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Update posted by Robert Gragg On Jan 19, 2019

Far too often, seniors are forced in their fitness and wellness needs to accept the concept that "something is better than nothing." While it is true the seniors need to move more, the fallacy of the concept is easy to understand. Seniors will utilize a resistance training program and cardio routine based on what they did 30 and 40 years ago. They do the same thing over and over, expecting different results. Their routines plateau fairly quickly and they find themselves stuck, hoping, if they keep at it, their level of strength will eventually improve. At some point, seniors that find themselves stuck in a plateau will try force themselves through by adding too much weight or greater volume to their routine. They end up straining muscles that require much, much longer to recover than when they were younger. They may try a fitness class where they get caught up in the atmosphere and go way beyond their limitations. Once again they may strain muscles because no one was there to supervise their movement and keep them within their limitations. What is worse is that strain could lead to a muscle imbalance, having a negative impact on joint movement and leading to a secondary injury. Because seniors have less body awareness (proprioception), they may have trouble following the instructor's movements, taking a misstep and twisting an ankle. Thinking that the ankle will be fine after icing it, medical attention is not required. After laying off for a while, the participant will tape up of the ankle and go back to the same class. Tightly taping the ankle, restricting movement, can set the stage for tearing cartilage in the knee in the opposite leg.

Another example is a friend, who was training for a triathlon and I happened to notice a muscle imbalance in her right hip while she was running. When I called attention her to it and that I could help correct it, she dismissed my help by saying that it was just tight and she could work through it. Two weeks later, I saw her with a boot on her right foot. I walked up to her and asked her if she broke her second metatarsal. She nodded her head obviously astonished. She asked me how did I know, because she had not told any one at the gym. I told her that the consequences of that muscle imbalance left uncorrected often result in a stress fractures.

I have restructured Recovery Training to focus solely on the needs of seniors and efficient delivery of service to address those needs. I believe seniors deserve more than being put in a crowded room full of other seniors, trying to keep up with an instructor, and to stay within limitations that don't know they have. For over thirty years, I have seen gyms and fitness centers merely give "lip service" to needs of seniors. Please help me change that by considering a demonstration your support by making small donations of $10, 25, or $50 to my campaign. I am not trying to set up one location, but several locations in Memphis and other cities as well. Every little bit helps! For larger donations, I have a business plan for your review. Thank you!

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Update posted by Robert Gragg On Jan 08, 2019

Having an experimental knee surgery, a horrible case of the shingles, cancer, and a dangerous staff infection, I know how difficult recoveries can be when you have to go through them all alone. The best recoveries are those that come about because of the efforts of others and I certainly could not have begun; my latest recovery without the unselfish help of others. The health problems in the last two years, gave me a lot of time to think about my life and review it up to this point. After I lost my business and developed the shingles over 25% of my body, the last thing in my mind was to continue as a personal trainer. I tried to end that chapter in my life, and be a fitness consultant or something else. But, while death was not imminent from the cancers and staph infection, it was close enough to look at my mistakes and how I live my life differently. As I struggled to recover, I realized that I love being a recovery specialist. That is my purpose for getting up in the morning. I, also, realized that I could not rebuild my life's purpose and business without the help of others. I have enlisted the help of the SBA and others to guide my restructuring of Recovery Training and build the fabric of the business based on the efforts of "we". In addition, my goal of becoming a NASM Master Trainer is not based on an ego-driven goal, but gives me the opportunity to collaborate with others to make recovery training and acceptable practice in the rehabilitation process.

Please become part of the "we effortf" by donating or sharing this campaign. Your efforts will be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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Update posted by Robert Gragg On Jan 06, 2019

Recently, I interviewed 40 seniors over 70 years old about falling and implications those falls had on their lives. At the conclusion of the interview, I provided exercises, that they could do at home that would help strengthen their legs. Of course, a part of me always wishes I could have gotten to them sooner and been able to work with them more extensively to reduce the likelihood of them falling.

Once again, I heard about the isolation the fear of falling produces. By the second or third fall, there is a reluctance to socialize with family and friends and getting out of the house only when absolutely necessary. Fear of falling was so greatly manifested in most of them that they were unwilling to work with me or a physical therapist to try to improve leg strength.

The Fear of Falling has been and continues to be an issue that I actively address in my clients and try to raise awareness in the public. Please help me address these issue by contributing to my campaign! Thank you!

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Update posted by Robert Gragg On Dec 28, 2018

Officially, I am listed on GoGetFunding as someone looking for funds for the business purpose of restructuring my company, Recovery Training. That is indeed true, but there are 3 underlying reasons why I am so driven to accomplish that task. First of all, I have been a personal trainer for almost 35 years and working with the continuing rehabilitative needs of primarily seniors for the last 12. I would love to pass on what I have learned to others. Becoming a NASM-Master Trainer and conducting NASM workshops will provide me with that opportunity. Secondly, every day I overlook the grounds of St. Jude Target House, I see very ill children playing and trying to have a normal children. I dream of getting Maggie (my Black Lab therapy dog) back and doing my part in helping those kids forget about their illness at least for a little while. Finally, I want to get Recovery Training (the name of the training I provide) service marked so that I can sell the business to Methodist Healthcare, dedicating it as a memorial to my father, grandfather, and great-grandfather who were all physicians in Memphis.

That is why I can't let it go and keeping trying to keep it alive. My restructuring of Recovery Training after the collapse in 2016, caused by the theft of an equipment deposit, is my attempt to keep my dream alive.

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Bob, I love what you are trying to do for seniors. Thank you! Sylvia

Robert Gragg

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