Rural retreat / Farm house tourism

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Palic family moved from the city of Zagreb into the beautiful, rural area of Draganići, Croatia. There, we have made ourselves a small but vibrant farm, with oak lodge and lots of animals (A horse legally named Money Maker but renamed by my wife - Budget Buster, 10 chickens, rooster named Horhe, 5 goats, 2 dogs and 4 cats.

Our property consists of approximately 3 ha of land/forests and meadows.

Draganići is situated almost half way from city of Zagreb - capital of Croatia (intl airport), city of Rijeka (intl sea port) and Adriatic coast, and UNESCO protected national natural park of Plitvice. This is ideal placement for a rural tourism.

Recently, we have purchased a bordering lot with old oak lodge that needs renovation. Our plan is to renovate it and rent it for rural tourism:

We have collected the offers from the local companies specialized in renovation of the old wooden houses and the most viable offer is 33+k EUR.

Because we already invested a lot for expanding the land around the property we lack funds to renovate this house in near future and start renting it into a rural tourism.

We have registered legal person - a farm - "OPG Palić", for four years now, which is eligible to sign business contracts of any kind.

Upon request we can provide:

1. Registration documents of "OPG Palić",

2. Ownership documents of the wooden lodge,

3. Land registry paperwork of the wooden lodge and accompanying land,

4. Renovation offer from the local company,

5. Any other requested document.

What we offer:

1. For smaller donations - our gratitude and discount if you ever decide to visit us and if this project goes through,

2. For larger donations - booked time in the lodge or percentage of revenue (depends on the donation),

3. For large donations - percentage of revenue or partnership.

About us:

Roman Palić - 42, is an telecoms engineer, but made a career in telecoms sales, ex expat, worked and lived around the globe, now managing and building its own telecoms business. You can check his LinkedIn profile.

Martina Palić - 43, nature preservation engineer, also an ex expat, worked, travelled and lived all around Europe and Middle East, passionate about nature preservation and animal welfare, now full time mom and farm keeper.

Brigita Palić - 8, full time pupil, spoiled all of our farm animals, gave them names, each and every one of them. Our princess.

We sincerely hope that this donation request will raise your interest and that you will be able to donate for a good plan.

Sincerely yours,

Palić Family


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Revenue sharing or partnership percentage, whichever is more suitable for the donor.

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No more donations are being accepted at this time. Please contact the campaign owner if you would like to discuss further funding opportunities