S.M.I.L.E!’s 1st Annual Charity Fundraiser!

Update posted by Kenneth Mann On Feb 05, 2013

Sorry for the major, month-long delay with finally getting this up and together. A huge thank you once again to everyone who donated!


The Winners:

Prize #1 Aria Name Change: crp_dude
Prize #2 14 Day XBL Pass: crp_dude
Prize #3 14 Day XBL Pass: Plomax
Prize #4 Sculpture by Angie Cakes: Imagination
Prize #5 Sculpture by Angie Cakes: Davroth
Prize #6 Commission by BrianBlackberry: Davroth
Prize #7 Halo 4: Phil the Time Wizard


The Charity Raffle:



Toys for Tots Certificate of Donation:

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Update posted by Kenneth Mann On Dec 21, 2012

Fillies and gentlecolts, after a mere 48 hours of active fundraising, we have managed to raise a grand sum of $205.00! We weren't quite able to reach the total goal we wrote down, but looking at the circumstances, we think 2/3rds of the way in only 48 hours is a pretty big success! And just think what we might have been able to accomplish if we had a couple weeks to run this event instead of a few days, or if we had a greater mode of advertising! But in the short time we had, your combined donations were used to buy 39 toys in total for boys and girls along the storm-wrecked Jersey Coast!


(Alternative link: Here)

Receipt 2

Receipt 3

(As the extra observative may notice, the total amount spent on toys across the 3 receipts equals about $201 or so; which would be MORE than the budget allows for, after the 7% in fees is subtracted from the total fundraiser amount. Fawkes decided to throw in a couple extra dollars out of his own pocket to fill in the gap left by that 7%)


The toys have been bundled together and hand delivered to the coordinator of the Little Egg Harbor Toys For Tots program, Ms. Tammy Stefanick, who tomorrow morning will be holding a community outreach event to distribute the toys to familes who need them. As well, as proof of the donation, Ms. Stefanick will be mailing a certificate to us some time after Christmas day as proof of our donation, which will be uploaded to this donation page for all to see. The funds that the fundraiser raised will now be transfered from Paypal into Fawkes' personal savings to replace the money that he spent on the toys. And after that, the great circle of charity will be complete!


As for the charity raffle, it will take place some time after Christmas day but before the new year. We may try to make the actual drawing into a livestream event, for any donors who wish to watch, or at the very least, we'll record and post the drawings as proof of legitimacy. Everyone who donated to the fundraiser will be kept updated as we work everything out: keep your eyes on your emails!


All of you folks who donated here did something simply amazing beyond measure and we can't thank you enough for your generosity. Because of you, $200 worth of brand new toys will be given to boys and girls who might otherwise not have had anything under the tree this Christmas. Thanks to your contributions and participation, you've helped our community to take its first steps towards a bright new future. And with a new year on the horizon, we hope to keep up this trend and make the next year a great one: for ponies, for friendship, and for our community as a whole. Together, lets make this community into everything it has the potential to be.


And with that, we announce the official close to S.M.I.L.E!'s 1st Annual Charity Fundraiser! We hope to see you all at next year's fundraiser event, which we promise, will be doubled (or tripled or quadrupled, as the case may be!) in length, prizes, and fun! Once again, we thank you all from the bottoms of our hearts for your generosity and we hope you all have a happy holiday and a terrific new year!


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Update posted by Kenneth Mann On Dec 19, 2012

We're ecstatic to announce that we've passed the $50 mark and are now only $15 away from reaching the $100 mark! That means the Low Tier of the Charity Raffle is now unlocked! And as promised, Fawkes has gone out to purchase the first batch of new toys! The agreed upon amount was of course $50, but since the fundraiser had already reached $85 by the time Fawkes was hopping in his car, he went ahead and shelled out a little bit more:


(Alternative picture: Here)

21 toys. We haven't even reached the $100 mark yet and we already have TWENTY ONE toys! You might be noticing a little bit of a lopsidedness in the boy-to-girl toy ratio there and its one we certainly intend to fix with the next purchase of toys. Something else you might be noticing is a SEVERE LACK OF PONY TOYS. The Wal-mart that was visited for this batch of toys wasn't all too plentiful in the pony department; but this is something else we'll certainly take care of with the next batch! What better way to help cultivate the next generation of Bronies and Bronitas than with pony toys for Christmas, amirite?


Also as promised, here's the receipt from the night's purchase: Here.


Fillies and gentlecolts, we now have just about 25 hours left until the fundraiser wraps up and we're nearly 1/3 of the way to our total goal. As well, we're only $15 away from unlocking the Mid-Tier raffle prizes and $115 away from unlocking the big prizes: the High-Tier Raffle Prizes. As well, once the fundraiser wraps up, we've decided to commission a little commemorative picture featuring the OCs of all the generous souls who donated to the cause; even the ones who donate only a $1! Every little bit helps. So give as much as you can and share our fundraiser page with as many people as you can!


And lastly, we want to give a MAJOR thank you to our first three donators: Davroth, crp_dude, and BrainedbySaucepans; three absolutely outstanding members of our community, thanks to whose generosity 18 new toys will be going to boys and girls along the demolished Jersey coast. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts, guys~

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