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Father of 14-year-old girl takes doctors, lawyer, school to court!

Seeks injunction to prevent injecting testosterone, amputating breasts; trans activist MDs say they don’t need his permission

It’s time to stop abusing children with the transgender lunacy that has gripped our culture and nation. Please help this father’s fight—his courageous stand protects all children.

Please donate generously; this is a crucial legal matter that will protect all children and parental rights.

(In this account, the names of the child, father and mother have been fictionalized. Due to a publication ban we have now had to remove the names of the doctors, psychologists and lawyers. We will be asking the court to lift the ban relating to the so-called "professionals" that are responsible for this tragic case. We believe you have a right to know.)


Maxine began a troubled stage in her life shortly after her parents separated. She began hanging out with a group that was constantly getting into trouble at school. Maxine’s teachers and principal were in constant contact with her parents.Her parents sought help through school counselors.

Unbeknownst to her father, Maxine’s school district (Delta, BC) had already embraced the SOGI (Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity) agenda. SOGI requires children as young as 4, to view the world through a sexual lens. SOGI-related school resources are fraudulently identified as “inclusivity” programs and/or “anti-bullying” program. Parents are not informed when their children are being exposed to these materials.

Maxine’s troubling behaviour continued to escalate at school. During her Grade 6 school year, she was exposed to a SOGI video resource involving a girl who transitioned into a boy. Maxine decided that she identified with this child, who had cut off her hair; so she immediately cut off her hair.

In Grade 7, Maxine became infatuated with her male teacher. When the school stepped in and demanded that she stop writing notes to the teacher, Maxine became depressed and withdrawn, devoting all her spare time to online interactions—and then declared herself to be a lesbian.

A short time later, she decided that her ‘fluid identity’ had once again morphed and announced to her school counselor that she was trans. The school counselor failed to inform Maxine’s father of this, and instead helped the child choose a male name and assisted in her affirmed ‘transition’ at school.

This is unlawful. Transitioning is both a medical and a psychological process, and the father has a right to be involved in making medical decisions involving his daughter. School counselors are not qualified to asses Gender Dysphoria.

“Affirming” and assisting the “social transition” of a child in an identity crisis can be dangerous and harmful. The BC School Act requires teachers to report behavior-related issues to parents. Thus, the school violated the School Act.

With the aid of the school administration, Maxine enrolled in Grade 8 as a male named “Max”. Clark, her father, was not informed. It wasn’t long before “Max”(ine) once again became infatuated with another teacher, this time her male PE teacher. “Max’s” behavior included stalking the teacher, sending notes to him, texting… and became so disconcerting that the school removed her from his class. Max(ine) then attempted suicide—not because of her ‘trans’ identity issues, but because she was removed from this teacher’s class.

It was around this time that the mother engaged the services of a homosexual pro trans sex activist psychologist who engages in controversial and experimental "affirmative" therapies involving children suffering from gender identity related issues. Clarke, the father, finally was informed as to what had been transpiring at the school.

In August of 2018 Max(ine) was referred to the Gender Clinic at BC Children’s Hospital. Clark was busy working at the time, and believed that there would be a series of assessments done, possibly taking months to conclude. Instead, Clark received a telephone call informing him that doctors would be commencing testosterone injections into his daughter—that day!

He said: “NO!”

Clark knew that his daughter was troubled, but as he became more aware of the ‘trans’ industry that was fast-tracking his daughter toward a future of chemical dependency and body mutilation, he began to put the brakes on.

Doctors associated with the Gender Clinic were determined to commence this experimental, dangerous, and exploitative ‘therapy’ on Max(ine) and wrote several times to Clark trying to bully him into consenting to their treatment plan.Finally, in a letter dated December 1, 2018, Clark was told that his consent was not necessary. Dr. "Can't say due to pub ban (the hospital doesn't want you to know)" stated:

"Max's healthcare team has concluded that he possesses sufficient maturity and intelligence to be capable to consenting to his own medical care, notwithstanding the fact that he is only 14 years old."

Clark contacted the legal team at the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms (JCCF) and also retained respected lawyer Herb Dunton as his legal counsel.

JCCF lawyer Jay Cameron sent a letter to BC "Publication Ban" Hospital demanding that they “cease and desist progression towards the Treatment…”Cameron goes on to state:

"As you may or may not be aware, Maxine has a history of mental illness, which has been exacerbated by her parents’ divorce and subsequent exposure to transgender ideology at the age of 13 years.Recent peer-reviewed research indicates that gender dysphoria is an observable ‘social contagion’, especially amongst teenage girls, and that girls ages between 12 – 14 are particularly vulnerable."

The term ‘social contagion’ refers to social trends that amplify through social media and hyped publicity.Because of social contagion, the number of pre-teens and ‘tweens’ now complaining of gender dysphoria has grown so rapidly that a new form of “Gender Dysphoria” called “Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria” is being recognized.

Lawyer Dunton immediately sought an injunction through the family court. On Jan. 14, 2019 the court upheld the father’s parental rights, and issued an injunction prohibiting doctors at BC Children’s Hospital from starting the testosterone treatment/experiment.An extension of that order was granted Jan. 28, 2019.

Clark needs to retain and make available to the court several experts.These experts will expose the harmful and experimental nature of what has been and is still transpiring. These experts cost money. Retainers cost $3,500 to $5,000 in addition to the retainers there is expenses, travel, and other costs that must be paid.

This is a crucial case involving the right of any parent to protect their child, and the opportunity to expose the abuse and harm associated with the SOGI agenda.

Lawyer Herb Dunton has now petitioned the BC Supreme Court to issue injunctions prohibiting school counselors, psychologists, doctors, and others from engaging in medical and/or psychological events that “affirm” Max(ine)’s delusion or engage in the controversial and experimental practices associated with “affirmation therapy”.

Sex activist lesbian lawyer "Publication Ban" has inserted herself into the case and is trying to manipulate the system. The father has not consented to her representation of his child and has issued a “cease and desist” notice. A complaint is being made to the Law Society of BC.

The next court date is February 19, 2019 in Vancouver. Court documents and updates will be available on the Culture Guard website. We need to raise these funds quickly! Legal expenses are not cheap, and we cannot afford to allow precedents to be set that will undermine the rights of parents to protect their children.

Thank you for your willingness to help!

If you prefer to write a cheque please make it out to Culture Guard, and in the subject line or by note reference “Maxine”, all funds will be directed to the legal fund for this specific case.Address for mailing donation is:

Suite 201 – 22314 Fraser Highway, Langley, BC, Canada V3A 8M6

UPDATE Coming soon! The matter was heard in BC Supreme Court on February 19 & 20. The judge has reserved his decision. As the case closed late on Wednesday, the sex activist lesbian lawyer threatened the court by suggesting the child could engage in the "testosterone treatment" pending his decision. The judge was not amused, the lawyer for the hospital assured the court that they would not facilitate any treatment until his decision came down. More to come!


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  • Don't stop fighting. You are in the right.

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Feb 22

2 Days of Court, 12 lawyers! Big Battle for TRUTH and a father's right to protect his daughter!

Update posted by Kari Simpson at 04:38 am

UPDATE Coming soon! The matter was heard in BC Supreme Court on February 19 & 20. The judge has reserved his decision. As the case closed late on Wednesday, the sex activist lesbian lawyer threatened the court by suggesting the child could engage in the "testosterone treatment" pending his decision.

See update

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  • Don't stop fighting. You are in the right.

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  • This is horrible. My son is now facing a similar situation in Edmonton, Alberta. I will try to get in contact with you tomorrow regarding this matter. I hope you will be able to help, as he has contacted a lawyer who apparently does not have any knowledge regarding such issues. Maybe you can steer us in a better direction.

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