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Imagine that with only USD 10.00 you could launch a bold, passionate way of cultural sharing halfway across the world:

the #SaffaFestBigFiveSenses tour of Taiwan!

What is SaffaFest?

"Saffa" = South African person living abroad.
"Fest" = Festival.

A festival where cultures come to share!

Why do we do it?

We believe in sharing the riches of our culture with the rest of the world.

We believe in action, that today is the best day to make something great happen!

We believe in being bold and forging new, unconventional paths.

Sounds interesting… what’s the story here?

Two ordinary "Saffas" have an extraordinary dream: To share our enchanting culture with the whole of Taiwan through highly memorable, interactive South African-themed events.

Individuals? But isn’t this a job for the Cultural Bureaus?

Yes, but we don’t mind that the SaffaFest vision was given to us.
We hope that others who believe in daring to be different will feel the same way that we do and say: “Wow, that’s bold…. but I like it!”

What exactly is this Big Five Senses project?

From September 2018 to December 2019, we will hold five interactive, engaging SaffaFest events across five major cities of Taiwan. Known collectively as the SaffaFest Big Five Senses, each event will focus on one of the five senses separately. The sixth event, in September 2020, will feature all the five senses together in one venue, as well as South African artists performing LIVE in Taiwan, at an event that will boast the richness of our culture in all its facets!

Who benefits from this?

Imagine you are a South African expat in Taiwan - Where else could you invite your friends if you wanted them to interact with the culture you love and miss?

Imagine you are a Taiwanese person or expat from another country - You would need to get on an airplane in order to experience first-hand the South African activities that SaffaFest offers.

Imagine you are a South African artist -How easily could you perform Live on stage in the heart of Asia to a country that is hospitable, intriguing and endearing?

Is this ONE Crowd Funding campaign?

Yes, but it’s a long campaign, broken up into SIX stages. Each stage requires its own funding to build up a budget to cover the CORE event costs of each Big Five Senses event, including the March 2020 SaffaFest Extravaganza event.

Stage 1 of the Big Five Senses: “TASTE South Africa”
was held in Songshan Cultural Creative Park, Taipei City, on 15-16 September 2018 and focused on South African foods, drinks, Wine Route, Beer garden and taste-sensory activities!
This is the Facebook event link: SaffaFest TASTE South Africa 味覺南非
Here is the photo album:

Stage 2: “TOUCH South Africa”
was held on 01-02 December 2018 in Kaohsiung City and the focus was on touch-sensory games like Rugby and Cricket, Jukskei and Casting sport, DIY Crafts, Gumboot workshops and demos, Face Painting and other touch-sensory activities.
This is the Facebook event link:

Stage 3: “SMELL South Africa”
was held on 23-24 March 2019 in Tainan City and welcomed visitors from all nationalities to... heaven - the great outdoors, friends, and the wonderful aromas of outdoor Camping, South African Potjie, DIY Braai (bbq) , and Round-the-campfire activities 🏕🍻🍲 Venue: Hu Tou Pei Scenic Area, Tainan City.
This is the Facebook event link:

Stage 4: “HEAR South Africa”
was held on 28 September 2019 in Changhua City and the focus was on Southern African Sounds, LIP SYNC battles, Djembe drumming circles, DIY Craft plus Vuvuzelas, Kids Safari Story Time, Gumboot dancing, Beer Garden with big screen rugby games and other sound-sensory activities to give visitors a deeper understanding of South Africa.
This is the Facebook event link:

Stage 5: “SEE South Africa”
will be held on 21 March 2020 in Hsinchu County and will focus on Southern African sights and visual attractions, African Films and kids Drive-in, Potjiekos Contest 2.0, Djembe drumming circles, Southern African DJ and dance, Face Painting contest, Safari activities, and other sight-sensory activities.

Take a short detour and LIKE our Facebook page to receive updates on this project and all the future events.

So, what will the money from this Crowd Funding campaign actually be used for?

We are looking for funding for the Core Event costs.
These are the base costs that are required to set up the event so that the first person may walk through that gate at the start of the event.
Thus far, we, as individuals, have paid these costs from our own (post-tax) pockets... for each event so far.

Here is a breakdown of what we will use the funding for in the event:


A two-day event includes one day of setup as well as one day of striking down. This means a Venue fee of four days (43% of Core event costs).


The artwork and design of marketing and media material, plus distribution prior to the event (13% of Core event costs).


Everything you see at an event that holds the physical fabric together and creates the ambience (20% of Core event costs).


Those amazing people who do all the manual labour before, during and after the. Even Volunteer helpers require at the very least: a T-shirt, meal, beverages, insurance, and transportation.Our Crew works like demons, they deserve to be rewarded (16% of Core Event costs).


Even the act of raising money has associated costs. But the crowdfunding platform is amazing and we are happy to pay them 8% for our cause to be hosted on their platform.

If I donate, is there anything in it for me?

Absolutely…you will feel a priceless, beaming pride as you plant your seed of support in the garden of humanity knowing that it will come back to you, since we are all connected after all.

Plus, there are some REWARDS to thank you for making this dream possible!

I’d like to be involved, what can I do?

Firstly…. thank you very much, we could not do this without you! Then, have a look at the donation options and see which one suits you.

Two can’t achieve this lofty goal, but together… a thousand can!
We are appealing to you, the new generation of global citizens to stand together with us and financially build the much needed event budget for this ambitious project, spanning across six events in less than two years.

Just a donation of USD 15.00 from you would help us launch a whole new, fresh way of cultural sharing halfway across the world.

If you also believe in “having insane courage to do great things”, then we invite you to actively show your support to help us make this worthwhile dream possible.

Join us in the #SaffaFestBigFiveSensesTour and together let's share our heritage and amazing culture!

Two can't but together a thousand can

If you would like to become involved and become the recognized sponsor of sending South African musicians over to Taiwan to perform LIVE, then please contact us at:

---- ---------- ---------------- -------------------- ------------------------

How popular has SaffaFest been before The Big Five Senses Tour?

1.) The inaugural SaffaFest of March 2017 had 800 attendees and the Live Music concert headlining talented South African artist, Bok van Blerk, blew everyone away.

2.) At the September 2017 Mini SaffaFest there were 2000+ visitors who enjoyed two full days of interactive cultural activities.

One of our young visitors to Mini SaffaFest Chiayi made this video by himself.

3.) Then the March 2018 SaffaFest had 1500 in attendance, with the LIVE music and SaffaFest WineRoute proving most popular.

Click to check out this awesome video of SaffaFest 2018 in Chiayi City, Taiwan:

Allan Cooke from LIFEINTAIWAN recorded a most hyped day... Not just for South Africans!

And who else was at SaffaFest 2018 in Chiayi City, Taiwan?

ANDY LEVE from HOT 91.9FM was here in Taiwan with us to make #Saffafest2018 as awesome as she is!

Help us keep SaffaFest Great!


We will proudly display your name on our SaffaFest WALL OF THANKS!

1 Backers

First reward PLUS..... email you an exclusive campaign thank you card. Please ensure that your email address in correct.

1 Backers

First and second reward PLUS.... - After the event we will email you a Digital postcard-sized collage made up of photos from the events. This can be printed out and kept as a standalone card or you could even make-your-own fridge magnet. Please ensure that your email address in correct.

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First, second and third reward PLUS..... - Prior to the event, you will receive an invitation to our LIVE video of the event. This will be exclusive to our Crowdfunding campaign supporters. Try and connect with us to appear on our LIVE video. – Please ensure that your email address is correct.

0 Backers

First, second, third and fourth reward PLUS.... - After the event you will receive by email a downloadable highlights video of the SaffaFest Big Five events with your name in the credits! Please ensure that your email address is correct.

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Fundraising Team

  • Mary Joyce Mullan Christie
  • Chief dreamer cook and bottle washer
  • Chiayi City, TW

Showcasing South Africa in hospitable Taiwan

Showcasing South Africa in hospitable Taiwan

  • Elene Van Sandwyk
  • SaffaFest Brand Marketing
  • Taipei, TW


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  • Duane and Mary - you guys are AWESOME! Thank you for making us feel proudly South African!


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8 donors
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  • Donated on Aug 10, 2018
  • Duane and Mary - you guys are AWESOME! Thank you for making us feel proudly South African!

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