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April Rose Escaros, known to everyone for her advocacies, is currently confined at St. Lukes Medical Center – Global City, Taguig. We ask everyone who knows her, those from work, school, NGO Partners, for your prayers. Sharing below what has happened these past few weeks:

On June 29, April started to experience severe stomach ache due to her acid reflux and the pain lasted for a week. On July 6, she was able to undergo an online consultation with her company’s doctor. Based on the doctor’s impression, April was initially diagnosed with Acute Gastritis and was prescribed to take anti-acid medication and Buscopan. Though after 2 days of taking the prescribed medication, April’s stomach pain still did not subside. She experienced difficulty when trying to sleep because of the pain and would vomit most of the time due to her acid reflux. April has been working nightshift. On July 9, after logging out from work at 7:00AM, the pain became too unbearable to the point that she cried really hard. She rested for a while then suddenly experienced 2 seizures which lasted for at least 10seconds each. I was fortunate enough to be with her and called for help from our barangay to take us to the nearest hospital. After her seizures, April lost consciousness until we arrived in the hospital. When we arrived in the hospital, she had gained consciousness but experienced seizures again for around 10 seconds then lost consciousness. After almost 2 hours in the hospital, April woke up. She had no memory of what had happened to her. The doctor advised us to see a neurologist and for April to undergo a CT Scan to really check the reason behind the seizures and the condition of her brain.

The next day, we went to De La Salle University Medical Center. She was able to take an Ultrasound, CT Scan, and X-ray. Gallstones were seen during her ultrasound and was diagnosed with Urinary Track Infection (UTI). She was prescribed medication for her acid and antibiotics for her UTI. She was discharged on July 11. With her medication, April was eventually able to recover. Though she still had no memory whatsoever of what happened the past days as she was unconscious most of the time. From July 11 to 18, April was feeling better. She was well taken care of by her mom and younger sister.

On July 19, she started to feel stomach pain once again and vomited due to her acid reflux. The next day, July 20, she started to feel numbness on her left shoulder and body pain on her left leg. I gave her a massage to help ease the numbness. At that time she was still able to walk and climb the stairs. But suddenly started to experience severe stomach pain when she urinated most of the time. Because of this, she was unable to sleep properly.

On July 21, she could no longer move her left hand. She felt a tingling sensation but could not move it no matter how she tried. Her left leg started to feel numb and she could no longer stand properly. We needed to take her to the hospital. We tried to call each hospital near our area but all hospitals could no longer admit patients due to its full capacity because of COVID. So we went back once again to St. Lukes Medical Center – Global City, Taguig. She went through another CT Scan. It was found that there was a blood clot in her brain. She was diagnosed with a stroke. The doctor advised that she be admitted to the ICU as soon as possible and take an MRI. We inquired on how much the total cost would be for her to undergo all those – it was an estimate of P110,000. Since we could not afford it, we opted to go home and search for other hospitals where April can be admitted to the ICU. We tried calling hospitals in other areas – Cavite, Laguna, Manila, Quezon City, Lucena, and Batangas. However, all hospitals have declared full capacity due to COVID.

On July 23, April could no longer move her entire body. Her eyes were open but could only look at the right side. So we tried again to call hospitals if we could already admit her in the ICU but we received the same response. Our last resort was to go back to St. Lukes. At St. Lukes ER, she was immediately assisted and checked. Based on the initial assessment of the neurologist, April was already in critical condition as she was also having difficulty in breathing. She was intubated to save her body from further deteriorating. She was able to undergo an MRI. With the results of the MRI, it was confirmed that did have a stroke, and both the left and right side of April’s brain has been severely affected. The doctors have done all they can in treating April’s condition. They are still conducting further tests to understand the cause of her stroke. They have been giving her medication to avoid further damage.

As of today, July 25, she is still unconscious and unresponsive. Doctors mentioned that there no longer is measurable brain activity in any region of April’s brain. Her breathing is also solely reliant on the ventilator. We, April’s family and I, are asking for your prayers and we are also seeking any financial assistance to help cover for the hospital’s expenses. We are placing our hope and full trust in the hands of the Lord. Thank you, everyone.

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  • This is so difficult situation that her brain activity is not measurable now. April has awesome talents that we HoH in Asia need her. I am praying miracle for her.

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  • Donated on Jul 26, 2020
  • This is so difficult situation that her brain activity is not measurable now. April has awesome talents that we HoH in Asia need her. I am praying miracle for her.

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