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Update posted by sumerset On May 18, 2013

Okay....we are still processing paperwork

I did get to personally talk to the specialist at the start of this week and got the two packages of forms that arrived a week ago finally clarified ..... as to which ones were the "new" forms required  to be re filled out. They are both so simular it is odd and they are even simular to the one filled out at the last atempt of a modification but each is slightly different from each other.

She also informed that since the co signed does not reside with me that the paperwork becomes more complicated to keep things straight for the underwritters as this is not a normal situation for them to review.

In so much we had a few more things to submitt (1) that I needed to submitt a to include that I was not the one in bankruptcy and that my co signer was the one who did, that my cosigner does not nor has he ever resided at the property and has no interest in the property other than being the co signer....(this is already presented within the co signers bankruptcy paperwork the bank has with the property not being covered by the bankruptcy because he had no ownership in it) and (2) my co signer had to submitt a simular letter clarifing his bankruptcy and residence situation. (3) My co signer needed to submitt a Hardship letter stating the reason a modificationis being requested not just the statement included in the homeowners assistance form (4) I was told the bankruptcy and residence statements requested by the both of us could be included in the hardships letters and I rewrite rewrite the one I had submitted to include that information to reduce the paperwork having to be forwarded to the underwritters. (5) The new version of the Homeowners Assistance form needed to be submitted by the cosigner as the older verison would not be accepted by the underwritters (6) my subbmitted copy of the form needed to be redone with all notation I put on it, as requested to include to back up my situation, now needs be put on seperate explaination page as it looked too cluttered and would most likely be rejected by the underwritters (7)a documentation reciept from my co barrower needed clarification as it didn't show who it was from or clearly what it was for.

I am upright, functioning betwen sleepiness and freezing, but working on my rewriting my statements and paperwork and prepared the paperwork to to to my co signer in overnight mail, now on on Monday morning, since I missed the mail or post office being open today. I purchased the $19.95 postage yesterday, but our mail lady informed me this afternoon the package #'s have to be registered at the post office to be tracked to insure overnight delivery. Oh well I tried to make it easier ... never the less he still wouldn't get it till Tuesday anyway.

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Update posted by sumerset On May 18, 2013

Hi All

First THANK YOU for you interest in SAVING our HOME.

Please know we really and truly appreciate your personal emails of best wishes, encouragement and ideas that have been coming to [email protected]  and in the comment section here with your very much appreciated donations and the very appreciated donations that have come from directly from friends and locals.  Every little bit counts, and with the car repairs, needed to get to work, we have been able to stay on top of the regular mortage payment easier just from your help.The next shoe that dropped is the water heater and solar storage tank replacements.

Now this week has been a challenge to balance beign sick, class essays and project finals, working 2 out of the 4 part time jobs and trying to deal with the modification phone calls and paperwork. I have been exhausted everyday and still not feeling great.  I did manage to pass the one class I took this semester with an A, but think I will hold out on summer classes to find out where my houseing will be because the stress is just too much in the back of my brain. As I was in a panic over a certified letter sent by the bank, wondering what could be 'officially' coming from them in a certified letter, as I was still submitting paperwork for the modification.... until I picked it up from the post office to find it was a letter stating..." if your having problems making your payments please call us now, if your working with a specialist please continue to do so...."  It was addressed to both the co signer and myself and I did denote on the signature that co signer does not reside at this address... as was suggested to do by a couple of your emails I have received.

It was admittedly a relief, but left me with a 'really?' feeling hanging over head


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Update posted by sumerset On May 08, 2013

HURRAY we got another donation of $10.00 THank you We really appreciate you interest in saving our home. THank you again!! and everyone who has donated. It may not seem much but every little bit counts and it all adds up. It may mean we can have enough to push through an extra payment.

I have been told I need to rewrite this project and "cry" for sympathy from you all to get attention. I just want the facts out there, yes I am cryign myself at nights and worry all the time but just want a little help to get an edge on the bank, who has all the control so I can deal with them easier, because I have tried to work through my hardships but can't get caught up with the balance that is behind. Were making the monthly payments (admittedly in parts, but were making them)

Well yesturday I faxed the 'new' homeowners assistance form which seems only slightly differently formatted form the orginal one that was sent in 4/16...But the bank will not acept or move foreward with out the information on the new form. The other forms that came this week were the same. But since I have been unable to talk to our specialist I don't know why I have more copies of each form as they were the same they send fed ex for my co signer.

I also faxed my daughters accident report to validate the pedistraian vs motor vehicle accident for them. I called and only got to leave a message both yesturday and today for our presevation specialist. It has been since last week when she called the house line and left a message that I have heard form her.

They have update the homeowner assistance portal now showing my cosigner having a hard ship letter in on the same date I faxed mine in, yet no financial worksheets are marker off for either of us. It makes me worry more when data dosen't match up.

I know from talking to another person, there is paperwork there from my co signer but what he did not go over. I am concerned that time is rolling by while in this modification process and they have you sign that you agree that acceleration and forclosure is not waived by the process unless all moneys are brought current.  I wouldn't need a modification if I could pay whats past due.

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Update posted by sumerset On May 07, 2013

New forms came by Fed Ex today. They seem the same as the ones we recieved by Fed Ex the last time and that my co signer just got faxed in to the bank on Friday. THey are so very simular it is hard to tell the difference betwen the ones we sent in to the new ones other than a different header and informatin requested is arrainged differently but has the same questions.

I wasn't unable to get ahold of the preservation specialist today (morning or afternoon) but left her messages.  I had talked to another gentleman on Friday when I couldn't reach her after she left a meaage on on my house phone (no call to my cell)  I wanted to verify my co signer's paperwortk had been received. That's when I found out about the "new" or "revised" forms that were on thier way. I was told these forms were the only ones the underwritters would accept. 

Today would have been a great day to get through a good conversation and have the time to think through things and get some answers with the specialist, as my car was still not running till the afternoon and only got to work on of my 3 jobs for today.

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Update posted by sumerset On May 03, 2013

Well I got other documents faxed into the bank yesturday from my endonly another 18 pages and I checked ot see how the forms were coming with my co-signer and they should be faxed hopefully by Friday...they are hunting for all the supporting documents.

I was hoping to hear from the preservation specialist today to make sure everything I sent was enough or to find out what else they might want now so I could get it to them as soon as possible.

I was assured that as long as we are in the modification process that they would not move forward on a foreclosure but reminded that we had to co-operate in the process by getting all the documents in to them in a timely manner. ...... My mind goes back to the comment a few days ago that the legal department will do what they need to do in processing things.

This is so unsettling. ...but at least no more letters so I guess we are in a holding pattern for now.  At least waiting on 3rd and 5th and 10th paydays to give them more money inbetween trying to keep the car running now too.

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Update posted by sumerset On Apr 28, 2013

Not sure how all is going......

Did get 2 letters from bank in mail both dated the 18th recieved on 26th; one was acknowledging they received documents to move forward with mortage assisitance, the other a list of additional paperwork they need before they can evaluate eligibility for mortage assisitance; both are form letters from the preservation specialist I have been dealing with.

I am finishing up getting the forms, documents, written statements gathered and copies made that the specialist had already told us she needed from my son & myself to fax on Monday, about another 20 pages so far.

After a cup of coffee here, I will go through the current letter and it's list of needed items and cross check for any new items that weren't on the list we already had, that will give me a chance to see if they need anything else from my co signer before I call him to see where things are at on his end.

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Update posted by sumerset On Apr 24, 2013

HURRAY !!  We got a $100. donation yesturday for the house via Cindy F. attached to my pay for one of my part time jobs.  THANK YOU !!!

I'm still sitting on pins and needles and it's driving me nuts and I feel like I am on a treadmill going no where. I know until all the paperwork gets in an underwritter dosen't even see any of it. I feel like I should be asking other questions but I'm not sure what. I keep hearing and have in the past we have to have the paperwork before we can tell you anything. I know tey have told me there are new forms and the process has changed making it easier, but I still am in the dark and it is very scary as time goes on and I get closer to the dead line they set before.

Doers anyone know when in this process they tell you what type of a modifiction your actually able to get?

I did get several other letters today and an updated statement too. One is telling me they will hold funds until they get the balance indicated below due (of 10,626.10) but also states there is $199.97 in unapplied funds and they don't accept particial payments; another is call imedately to see what guidelines you may meet for mortage assistance program; the other is a response to request for mortage assisitance, telling me to contact them right away with basic information that I have already faxed them. All this seems to be what I'm already doing but I will call the #'s on each letter tomorrow and find out whats going on and make sure they all know my intent to keep the house and get a modification.

Okay the new papers that they sent arrived yesturday afternoon. I didn't get home till 3:30pm. I tried calling the specialist as she requested to go over all tht was needed, but apparently it was after hours and could not even get to leave a message on her line. Got sent through the collections department and that gal had same problem trying to get me to the voice mail. Did get forwarded to a different preservation department and talked to another specialist and who went over forms and documentation noted on account as needed but not in the detail my regular speciast does normally.

The forms my co signer needed to fill out were sent out overnight to him today. He should have them by 3pm tomorrow. I called my regular specialist this morning and left a message for her.

Please keep prayers going

Thank you for your intrest in Saving our Home


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Update posted by sumerset On Apr 19, 2013

The gal from Wells Fargo called me this afternoon (about 1230pm) while I was walking dogs.  She was verifying and clarifing information I already sent in and gave me a list of things she needed in addition to what she has already from me. 

I found out the packet hasn't been mailed or Fed ex'd with the additional forms and or new forms she said originally would need to be completed by co-singer and myself and now per today's conversation a form for my son to to with reguards to his helping me. The couldn't go out today as the service already ran for the day and wouldn't go out till monday so that means maybe Tuesday I will get it and then have to send the necesssary forms to my co-signer to fill out and fax back to her. That will mean the original date of her wanting forms back for next Friday prolly won't happen.

I hope this delay will not affect a modification as I am aware of some modification programs have an ending date of April 25th. I am so worried with this.  I feel like 'Hurry Up and Wait' syndrome is hanging over my head and I am the only one in the position to loose anything and it's my HOME that's at steak.  This whole process leaves you in the dark, they don't tell you you can get a modification, they don't give a hint as to what modification they could offer you if you are eligable.

SO nerve racking and unsettling.

I can't seem to get information about the process either. Each bank is different in the way they handle things, I understand this, but why is it so hard to get a conscise answer?

I hear from people who want me to pay them to get it done and Im not going to fall for that situation. I have heard too many horror stories there.

I hear from people who will do a short sale to avoid foreclosure, but I want to keep my house. Not going to do me any good to be on the street, with my health issues and I could not rent anything near the cost of the mortage in this area and this is where I have work and my employment.

IF you have any ideas or information please post comment here or on my facebook page 

or email me at [email protected]

Please help get the word out, we are still facing a deadline.

Thanks for your interest in Saving our Home.


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Update posted by sumerset On Apr 17, 2013

I'm somewhat relieved here this afternoon but very confused and very uneasy at the same time.

I did get a call from the specialists this afternoon. I guess there were a couple of problems for the the calls not being returned.....several days with a storm where she is at and then computer issues.

She assured me that she would reopen a new modification process and while that was open and we were working on it I may still receive foreclosure paperwork as the attorneys had to follow through in thier department, but they would not foreclose as long as the modification process was open.

This is disconserting to me as I feel as though the bank has the upper hand in this as they are willing to work on modification but at the same time they are going to go forward with the paperwork for foreclosure saying they willnot foreclose unless I dont get a modification? I feel like they will be at the starting gate before I get on the feild.

I was also informed that the process has changed and that so have some new forms to fill out that are required and other documetation needed. She is going to fed- ex them to me. She said the new process is better now too.  I was informed that it was best to do whole new one anyway because of the amount of paperwork collected in last one, over 8 months was confusing. With this new process I have to have my co-signer fillout all his current information and do a hardship letter why he had to file bankruptcy.....before his information was not required. He was willing to sign on to a modification if  I got one before, when they weren't requiring paperwork from him, but with the bankruptcy not closed I will have to call and see whre he is at with this now. He does not live locally so that means sending stuff to him to do and fill out and have him fax it in to the bank.

They meeting I had yesturday evening with Robin M. was interresting. He didn't donate but gave me several contacts and a referal to an attorney if things seemed to get into a run around with the bank again. Had a meeting set up today for a possible donation with Gary L. but he called and cancelled it. He did have some inquiring questions. So I can only pray and thank them for their interest in saving my home.

I am thankful for all my friends and thier support, input and ideas. Lori R. called to tell me about a possible job opening till end of school she found out about.  I will have to check it out between my jobs I have scheduled for tomorrow.  Hopefully it will work in with everything as a whole. I found out Todd was behind the anonymous mail box donation. Thanks It means a lot to me!

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Update posted by sumerset On Apr 16, 2013

I am bound and determined to make some headway one way or another today.

SO .....

.......I made a call to my last home preservation specialist "Natalie"and got to leave a message again. She has normally been really good these last 8 months in returning calls and great in communication, even doing confrenece calls to clarify things after over 6 months of paperwork would get confusing when we were dealing with last modification attempt just denied in March.  I truly hope she is not ill or something.

.......Then called the number on the letter from 4/5 (dated 4/2) got a recording that there was high call volume and could not take my call, please call back later.

.....Then feeling really flustrated at this point I called the banks basic line and played with the # system and actually talked to a live human "David" and found out they have applied more funds that were hangin out there from particial payments and the balance is now $10,681.10.  HURRAY!!

He offered to transfer to the specialist to leave a message but told him I already left one today as hadn't heard from her since my first call with theese new letters on 4/8. He said he was going to notify the department and for me to be patient giving her another day to call back. I had to apologize to him as I caught myself getting loud. I tried to control myself but it's hard when you hear the same thing of wait be calm and your facing thier deadline, as the  of tears of reality and hopeless flustration seeping out, but I know it is not his fault.

I can't just sit back and loose this house on a techincality of communication, it has been 8 days since my first call with the new letters, and 17 days today into the date of the first letter with dead line for May 7th. The timeframe is fast disapearing. I was told to give it another day when I called 4/12 and left a message and tried the mutiple phone calls then.

Well "the squeeky wheel gets the oil" right?  So I then went down UPS store and made the balance of copies for the documentation needed. Went to the bank and made a $40. payment of the money my son handed me because he had it in his pocket last night. Know it's not much but it is something. Then I had them fax 81 pages of documentation for a new start on a new modification preocess (82 if you count the cover sheet)

At least I can hope they will know I am serious about this and I am trying to do everything I can. I tried to clarify the new income, changes in expenses and show the situation has changed with the paperwork sent today most of which they had not received before. At least with filling out their homeowner assistance form, there was a positive aspect....we have a little more income this time around than we have going out so this should help in thier review. I know there is a bit more they will most likely need but not totally sure what at this point, and what they can use from before, but I'm already working on preparing things and statements that they have asked for in the past with updated information just in case they ask for it.

I'm open to anyones suggestions on what I more I can do.  I am just so tired mentally and physically, but my head is high and I am pushing forward with this and trying to keep up with all in my "normal" day to day life.  I am very thank full I had a few extra hours in a chunck of time to do these things to day.

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Backed with $10.00 On May 07, 2013


>To the guest @ 11:53 on April 20th I truly THANK YOU for your compliment...I have always tired just try to live the way that is right and do things the way I was taught that were right to do...nothing more


Posted On Apr 20, 2013


This is a great idea everyone should donate at least a $1.00. Its not much heck I know most people loose more than that in their car/couch cushions/seats. This is an incredible family who donates more than anyone else I know to the community they live in. Always willing to lend a helping hand.


Backed with $5.00 On Apr 20, 2013


Julie London

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Thank you Rod and Bretter, know everything counts, and we appreciate your help. It is nice to see we are making progress before going to bed :) AmySue


Posted On Apr 16, 2013


Good luck

Rod riguez

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My heart goes out to you and your family, I wish I could give more. Good luck


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Thank you very much...You broke the ice! I know God has been here with us the whole way ... with another new part time job now maybe the bank will take notice . . . I am finishing up copying all the documentation for the new modification package now. Were heading forward in both directions modification and payment. Thank you It is appreciated AmySue


Posted On Apr 15, 2013


Prayers be with you!

Jan and Stella

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