannot describe how I feel right now. It is keeping our hopes up that we will have our pup 100% back to her crazy happy normal puppy self!

Thank you to everyone again, keep the word spreading!!!


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Update posted by Lori On Feb 25, 2013

Hey Everyone, 

I just want to first of all thank everyone for your generous donations, whether it be $1 or $100, any amount helps and I am amazed that so many people have lended a hand. I also want to thank everyone who helped spread the word, even if you are unable to donate, getting Sadie's story out there is just as important.

As for Sadie, she is not doing well at all today but from seeing the outcome of this fundraiser my hopes are very high. Now that we have some money to be able to care for Sadie, we found a new neurologist to bring her to which we are seeing tomorrow morning. We hope she has better news and answers which is most important. So all your donations and help have led us to be able to bring her to a better doctor (hopefully!) so she can receive the care she needs.

Thank you once again from the bottom of my heart, and Sadie's heart. We are eternally grateful for all the support everyone has shown. You have made a HUGE impact on our lives.

-L & S

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Update posted by Lori On Feb 25, 2013

Rewards for donations to be posted soon.

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Backed with $50.00 On Mar 04, 2013



Backed with $25.00 On Mar 04, 2013


jesse szabad

Backed with $20.00 On Mar 03, 2013


Get better Sadie!!

Lindsay Cohen

Backed with $5.00 On Mar 02, 2013



Backed On Feb 27, 2013 Amount Hidden


I hope Sadie gets the care she needs and makes a full recovery.


Backed with $10.00 On Feb 27, 2013


Vanessa Paciello

Backed with $40.00 On Feb 27, 2013


I know its not much..but its what i can afford right now so lets hope its helpful <3 Love You Sadie

Alexandra Schwartje

Backed with $25.00 On Feb 26, 2013


Sal Maresca

Backed with $10.00 On Feb 26, 2013


Sadie, get well you have a loving home.

Irene K

Backed with $25.00 On Feb 26, 2013

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