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Hi, please check out my music right here https://m.soundcloud.com/harman-khaira-579187 982. And if you like what you hear, please help me build a music studio to ensure I continue creating amazing music like that. Thank you.

Hi everyone!

My name is Harry Khaira. I'm a musician, and a student studying professional production course in programming and arranging, sound designing, and mix mastering – which makes me an upcoming producer. My love for music started 5 years ago when I started learning how to play the piano and guitar. Although I’m more of a guitar player now, I've never stopped writing and trying to produce music since then. It has always been my ultimate dream to have a recording studio, where I can mix beats and produce songs that people will like.

But I need your help…

Setting up a recording studio is very expensive as I have to rent a room and buy the equipment needed for the sound designing, mix mastering, and music production process. I’ve been trying for since last year to save up and get a recording studio and I’m getting frustrated because it seems like all my efforts are in vain.

I work as a student all to make more cash that would assist me in reaching my goals. But it is very hard for me to save up anything, as my limited income is spent on feeding, paying rent, utility bills, and also used in covering my professional production course which is quite expensive and cost around $2000 per year. With so much struggle, I somehow managed to arrange a room for the studio, and luckily for me, my best friend is helping me soundproof it. But I still need the gears to make it feel like a real studio.

I tried doing a lot of jobs, joined a local band where I played guitar in live shows, and sadly had to sell my guitar and Blackstar core guitar modeling amp to make extra cash – but things are not just working. Even the live shows that were a source of extra money for me have stopped because of the pandemic and my income is getting more limited by the day. I hardly save up to $20 every month and if I continue like this, it will take years before I can achieve my dreams. All I have now is an old i3 laptop that does not support a lot of heavy plugins for producing songs, a pair of headphones, and an empty room.

This is why I need your support to help me realize my dreams of having a recording studio.

The need

To set up a recording studio, I need equipment like studio monitors, an audio interface, a microphone, and a new desktop. The room with all the equipment inside will look like the picture below:

To achieve my ultimate goal of having a recording studio, I’ll be requesting for the sum of $3500. As your donation will help me buy the following equipment:

Studio monitors used for professional audio production applications is sold for $700.

An audio interface used as a front end of the computer recording system is sold for $800.

A microphone used as an audio recording device is sold for $1000.

And the remaining $1000 will be used to get a desktop that can allow heavy plugins for music production.

I have also shared the links to the equipment to let you confirm the cost and their importance to me succeeding in my music career.

Studio Monitors


Audio Interface




Your support

I’ve seen so many success stories from others and it inspires me to believe that you’ll help me in achieving my goal. A struggling student like me can’t afford the $3500 and the only way I can build a recording studio is through your help and support from this campaign. This is why I’ve come to you because I believe that you can bring a change to my life.

By supporting and donating to my cause, you will not only be taking the pressure off me, but you also be pushing me a step further in becoming a professional musician and producer. Every contribution counts and I’ll be very happy to receive your donations towards my goal.

Thank you for reading through my campaign and helping in any way you can!

Your support means a lot to me!


Pledge (1): Support this project because you want to help me build a recording studio. I appreciate your support.

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Pledge 1 USD : Support this project because you want to help me build a recording studio. I appreciate your support.

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Pledge 10 USD : Thank you for your support. You get digital downloads of the first 2 songs recorded in the studio and a special hand-illustrated thank you card.

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Pledge 50 USD : Everything above a special video thanking all my supporters and your name in the credit roll.

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Pledge 100 USD : Everything above a cover of any song of your choice by me.


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Help this ongoing fundraising campaign by making a donation and spreading the word.

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