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Dear Readers,

As a mother, I post to you my plea to take heart and help me save former U.S. Army soldier Sgt. Tyler James Webster. Tyler needs your financial support in order to retain private practice criminal defense attorney Brockton Hunter of Minnesota for his defense toward a new trial and/or pay his now public defense attorney Larry Brock to convert back to private practice.

Tyler has been charged with 2nd degree murder but as a returning military man his Iowa public defense attorney did NOT make a case about 'combat PTSD' even though attorney Mike Adams, the Chief of Iowa Defense Department had all materials available to him according to now 16 year criminal defense attorney Brockton Hunter, MN, with Brockton's commitment to assist for FREE! Attorney Hunter is a former Army Ranger Scout that knows all about 'combat' PTSD.

Adams never read Hunter's book chapters given to him for free nor made even one call to attorney Hunter's office for free consultation as to how to build a successful 'combat PTSD' defense. Help former Army Sgt. Tyler Webster afford to retain private practice attorney Hunter or attorney Brock.

Recent statistics show we are losing our U.S. veterans to mass incarceration or suicide at an alarming rate. Many of our soldiers are returning home from overseas 'theatre deployments' experiencing 'combat PTSD' lacking the ability to cope with their experiences from war scenarios and successfully matriculate themselves back into civilian society. Attorney Brockton Hunter in MN, former Army Ranger Scout states, "The number of U.S. soldiers en masse suffering from 'combat PTSD' symptoms are becoming victims of the criminal justice system is a tsunami that is not going to go away all by itself. There needs to be set up a formalized, comprehensive step-down deprogramming for our U.S. troops."

I have learned that upon incarceration, these military men and women are tossed out like yesterdays garbage, stripped of their veterans benefits and they and their families become nonpersons. There is no mental health treatment in prison for veterans and they become ostracized and ridiculed.

Our U.S. military is working very hard to pay particular attention to its military personnel who are on active duty (still serving our country) as well as those who have been discharged, returning to their home communities but are 'falling through the cracks', and have become nothing more than another statistic caught up within the 'criminal justice system' due to 'combat PTSD' symptoms.

When our U.S. troops suffering from 'combat PTSD' come back to their family and communities and attempt to matriculate back into civilian society there are problems not necessarily obvious to the trooper or family at first. Sometimes it takes months before the 'combat PTSD' gets triggered.

According to Attorney Hunter's book Effective 'combat PTSD' Defense, 'combat PTSD' begins during basic training. I, former Sgt. Tyler Webster's mother have several chapters of Hunter's book concerning effective 'combat PTSD' defense. This criminal defense attorney works mostly with our U.S. veterans and knows first-hand how our troops are trained in order to give them their most best effective opportunity to stay alive on 'theatre deployments' but to date there is no real formalized comprehensive step-down deprogramming for our returning troops in order to mitigate: Threat KILL!, Threat KILL!, Threat KILL! is what our brave troops have been highly trained and are skilled at in order to save their own lives and the lives of other troops in their area.

Our well trained and highly skilled troops that come home from 'theatre deployments' have ingrained in them what is called 'mind muscle memory auto-pilot' to KILL THE THREAT.

Details of my son's situation are below:

Tyler is a former Army active duty converted into reserve duty of two 'theatre deployments' to the middle-East. He served in the 728th MP BN on both deployments. On his second tour his unit's mission was to work successfully with the Afghan police units to help bring stability to the region. His units mission was accomplished with all of the Army troops under his command coming home safe. March 2012 my son came home to his wife, two daughters, me and our community.

Saturday August 25th 2012 at approximately 7:30PM my son, Sgt. Webster was an Army Reservist shot and killed his friend Buddy Lee Frisbie that was in the process of raping Buddy's latest girlfriend Shelby Hall.

Prior to this disastrous evening Tyler and I were working in our organic veggie garden together. We decided to take a break and talked about the 'old times' as mother and son and me having been through college etc. At one point my son looked me square in the eye and told me he was in the process of using his GI bill to take college courses at Indian Hills Community College in the 'renewable energy resources' industry. Tyler stated to me he wanted to, "make a positive difference in other people's lives."

Tyler's first class was to start Monday August 27th.He never made it to class.

Buddy Lee Frisbie was a multi-time felon from teenage years up to his 30's who, upon being released was always, somehow, in possession of guns or knives. Buddy spent most of his life from teenage years into his 30's in and out of jail and prison.

At times, when Tyler was in town, upon Buddy's releases my son was nearby to welcome him home similar to these two boys/men being siblings. One day, as Tyler and I were working in our organic veggie garden Buddy called Tyler and asked if it would be ok if he came over. Tyler asked me and I rolled my eyes and sighed, ok. While Buddy was on the way over I asked Tyler, "Why do you hang out with Buddy"? My son's reply was, "Buddy's life had been hard. I feel sorry for him." He told me that Buddy's family had treated him poorly and this recent prison incarceration have been very cruel. There was a point in time Buddy's stepfather asked Tyler to connect with Buddy to be a positive influence in his life. My son took this to heart and made many attempts to help Buddy get his life together. Unfortunately, Buddy's time in prison corrupted his mind and made him a danger to those around him.

Over the Summer of 2012 when Tyler and Buddy reconnected they talked about the similarities and differences between prison and military mentality. Buddy made it clear to Tyler he was NEVER going back to prison. In fact, if ANYONE ever tried to have him arrested he would get his hands on a gun and shoot them. Buddy did not care if it was a judge, law enforcement, his stepfather or another they would be dead.

The afternoon of August 25th, 2012 Tyler, Buddy and his current girlfriend Shelby were having some beers in a small camper trailer on a property south of Fairfield. Buddy had told my son earlier that afternoon that it was his intention to rape Shelby and asked Tyler to help him because 'if they both did her together, they could get her to do anything they wanted'. As Buddy was in the process of demanding oral sex from Shelby with his jeans unzipped she stated, "No, I don't want to do that." Buddy grabbed her right arm and yanked it up behind her back continuing to demand her to perform oral sex on him. She called out, "OUCH! That hurts!" Buddy yanked her arm up higher behind her back and demanded again. This action made my son sick to his stomach. Tyler thought Shelby's shoulder ball was going to break out of its socket. He left the camper and got into his pickup truck and tried to go home to his wife and children. His thought was, "I can't let this go down like this." When Buddy was forcing my son to witness this act of cruelty first-hand, Tyler's mind, already under an immense amount of stress from "combat PTSD' snapped. My son vaguely remembers pulling his pistol out of its holder, walking back to the camper, opened the door and shot Buddy in the face twice. The threat was over. This was fast and fatal.

Tyler's mind had been reeling at light speed. Where was the missing pistol Buddy had borrowed from a family friend member days before? Where was the shotgun that was on the backseat of Shelby's car? Was it still there? Buddy had told Tyler he had had a terrible argument with his stepfather that afternoon and was yelled out of the house and the door slammed in his face. Buddy was humilated in front of his new girlfriend. There was no thing premeditated about this shooting incident, this was a direct threat, kill or be killed, my son, Shelby, his wife and daughters or others in our community were ALL at risk if Tyler had not taken action to stop this sick predator that had zero empathy or feelings toward an others emotions or pain.

April 2013 Tyler's trial was a mess. There was a biased juror that knew the deceased family for almost two decades that did not reveal her relationship during voir dire. Voir dire (jury selection questions from prosecution and defense and juror replies) WAS NOT requested to be recorded by the judge, a BIG no, no. And many other incongruities happened all during trial.

So, here we are today. Former Army Sgt. Tyler James Webster charged with 2nd degree murder scheduled for prison for 50 years needs your help in order to have the finances to retain private practice attorney Brockton Hunter or his current attorney Larry Brock to convert from public defense back to his private practice statis to help Tyler get a new and fair trial. My son deserves another chance to explain his truth as far too much witness testimony was suppressed by the initial judge.

My son was a law abiding, legally permitted gun carrier. He asserted his 2nd Amendment right under our country's Constitution to protect himself, his family or another from harm and Iowa Code Section 704.1 Use of Lethal Force to protect himself his family and the young woman from this sick predator Buddy Lee Frisbie.

Your kind donation will help Tyler raise the funds needed to retain attorney(s) Hunter and or Brock. Your willingness to pass onto others you personally know this crowd funding web site of my son's information is greatly appreciated.

It is time for there to be truth within justice in the state of Iowa.

Warm regards to you all,

Sally Webster

loving Mother of

Tyler James Webster


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