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Update posted by Nancy Gillingwater On Dec 10, 2018

I am sorry I have not been on here, I have been dealing with trying to stay warm and to survive this nightmare we call life. Applied for Lheap.The wait now.

I also have been in so much pain, I can't stand it, my teeth are cracked and broken due to past severe abuse by my ex, and have had the worst tooth ache known to man....with no funds to get any orajel or ibuprofen , we are barely making it.

I would be so grateful for shares on my campaign/small donations so I can get the things I need.

We have not had any decorations or a tree in years, as we lost everything due to bb at our last apartment we were at for four years,last year we were in a tent, this year, we are in a dilapidated trailer, grateful to have shelter,but needs much much work and materials to fix and do skirting, which we have none of.

Thank you for all who are reading my campaign.


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Update posted by Nancy Gillingwater On Oct 26, 2018

We are going through so much these last few months, to much to list. We would appreciate some prayers and good vibes sent our way.

We applied for Lheap and a discount on lights, but we all know the process is long about 6 weeks just to find out if you are approved.But very grateful there is a program like it, to help those of us who can't afford those high fuel prices living off a fixed income.

If anyone can help, we would be EXTREMLY grateful for your help, even if it's just a $1.00 everything adds up.

Thank you for reading and sharing.

I am myself suffering from depression at it's highest form, from all the stress on a daily basis.I would love some prayers.Thank you!


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Update posted by Nancy Gillingwater On Sep 27, 2018

I am not sure what to even update about any longer, as nothing has really changed.

I have been trying for months to get the funds and or materials to fix our dilapidated trailer.Called agency after agency to be told , either they don't have funds to help, or that they don't help with this type of situation.

I am so grateful for those who have helped and said a prayer for us.

We managed to get a few pieces of plywood to do a few areas, but we need more wood /plastic/hay to put around the trailer to keep us warm.

We could use an electrician as only a couple sockets are now working, this is better than our tent, but still just as hard at times.

Last week when it was 37 degrees our teeth were chattering, but we made it through.....phew

I was up all last night sick ,and in the BR .

Some days the fight is a tough one to keep at and to move forward with.

I am strong and I am a warrior so they say, but my body is tired and my mind is over whelmed.

Okay enough of my rant ;-) I am trying and praying that something happens soon, as we all know that winter is fast approaching, and winters in Maine, are harsh to say the least.

Thank you for reading and considering.

Have a great day all !!


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Update posted by Nancy Gillingwater On Sep 16, 2018

We now have a dilapidated trailer given to us by sister in law, she was going to get rid of it, but gave to us, it is in such bad shape, weatherization won't even help us. we need plywood and materials bad before winter hits here in down east Maine.Thank you for reading. Nancy

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Update posted by Nancy Gillingwater On Aug 31, 2018

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Update posted by Nancy Gillingwater On Aug 30, 2018

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Update posted by Nancy Gillingwater On Aug 12, 2018

I am sorry I have not been on to update much, but really ,not much has changed .

I am charging my camera as to put up some pictures of this trailer,It is old so may take an hour or two, so that you can see just how bad our situation really is.

I lost a very close friend three days ago and it has been so hard for me to get past and move forward, she ( Candace ) was like a sister to me. ;-(

I also have been very saddened by no shares or responses, except the one angel who helped a few weeks ago.Bless her heart , we are very grateful to her for her help.

I will be back with some pictures in a bit.

Thank you for reading or following my campaign.


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Update posted by Nancy Gillingwater On Aug 02, 2018

Morning GGF~I am sorry for not updating sooner...due to.....

I received a text from my son Dale on my gov cell,can't afford a regular phone, telling me that their Dad had a bout of Seizures that the Hospital could Not control.

They said it was not looking good for him... ;-( hearing this from my son, makes my heart so sad.

I have not been with their Dad in 25 years, but he is the father of 3 of my 4 children,he is a good person, we just could not live together, we had different views on how to raise our kids and such....and we were young and he liked to party and, I not so much...we were young in his defense.

I care more than one would think about an ex, but in all honesty, he is a Great Dad and I only wish the best for him.

My son Dale Jr. was so heart broken telling me, how sad it made him to see his Dad in this condition....that just breaks my heart.

They have already watched me be sick for years, and almost lost me in 2005

I wish I could help them, but I went to get my car inspected, and was turned away, due to my car needing rockapanels need to be welded and a few other things such as need a new battery, and new tires...ugh

I am about 8-9 hours from them.

We are also still raising funds to fix our trailer, pictures to come by tomorrow.

I wish for everyone reading to please please say a prayer for my family and help if you can...if you can't help, can you please share.

Thank you!


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Update posted by Nancy Gillingwater On Jul 19, 2018

Good Morning GGF ~My Family has been through one loss after another for the last 2 years.I just found out my Mom may have Colon Cancer this morning. ;-( I just don't know how I will get through this, if her biopsy is positive. Not much has changed here except stress and illness ;-( I am feeling completely broken at this point and feel so alone and empty inside. Please keep our family in your prayers Thank you!


This is My Mom on left and my uncle Paul and aunt Deanna who passed back to back in last two years ;-(

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Update posted by Nancy Gillingwater On Jul 06, 2018

Hello Everyone ~ I hope everyone had a great 4th ;-) We sat home due to no transportation until we can get the car registered and inspected.

Not much has changed for us, we still need materials to fix our trailer ,before winter, my Mom is sick with possible Cancer ?

Waiting until she goes back to the doctors to know more.

Praying she does not, as she is my only parent left ;-( I lost my Dad at the age of 46 , when I was just 19 and it was and still is hard to process.

Although, I was raised in the states care at Chase Home for Children and Exeter group Home, Dover girls Home, & many Foster Homes,ect.

I still Love my Mom, we just have had a rough go of it, after I was sent away, due to not having a safe or home ~due to many living there with us, who I will just say, were not of good intentions towards myself....I have always held this turmoil I can't completely let go of?? Not sure why years later?

So it is hard to have support, when you really don't have many who care or will help....or don't themselves have it to help.

I have two sons who have birthdays this month , the 29th & the 17th Jake & Brandon.Mine just went by in may 3rd and only my Mom sent me a card and a few things.....& No one called me that day...I will admit, that hurt a lot.

I have been battling depression this last month, as I am in so much pain so often.

I can't remember the last time, I woke up with little or No pain.

I am trying my best to stay positive and keep moving forward, I would love a bit of help and someone to tell me~ everything will be okay?

Thanks for listening to me vent....Nancy

Have a Wonderful Day & Always tell your loved ones ,how much they mean to may not get tomorrow.

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Thank you so much for helping my family, it is very much Appreciated. Hugs Nancy

Nancy Gillingwater

Posted On Jun 27, 2018



Backed with $25.00 On Jun 25, 2018

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