Recover soon Isabella, we need you❤️🐶

Update posted by Sandy Llaja On Apr 25, 2018

Dear friends:

Since yesterday I am working hard (have to put globes to return cleaning and washing) to the commitment of payment that I will sign with the Vet for the transfusion and two weeks of inter-day injections; but I still can’t complete the initial payment which is basically to pay for the supplies and meds. Time is enemy now because she is weak and cold because her blood pressure is lowing.😔

The procedure MUST be done today or as long tomorrow morning. My Isabella can’t wait anymore 💔🐶, just missing the initial payment🙌🏻. I will also leave my ID card as a guarantee, because I want to give assurance of my future compliance with everything!

I must to confess that yesterday I almost left the fight, I was so tired, felt frustrated and impotent..., but my little baby’s strength is incredible! And I am sorry to her for be weak sometimes.

I have tried not to listen to some people to whom this situation seems unimportant or not to bad. As my friends Cherie, Laura and David tell me every day: our little ones are not pets, they are family!

Therefore, the acts are worth a thousand words.

Nor will I fall before the pressures or "advice" to give my Isabella in adoption. That will never happen while I am alive!!

Thank you so much to all of you who take your time to read each update of us. Thank you for be for as and please keep praying🙏🏻🐶

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Update posted by Sandy Llaja On Apr 23, 2018

Dear friends, the weekend was a days of waiting. I had to leave Isabella in Vet's hands because my health is affected due to the type of work I have had and the stress.

Finally the results have already come out. Isabella has liver failure with hepatic encephalopathy and a contaminated blood with a several anemia.

In the tets the substance is marked in yellow is: FOSFATA ALCALINA. This substance is in the liver. The normal range is

10.6 to 101 U / L

Isabella has 176 U / L

Which means that her liver is not working and with copper intoxicated.

Isabella has become sick again because her poor nutrition (she has not eaten enough and the necessary nutrients) that has caused Isabella's blood to become contaminated and have severe anemia.


- Unavoidable blood transfusion that must be do no more in two days.


-An injection of liver protector every two

days for two weeks.

After the transfusion can back home and continue there the treatments. She NEEDS start to eat the enough vitamins and minerals which all dog needs and supplements for her anemia. The anemia was basically caused her skin inflammatory and the infection of the sores.

Doctor came home to tell me all that, because I am not healthy now (the hands, fiber, etc) and because he wants and needs to explain exactly to me all the problem.

If all the treatment is fulfilled, the prognosis according to the vet is 80% of probabilities.

In the best case, a treatment with liver protectors every month. But she could have a good life (of course, if she eats).

I have mixed feelings because although it is true that Isabella's health has worsened, this time the treatment is radical to minimize

the damage. It is very likely that she has a liver deficiency for life, but with treatment and nutrition has a lot of hope of having a good quality of life.

So my little Isabella is in a limited situation, but transfusion is the most effective treatment. She had to get worse to be fit for a transfucion. What would "clean" her body.

The doctor is very committed to our case. He has seen me and knows our situation. He will not charge for his work! But he can not assume the cost of transfusion and medications either.

Until the moment of writing this update I still do not know how I will deal with this situation, I only know that there is hope (I had already lost it on Saturday) and I trust, I have faith that God will indicate the way and provide.🙏🏻

I never stop believing in the power of prayer. Now I only ask you to continue praying for us and always keep us in your thoughts as before.

Thank you for being here, we love you very much and we know that we are part of a family.

Sending love from Peru ❤️🐶

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Update posted by Sandy Llaja On Apr 21, 2018

Dear friends,

A few days ago I started with some health problems on my hands and back (due to a lot of effort the type of work I have). Yesterday I got worse and Isabella still didn’t eat, was with vomiting and high fever. I feel guilty for been unable to take her to the vet by myself.😔

Due to the urgency, veterinarian came to pick her up to took her tests, give treatment and have her in observation.

Recently they called me, the results of the tests aren’t yet. But she shows signs of liver poisoning, allergic skin infection (infected sores) and she not overcome malnutrition.

I stop work because I need medical attention for my hands.

I ask you to please pray for us. We don’t have resources for this new fall. It’s a frustrating because I am not being able to do more for her. I must and can endure but she is a helpless baby.💔🐶

Because my hand it’s a bit difficult to write to much but I will trying to continue update you.

Thank you so much for all you do, all the prayers and always be with us.

Good bless us.

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Update posted by Sandy Llaja On Apr 20, 2018

Dear friends,

It's to hard to say for me that Isabella has stopped eating again. I am confused... She hasn't accepted anything for more than 24hrs, I'm giving water with the syringe again. Tomorrow we are going to the vet for her blood test, however the vet insists she eats not enough to survive and she should take vitamin supplements because these also serve to whet the appetite.😞💔

I have friends that are helping me to have the supplements, but there are others vitamins that I already find here and I am working to can buy as soon as possible.

I'm ready for pay the test of tomorrow. However, we only had medicines until yesterday, and Isabella has a fever and vomits now, so I think and the doctor told me that is sure she will need medication and treatment. I hope she doesn't has to stay in the vet again... I don't know what happened, maybe it's my fault because my dad is not good and he needed me before yesterday and I had to led her home alone 😞 I didn't have no options and I am so sorry and worry now.

I am not prepare for this. I am just continue to do the best every day here, in work, with dad, but sometimes there things that just happen and we can't understand.

Please, pray so hard for help to her.🙏🏼

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Update posted by Sandy Llaja On Apr 16, 2018

Dear Friends,

It has been five weeks since Isabella fell ill. As you can see this biogram on March 8 was diagnosed with hepatic encephalopathy. The doctor indicated to perform monthly exams to see how she is responding to the medical treatment and the diet.

According to the new results, the doses of medicines could be modified and results can shows if the diet she has (although she eats very little) is helping to detoxify her liver.

Last week we had to do the biogram exam but there was a strong allergy to the skin that is not yet controlled. In addition, the exam must be done by the same veterinarian who knows the story of Isabella and unfortunately we have not yet been able to save the money that is still owed to him for the treatment and medication. As you can understand it is difficult to return to a veterinarian without having even fulfilled what was owed to him and even more to request other exams and medicines (Isabella only has medicines until Tuesday).

I have already started working because it is impossible to live without income. For now I can not do the usual hours or extra hours because it is difficult to leave Isabella alone at home and also go to the hospital to help my dad.

It seems that every week is a new fight Isabella eats little by little every day (even without the nutritional supplements) and trying to avoid that the allergy gets worse.

The exam is necessary to know if she really is improving, and to determine if her treatment is appropriate or we should modify any medicine or dose that she is currently receiving.

So far, my goal has been to get her to eat again, to have an appetite and more strength. Isabella eats a little more rice and vegetables but not as much meat as she should because it's really expensive here. She does not get dog food, she still has trouble chewing them.

I really appreciate that you have accompanied us these five weeks. Needless to say, without your help Isabella could not be with me at home or have the treatment with the medicines she is receiving.

This is a long process and although there are days that seem very dark to me, there is always a light at the end to keep going.

Please continue to support us with the most important thing that exists: your prayers and positive thoughts.🙏🏻

We love you so much ❤️🐶

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Update posted by Sandy Llaja On Apr 11, 2018

I think that the cause of this new problem is that she isn’t eating real food and good nutrients (home food and in small quantities is not enough even for a healthy dog). Isabella is developing a strong inflammation and dryness of her skin.

Yesterday started to sprout red patches with scales in almost all her body and she has a lot of itching and desesperate in some moments. 😔💔🐶

Maybe something “good” is that she doesn’t not have much strength to scratch and inflame or infect her skin.

May is not good or think this, but its reality: I don’t see it as an option to take her to the vet who I still owe for the treatment in progress. What can I ask more? And another vet maybe ask for exams and more medicines... we are not in conditions to support that. With all the pain of my heart, I don’t have the resources for her, not now without much work, without electricity at home and still no pay the rent.😓

I only hope that soon I can complete her diet with supplements and vitamins because some parts are with sores today and I don’t want it to get worse. Especially in the parts where she can scratch with her teeth.

And, of course she has become discouraged again.💔 Its really so frustrating for me and to be honest today I am loosing my forces and faith. I am sorry to say that.😔

We know that we are always in your prayers, there were many miracles until now. Yes! And thank God for those and all.

I am just to asking you to continue accompanying us and be in your thoughts and prayers.🙏🏻

Thank very much because we REALLE feel that you are our family.❤️🐶

Sending love from Peru ❤️

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Update posted by Sandy Llaja On Apr 11, 2018

Dear friends,

I would like to have more Internet access as before, but I still don’t have electricity at home. So I take this moment in my neighbor’s house to can tell you that Isabella is just tasting bit of the food I can buy and prepare (rice, vegetables and eggs. Turkey is expensive here and not always posible).

She doesn’t ask to eat, but tries hard to accept what I give her.

She is fighting, call me mad, but I can fell she knows that I am waiting for her. To be fine and playing like before.

We don’t have nutritional supplements and vitamins yet. Here I only could find the oil fish in a price I can pay. However after a huge looking I found a web site who Shipping to Peru ( There are almost all of the vitamins, so would be an excellent opcion when we will can buy it.

I am very grateful to our friends that are helping me to looking for the vitamins, who are giving nutrition advices and answering all my questions and doubts. Thanks to ALL of you for love and patience!

Without additional minerals vitamins, Isabella can’t leave malnutrition even when she eats more every day. Home food it’s not complete even for a healthy dog.

After more than a month It’s necessary she recover because I need back to work to can pay home’s bills like electricity and the rent, and to can support dad’s hospital (the weekend he has a descompensation because the quimioterapia, and I couldn’t do much until today that I went to se him)

Thank you so much for always be with us and and all the support that you are giving to us. Please keep praying for everything will be better soon.

Sending love ❤️🐶

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Update posted by Sandy Llaja On Apr 09, 2018

Dear friends,

I feel very good to can write to you again.

Last weekend I was almost unable to communicate or access Interner because more than a week ago the electricity company cut the service at home and it is very difficult for me to charge my cell phone.

Thats because sometimes my neighbor (at her home I charge my battery) is not at home and I must wait for her to return.

My battery does not last long and I do not have access to wifi all the time but only when my neighbor friend is at home.Things that happen...

I tell you that my little Isabella is almost the same conditions. She's just accepting morsels of carrots and sweet potatoes last days.

But, there is something very important that happen today: I would like to thank so much to... because they advised to me about what vitamins and supplements Isabella can or should take. I'm really grateful because now I can know what and where to look for solutions.

According to everything researched today, she must take at least four types of supplements products in order to overcome the lack of nutrition for not to eat.

That is perhaps what worries me every day: she has no appetite.

All without stopping taking the medicines and antibiotics that she must continue taking each day (that they have a cost of 35 per day, without counting the food).

I am trying with everything: turkey, carrots, broccoli, sweet potatoes, rice, eggs, even quinoa today. She only accepts small and few bites but I do not surrender and I keep on her side trying to her eat.

It is easier to give her a drink because she has got used to the use of the syringe very well.

Tomorrow it’s been a week that I can’t leave Isabella home alone so I can’t go out to look for work. And that’s is so bad for our situation (in the fact, no work is not good always).

I hope soon I can cure Isabella to leave her alone at home for hours, so I can go to work and return home and go back to work.

Isabella needs to advance in her recovery. Every day counts for she doesn’t weaken anymore.

Now, we have the names of nutritional supplements and hope to can get them soon.

Thank you, again, for ALL the support and please, don’t stop praying for us.

Sending love ❤️ 🐶

PS: With what is owed even to the vet, the daily cost of the medicines, the nutritional supplements and food that Isabella needs, I have decided not to put a cap on this campaign. Friends, my intention is not to raise more than necessary, but now I really do not know how everything will be, in fact, sometimes I do not know how it will be every day. When I can work (I need to do it soon to pay for house services and rent)...

Just be still fighting with faith 🙏🏻

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Update posted by Sandy Llaja On Apr 06, 2018

Dear friends,

Today was a very hard to us. I am very worried because Isabella simply does not want to eat. Receives a little turkey and egg, but very, very little and then nothing more. I make rice and carrots but she doesn’t want to. A little water I give with syringe, it is very frustrating!

I'm still not giving her nutritional supplements because I don’t know exactly what is good and have no enough for that.

Here there is not that kind of products and All the Internet sale sites I have tried don’t ship to Peru😔

Please, maybe some of your veterinarians could tell us which specifically is good for cases of malnutrition an bad liver.

We Needing help to find the supplements.

Isabella is not evolving as we would like, she only sleeps. She doesn’t want to eat that keeps her weak and we haven’t yet nutritional supplements.

Medicines are for every day for an for indeterminate time.

Thank you for all the support and please, do not stop praying for us 🙏🏻

We really need your help and advices.

Sending love ❤️ 🐶


P.S. Hold her mouth closed tightly while stroking her throat.......some may run out the sides anyway, but stroke her throat and get her to swallow as much as possible.

Shirley Harris

Update posted by Apr 06

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Update posted by Sandy Llaja On Apr 04, 2018

Dear family-friends,

It's been over a month since Isabella got sick. Today after going through a severe intestinal obstruction, an intoxication by thumps in the colon, a general imbalance that led to a coma for five days !; a need to have to change veterinarians because there were no results and time was running out; a diagnosis of chronic hepatic encephalopathy, an endless wait for the results of a biopsy and the wait to can have enough money to pay half of the bill to the vet and can take Isabella to home... What a stressful situations!

Thera have been so many expenses!!! and a very hard work time to get Isabella ahead.

Personally I feel a little bad because I stopped going to see and attend to my dad in the hospital as before, for be working hard and having to take care of the house (here many times it is not safe to leave the house because bad people can take advantage and enter ... I think you understand me ... stealing houses is very usual in Peru).

However, my dad loves Isabella a lot and he knows the relationship between she and I. He understands us and only wants her to be cured soon and everything returns to normal: I can spend time with him while he is receiving chemotherapy.

Very little would have been possible without the help of all of you in this campaign. We have received many donations and each of them has been used to overcome the obstacles mentioned above. I will never stop to THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Today is our first day at home. Isabella only want to seep. She wakes up and cries if I walk away for more than a minute. Wake up altered at times, look around and go back to sleep ... ALWAYS without losing physical contact with me, it is as if she make sure are taking care I not to leave her.

Little girl who feels everything. It is very tender and also touching because now I think better about the nightmare that it must have been for her to be alone locked in a strange place and so sick.

"I'm very sorry my baby, I will not let you go through the same thing anymore. You will not go back to the "stinky place", do not worry. I will take care of you❤️😘

I did not go to work today. I do not think I can go in the next few days, until everything is more normal for Isabella and she can stay alone for a few hours.

She is not eating more 😔 than a few bites of turkey and carrots. He has no appetite or thirst. So that I do not get dehydrated, I'm giving him water every two hours with a syringe.

Every penny was used to bring Isabella home stable. Now I am praying all the time to can have what is necessary JUST for her medicines, nutritional supplements (very necessary becarse she doesn’t eat and take many medicines that make her liver work more) and for the little food that she are receiving.

The amount of money that I put in the campaign has been for the expenses that have been. And what remains to be completed is an amount still owed to the veterinarian.

Honestly, and maybe it is not the most correct but I think so: what I still owe to the vet is not a priority now. Now what is important and necessary is that Isabella has what it takes to continue her treatment at home.

I think I have written a lot and I thank you very much for your patience and your time.

Really THANK YOU for making so many miracles possible! 🙌🏻

Please, do not stop being with us, help us and continue share our story. We are still on the long way that I do not know how it will turn out in the end. But there is love, hope and faith. 🙏🏻❤️🐶

Sending love from Peru.

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We are always with you Isabella. feel better soon.


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