Recover soon Isabella, we need you❤️🐶

Update posted by Sandy Llaja On May 27, 2018

Dear friends, one friend called by phone. Thank you for concern of us!

We have had a very difficult times. There was a strong tremor that afecten the structure of the room where we lived. We had to spend two nights exposed to cold and humidity (humidity in Lima is close to 90%).

I tried to protect Isabella above all in a cardboard box and blankets. We had to change the room (because the previous one wasn't safe) but having been with wet clothes for a long time first caused bronchitis, which, not being cured, turned into pneumonia.

I was in ER for two days and receive many antibiotics, then I left but I had to go back. Now I am with nebulizations and using an inhaler to can to breathe. I can't wait be good to back work and can pay the medicines Isabella needs from tomorrow and my hospital bill.

My little Isabella had meds just until yesterday. She doesn't find instability in her appetite, there are days that she eats, but there are others that can pass the day without eating, and when that happens I have anguish because she is very thin (only 9kg).

The other big issue is her allergy. All her body has hot red welts, scaly skin and itching a lot. I still haven't had the resources to go to the vet for this. She didn't eat dog food anymore since got sick, just few home food, what is not enough nutrition for any puppy.

Isabella needs test to know if liver has improved. Depends on vet will indicate how treatment continues. I confess that besides being sick I have been ashamed to write for help. But my little warrior needs to

Thank you all your prayers and love.


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Update posted by Sandy Llaja On May 17, 2018

Dear friends, we have been absent for a health issue of mine. Sometimes stress affects the physical state and vice versa. I think that happened to me those last months.

Isabella is with me. Are days of very little work to recover of my hands. Cleaning is hard, even with gloves, and now in winter... well. Time to time🙏🏻

She continues her liver treatment, it’s something that requires weekly medication. So ever week is a challenge. And this week we only have two of the three meds, praying for forces to work and be blessed.🙌🏻

Thank you very much for those people who help and encourage us every day with their messages, good wishes and prayers. We are still on a long road but together again; and as soon as I can, I will resume hard work to get ahead.

Plese, keep with us🙏🏻❤️🐾

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Update posted by Sandy Llaja On May 14, 2018

Dear friends,

It's been a long weekend. Isabella had a medical appointment and her apathy is due to her physical weakness, but the doctor believes she is depressed. Maybe she's sad and misses her previous life because now she spends a lot of time alone. I am so sorry, it’s all my fault💔😔

They say that our 🐶 can feel our emotions, and my baby absorbs tension and stress. Maybe in my intention to provide her with the necessary, let her miss our time together by going to work too much.

The winter is a factor too, if she is alone, she can’t warm herself.💔🐾

The therapy should be for both. She also needs to socialize with other puppies and have fresh air.

She needs my TIME. Will be days I can’t work much, but need two meds that are finished tomorrow. The others I already bought. Please dear friends, if it’s possible to help with.🙏🏻

Meds are doing their job, she is receiving weekly doses of liver protectors. Next test is in two weeks to evaluate the liver’s regeneration. I’ve understood that for her body to heal, she must be happy and I ask you prayers and help.🙏🏻

We are in the way, and I am faithful and hope. Thank you so much for all you write to us, all your prayers and help.

Kisses and hugs ❤️🐾

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Update posted by Sandy Llaja On May 12, 2018

Maybe it’s not receiving the full treatment, or she is missing being play and go for a walk and can’t, or just it’s part of her disease.

I'm so worried and don’t want to leave her alone but there's work to be done out.

Please, all help will be a bless ❤️🐾

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Update posted by Sandy Llaja On May 07, 2018

It’s a feeling of relief to have Isabella at home, she rests and sleeps a lot, quietly. But she still refuses to drink and eat. I have tried many ways to help with appetite, I would like to know why doesn’t eat ?! She is receiving water with a syringe, that is something.


We tried yogurt, baby food, cheese, fruits and so many other things. The only thing she accepts is a bit of vegetables like carrots and green beans and some brown bread. No meats or rice.

I see that she is a little better because she sleeps here, and that helps her body.❤️🐾

I will not work in cleaning tonight because my hands got hurt (even with gloves). That's good because I can rest with Isabella now. I am very grateful to our twitter family for all help and messages of good thoughts, advices and everything! 🙌🏻

Please, Isabella’s liver treatment is a still long way as doctor said and I can see every day specially because she is loosing weight for not to eat 😞. We lack two meds and two suplements.

Thank you so much again dear friends, and please keep praying for us🙏🏻

Sending love from Peru ❤️🐶

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Update posted by Sandy Llaja On May 03, 2018

Although we haven’t yet been able to obtain all the medicines and nutritional supplements, the veterinary time was already unbearable for my Isabella, so today I took my princess and brought her home with me.🙌🏻🐶

She still doesn’t eat and takes very little water (with syringe).

The vet gave the prescription to continue Isabella’s the treatment at home. I have agreed with the vet to finish paying the bills in parts, but the medicines (photos) must be purchased for each week.

Please Twitter family keep praying for a total recovery.

“Hello woff woff friends, I am with mami! At home finally 🙌🏻👏🏻

I am so happy to be here and sleep in my bed together again.

Love is in the air ❤️

I sending furrkisses and furrhugs and mucho love to all you who never forget me and help us.

Loving licks and licks❤️🐶”

Sending love ❤️

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Update posted by Sandy Llaja On Apr 28, 2018

Dear friends,

I have been at the veterinary since Thursday afternoon. They told me to leave because where they are attending Isabella is a place sterilized, had not the courage to leave. My battery died early. A kind assistant has sent to me her computer just for a moment. I just arrived home for a bath and clean blankets for Isabella.

The vet made an act of compassion and with the money I had he had made the procedure (He knows that I will fulfill my duty to pay. I signed a payment commitment and left my ID card with them).

Isabella is very weak and still dizzy. The transfusion itself was not a big risky as a procedure. The vital thing now is the next 48-72 hours. To her body must absorb everything and not reject it.🙏🏻

I stayed near to Isabella because I have nowhere to go. To a empty house, what for? 💔

My biggest concern is about Isabella’s appetite and her weakness. She refuse to eat. It’s frustrating because it seems like she is hungry but when smells the food she just apart the face. I included bought Hills l/d liver care (which is very expensive), but she cant eat yet. I am praying and praying because as we know all dogs MUST to eat well, and if they are sick the nutrition is even more important.

Thank God I already have the E vitamin and give her today a pill. He still needs vitamin K, Zinc supplement and a no-animal protein supplement (because her liver has excess of copper).

I have to re-start working as soon as possible, with gloves or whatever, because my baby is going to need an inter-day injection and medicines and everything for her recovery. I'm not afraid of work or effort, the only thing I want is that she has already started the road to her real recovery.🙏🏻

I am so thankful for all you who has been concern about us. Thank you for always reminding us and specially for all your prayers.🙌🏻

I know the way in long yet... Truly, I am worry and tired, but I know I am not alone, Twitter family is here ❤️

Please, don’t forget us and keep praying for us an and for God guides vet’ hands. 🙏🏻I am going to return to be with my baby. I can’t be all time time with her, but al least near in case something happen and they need me.

Sending lot of love and thanks from Peru ❤️ 🐶

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Update posted by Sandy Llaja On Apr 25, 2018

Dear friends:

Since yesterday I am working hard (have to put globes to return cleaning and washing) to the commitment of payment that I will sign with the Vet for the transfusion and two weeks of inter-day injections; but I still can’t complete the initial payment which is basically to pay for the supplies and meds. Time is enemy now because she is weak and cold because her blood pressure is lowing.😔

The procedure MUST be done today or as long tomorrow morning. My Isabella can’t wait anymore 💔🐶, just missing the initial payment🙌🏻. I will also leave my ID card as a guarantee, because I want to give assurance of my future compliance with everything!

I must to confess that yesterday I almost left the fight, I was so tired, felt frustrated and impotent..., but my little baby’s strength is incredible! And I am sorry to her for be weak sometimes.

I have tried not to listen to some people to whom this situation seems unimportant or not to bad. As my friends Cherie, Laura and David tell me every day: our little ones are not pets, they are family!

Therefore, the acts are worth a thousand words.

Nor will I fall before the pressures or "advice" to give my Isabella in adoption. That will never happen while I am alive!!

Thank you so much to all of you who take your time to read each update of us. Thank you for be for as and please keep praying🙏🏻🐶

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Update posted by Sandy Llaja On Apr 23, 2018

Dear friends, the weekend was a days of waiting. I had to leave Isabella in Vet's hands because my health is affected due to the type of work I have had and the stress.

Finally the results have already come out. Isabella has liver failure with hepatic encephalopathy and a contaminated blood with a several anemia.

In the tets the substance is marked in yellow is: FOSFATA ALCALINA. This substance is in the liver. The normal range is

10.6 to 101 U / L

Isabella has 176 U / L

Which means that her liver is not working and with copper intoxicated.

Isabella has become sick again because her poor nutrition (she has not eaten enough and the necessary nutrients) that has caused Isabella's blood to become contaminated and have severe anemia.


- Unavoidable blood transfusion that must be do no more in two days.


-An injection of liver protector every two

days for two weeks.

After the transfusion can back home and continue there the treatments. She NEEDS start to eat the enough vitamins and minerals which all dog needs and supplements for her anemia. The anemia was basically caused her skin inflammatory and the infection of the sores.

Doctor came home to tell me all that, because I am not healthy now (the hands, fiber, etc) and because he wants and needs to explain exactly to me all the problem.

If all the treatment is fulfilled, the prognosis according to the vet is 80% of probabilities.

In the best case, a treatment with liver protectors every month. But she could have a good life (of course, if she eats).

I have mixed feelings because although it is true that Isabella's health has worsened, this time the treatment is radical to minimize

the damage. It is very likely that she has a liver deficiency for life, but with treatment and nutrition has a lot of hope of having a good quality of life.

So my little Isabella is in a limited situation, but transfusion is the most effective treatment. She had to get worse to be fit for a transfucion. What would "clean" her body.

The doctor is very committed to our case. He has seen me and knows our situation. He will not charge for his work! But he can not assume the cost of transfusion and medications either.

Until the moment of writing this update I still do not know how I will deal with this situation, I only know that there is hope (I had already lost it on Saturday) and I trust, I have faith that God will indicate the way and provide.🙏🏻

I never stop believing in the power of prayer. Now I only ask you to continue praying for us and always keep us in your thoughts as before.

Thank you for being here, we love you very much and we know that we are part of a family.

Sending love from Peru ❤️🐶

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Update posted by Sandy Llaja On Apr 21, 2018

Dear friends,

A few days ago I started with some health problems on my hands and back (due to a lot of effort the type of work I have). Yesterday I got worse and Isabella still didn’t eat, was with vomiting and high fever. I feel guilty for been unable to take her to the vet by myself.😔

Due to the urgency, veterinarian came to pick her up to took her tests, give treatment and have her in observation.

Recently they called me, the results of the tests aren’t yet. But she shows signs of liver poisoning, allergic skin infection (infected sores) and she not overcome malnutrition.

I stop work because I need medical attention for my hands.

I ask you to please pray for us. We don’t have resources for this new fall. It’s a frustrating because I am not being able to do more for her. I must and can endure but she is a helpless baby.💔🐶

Because my hand it’s a bit difficult to write to much but I will trying to continue update you.

Thank you so much for all you do, all the prayers and always be with us.

Good bless us.

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