Safety of Indigenous Women

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Right to life: suicide, abuse, diseases
Right to health: sexually transmitted diseases
Right to territory: safety and practice of traditional culture
Right to nonviolence: sexual abuse and domestic/invasors violence
To eradicate drugs and alcohol: cause of depression and death


We will gather and train women village leaders to be the guardians of knowledge and practice, promoting dialogue to bring clarity and understanding to the problems faced in conversation circles with the community, creating creative alternatives for diverse needs and practicing direct communication with their community. The multipliers will be always in contact with our support group that seeks to develop solutions / actions for the various needs that may arise.


A project led by indigenous women for indigenous women, under the direction of Eliana Karajá. With over 90% of the indigenous team, we have a comprehensive understanding of the indigenous reality in Brazil. Our team has professionals in the fields of nursing, social worker, biologist, physical education, biochemist, psychologist, gynecologist and administration. We also have the support of a great non-indigenous media team that works with indigenous people, a photographer, two filmmakers, and a press office.

Eliana Karajá has always been involved in projects with her people, the Karajás, beginning to help her people cope with rape and suicide problems. Since 2009, she has expanded her work to include other ethnicities and work / collaborate with NGOs. In 2010, she assumed representation of Indigenous Peoples in the CAMS (Social Movements Commission), was re-elected for three consecutive terms and is in the process of completing her term. final term. She has been ASIVA's coordinator since its inception, district indigenous health advisor and municipal health advisor. Member of the AIDS NGO Forum in the state of Goiás, counselour of CONAMI (National Council of Indigenous Women) and counselor of the UN project in Brazil, Voice of Indigenous Women.

Lara Jacoski accompanies Eliana Karajá in this endeavor as production coordinator of this project and helping her to keep practising her project, making the crowdfunding and sharing about her work. For the last 3 years, Lara has been working primarily with projects focused on indigenous themes, coordinating and producing projects as a whole, and making documentary films with hers and Patrick Belem's independent production company Bem-te-vi Produções. For the past 10 years she has worked with social causes especially in Latin America and Asia, building bridges between minorities and society as a whole.


We will held this event 18th to 20th November 2019 at Fontoura Village, in the border of the Tocantins and Mato Grosso states, where there is high numbers of suicide and rape.

100 women are invited, from many Kanela, Karajá, Baré and Xucuru-Kariri villages at the area, for a 3 days gathering in order to talk, strengthen and train women leaders in their villages on the proposed themes of support and prevention.

Each village needs to have a group of women who can guide their community and youth on issues that came with non-indigenous people through our contact. We will train and inform these women to be support agents in their villages.


In addition to providing ample space for participants to come up with their own topics / discussion topics, in our 9 years of fieldwork, we have compiled ample material on topics that we will use to facilitate group work. We have a handout with the themes delivered with a scholarship for each participant. The following themes will be tackled trough workshops and activities:
Mental health
Women's Health
Sexually transmitted diseases
Natural gynecology and medicinal plants
Breast and Uterus Cancer Prevention
Viral hepatitis in indigenous peoples
Sexual health
Tuberculosis in indigenous peoplesBreastfeeding against child malnutrition
Diabetes in the indigenous peoples
Harm reduction alcohol / drugs
Treating Depression


We will maintain close communication with each village that participated in the event in order to continue to provide support, guidance, collect and analyse data, as well as deepening our own knowledge of working with different ethnic groups in Brazil. Each village and its experience with this epidemic is unique, as we expand our work, we also expand our ability to respond better and provide effective life-saving solutions.


The resource to unite indigenous women is always costly, especially in relation to the mobility of indigenous people and our staff, then to feed and host all these women, but as accommodation during the meeting each woman will take her net or tent, avoiding this cost.

We will gather a resource of $25,315 to make this happen!

The resource will be divided as it follows (in reais and dollars):

Air travel: R$ 9,500 / 3.000
Locomotion: R$ 7,500 / $1.820
River mobility: R$ 3,300 / $803
Supporting Material: R$ 5,500 / $1340
Promotional Material: R$ 3,500 / $852
Media (1px photo and 2px video):R$ 8,000 / $2000
Press Office: R$ 3,000 / $800
Food: R$ 7,000 / $1700
Accommodation / Pre-event team: R$ 13,000 / $3200
Kitchen staff: R$ 4,000 / $1000
Financial / Tax: R$ 5,588 / $1400
Administrative staff: R$ 8,800 / 2200
Event Tents: R$ 0
Fees: R$ 7,700 / $1900
Rewards: R$ 4,500 / $1100
Village benefit*: R$9.000 / $2200
*A village benefit is a must when once visit an indigenous village, we would like to buy material for a guest house for future visitors.

TOTAL $25,315

We aim to hold at least minimum of 4 annual events like this in areas in danger, but smaller for 40 people, totalling $90k an anual budget and administration for all 4 events.

About the REWARDS:
All rewards are made by Karajá indigenous women.
Will be delivered post-event, until 20/12 will be posted.
* For sponsors, we will contact you to develop specific promotional material for the company / person.

"Being an indigenous woman is every day overcoming the prejudices of indigenous and non-indigenous society, because prejudice is also part of indigenous relatives. Building our space has not been very easy, it is a hard road that we all face, this confrontation in the injured causes that take a long time to heal, so every day is our YES! "

Master Évelin Hekeré, ethnicity Terena (MT)


Project General Coordination_ Eliana Karajá
Production Coordination and Crowdfunding_ Lara Jacoski (Bem-vi-Produções)
Administrative Partnership_ Joana Munduruku

_Arts <3 in sequence
And immense gratitude to all the wonderful designers who gave up their arts to support this project.

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Grateful for the minimum donation, every effort is valid and helps us to make this event! We will email you updates on this project.

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Much gratitude to you who can give a little more than the minimum, we are very grateful! You will receive the update of our movements, as well as receive a playlist of indigenous songs from around the world.

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Eliana Karajá will present 3 women with 3 earrings from her Karajá people, one with feather beads, one with feather and one with golden vines. Limited reward

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Very grateful for your contribution without needing a reward. We will send you the playlist of indigenous songs, make a special mention on Eliana's facebook and put your name as one of the film's contributors.

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We'll present you with a small canoe and a paddle (forearm size), handcrafted made by the Karajá, an artefact who represent their people, with wood from the forest at their village, made especially to you.

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Gratitude for your affection and interest in the culture! We would like to present you with a very special Karajá handicraft, a clay doll with Karajá paintings. A precious object for your altar.

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This donation receives a "SUPPORT" mention at the movie and all media for the 2019 action. Much gratitude for strengthening our work as the official supporter of this project!

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As EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS, you have your logo on social media, film, materials and banner, we will also share with you a press media kit with photos and social media of the project to post on your media too, spreading your support by adding to your soon.

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Gratitude for SPONSORING this event, we have 3 quotas for 3 sponsors who want to have their logo on the main t-shirt, banner, movie and media as the main sponsors for the 2019 event, plus a special media kit made for your company. , with designs to post to your social media, and a cut of institutional video especially for your business. Much gratitude to support this much-needed project today and always!

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Same reward as above, except you will be part of the all-inclusive experience! A sponsor who will accompany us with the experience and we will spend two more days in the village to learn about the tradition and indigenous rituals of the Karajá people, receive gifts and live a special moment, which will be fully photographed and filmed by our team and delivered to you

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