Update posted by Lianne Britten On Jan 15, 2020

So.. it's been a few days and I am back. I am back at the helm and seeing the need now that crisis mode has passed. I am attaching a few links below so that you can see exactly WHOM I am referring to when i say Denise.. and what area I am speaking of when I say the Bega Valley and how destruction wheeled through on the winds of climate change and has basically destroyed most of the Valley in which I grew up, and in which 4 generations before me grew up.. SO PLEASE read and watch the PBS special which highlights Denise my friend and her son and shows the loss of their home. DENISE is the one who is listed as my local Cobargo rep. She's a multi-generation Cobargo resident as am I.

I also ask that if you spend $5 on a latter or $15 on a lunch today.... that you consider instead donating that $5 or $15 to the very people you will see in this video.

These are the words of Denise who is interviewed in the video..

"Sorry its been so long. I so appreciate your kindness and thoughts. We are all just a bit overwhelmed at the moment and I still only have internet when at bega or somewhere with power, its only just come back on in cobargo main town. We are in process of organising my mums house to live in, no power though, ....will make do like we are till its done. So cleaning it and getting generator and furniture etc has been very time consuming as well as being back at work as the mail has come through again a week ago, big backlog!!! Photos I will try, its just so lovely of you to do what you are doing I cant thank you enough. *My boss who also lost their house is a wires carer for wallabies.* (so your donations will also go directly to WIRES volunteer IN COBARGO.. who is still fostering DESPITE losing his home).. My co-workers family lost 3 homes and my close friends family lost 4 homes.

I hope Phil and family is ok. Trying hard to find time to get to Bega.. but just isnt in my favour so far, and so stuffed by night time. All the animals are safe bar 2 chooks and 2 ducks. They are spread between friends at the moment, chooks at one neighbour horses at another, dogs at friends place and cats with me going stir crazy being confined. Trying to sort outdoor cages for them at my mums at the moment.

The support here is amazing, the community is the best in the most trying times. The devastation here around Cobargo just leaves you speechless and cold. 3 local lives lost 2 in the Salway family father and son, and the whole town is mourning while trying to do all that is needed. about 100 families lost homes around here.Not to mention the livestock, and pets, something like 1200 plus,so many of the rest are being shipped out and the amount of fencing to still be replaced is enormous. "

When you see what is left of her house.. the very house I sat at the kitchen island and had tea with her while her son, Tom, cooked his egg, bacon and cheese sandwich for lunch, just a mere 5 weeks ago.. the house with the lovely ducks and chooks (chickens/hens for those who don't understand Ozzie lingo).. and all that gone.. and in the miracle of life.. my white window of the back canopy of the ute.. is seen through the burned black tanks that were left as Denise and Tom wade through the spectre of their home and yard. It is but ONE story of the many in Bega and with thousands of homes lost, 27 human lives lost at last count and over a billion irreplaceable creatures being lost let alone the amazing flora.. I can only say THINK about my fundraiser as a place to get money RIGHT in the hands of the people you see on TV. Denise, her boss, her colleagues, her town and my cousin Phil who stood and fought to save both his buildings and humble home, and his neighbours non-stop from Dec 23 - Jan 6th. THESE are the people your money is going to.

we thank you in advance.

Additionally, if you wish to sign a petition encouraging our illustrious leader to change his polices on climate change.. please follow this link below. Truly we don't have a planet b yet. .. although the powers that be have been funding NASA's space exploration for decades as they KNEW this was coming.

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Update posted by Lianne Britten On Jan 10, 2020

Dear all,

firstly thank you for joining in our prayer for gentle, slow, soaking rain, no lightning, no wind, cooler temperatures and the safety of all our flora, fauna and people in Australia. Your hearts are felt and continue to be needed.

Thank you! Thank you! THANK YOU!

Secondly I write this as a heartbroken child of Australia, who grew up on the edge of a national forest, blessed with unique and amazing creatures from echidnas and platypus, wombats and lizards, kangaroos and wallabies, but not even I saw koalas as a child, as the local colony that lived in our area was burnt out according to my father, in the fires of 1942 (I cannot verify these dates or facts as my father is dead, but ... my father held so much knowledge of our local area, being born and bred in Tantawanglo and being the third generation of family on our family farm I have no reason to question his veracity, only question my memory of dates). So remember folks, Australia's unique and amazing biodiversity is not just kangaroos, koalas and emus.. it is a delicate and amazing country that used to be filled with little miracles that time forgot. Many of these are gone.. forever due to these fires.
I write today heartbroken and angry.

I write from a war zone, an atomic bomb of FIRE has razed, burned and made charcoal of lives and land and all that is in its path. A fury of fire has traversed the country from East to West, north to south and everything in its path has been destroyed, laid waste to and left in tatters and ash. Charcoal is the colour of this summer season, which has only just begun and the scent of smoke and ash and death will traumatize so many humans and animals for decades to come. The scars are yet to even be seen.

VERY angry that the years of warnings of climate change have been ignored and suppressed by govt and companies whose prime directive is greed, profiteering and the almighty dollar at the expense of our precious world and unique and irreplaceable lives therein. There is no replacing our quokkas, our potoroos, our possums and gliders, our multitudinous birds of all colours and sounds, our frogs and lizards and yes our snakes, amazing creatures all, even our grubs, our witchety grubs, good bush tucker, and our beetles. YES I am a critter lover and a child of nature. My playground was the farm and the national park and river on which I grew up and explored by horseback for my first 2 decades of life. I am blessed by knowing the intricate nature of a delicate ecological system that will NEVER recover from this fire. Like the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs, these fires have obliterated life as we know it my area and many others across Australia.

We weep. I weep. Our soul weeps but as we look into the terrified pain-filled eyes of the poor innocent victims of our greed and refusal to prioritize the environment, I know I must go on. We MUST provide succour and sustenance and help to tend to the burns and wounds as best we can both on the poor creatures and the PLANTS and land, as well as our own human souls as we do this work.

WARNING: Trigger alert.

Please continue to pray.

Please continue to donate. Money will NEVER be able to replace what is gone but it may help ease the burden and loss and despair we are all feeling, knowing that the summer is not over. Today is a scorcher. We lost a water bomber helicopter yesterday, thank fully the pilot is ok. AND life goes on. How I don't know for some who have lost everything.

But we will continue and with love, compassion, care and kindness we will be able to hopefully rise with some green hope and find miracles of little lives surviving, and the creatures lost may I HOPE AND PRAY, be found or at least some ...

I will be taking a break from this page for a few days to reassess, rejuvenate, heal my broken heart, and help as best I can.

I urge and plead with you to not give up. WE CANNOT.

I know, with every FIBRE of my being, we must continue in our work. As I look into the eyes of the pain and burnt creatures, I know their innocent lives need to be sustained, succoured and helped as much as possible. Each creature deserves tender love and care as we would give our own loved ones, or pets. Money can NOT replace or heal the damage that is ongoing as summer is only 1/3 in.. but it can help with the restoration and healing process.

We need to fight, we need to raise our voices against the tide of acceptance and apathy and let ALL the world's governments KNOW that the future is not assured, the future must be cared for and our priceless, unique and amazing creatures and plants must be tended for as MORE precious than the stupid fossil fuels, consumerist ways, that have destroyed us in less than 200 years.

Please continue to pray.

Please take care of you and practice self-care. Take a break if possible from the devastation, it is not always possible for those of us living in it, but take each moment and appreciate it.

Take time to heal so you can fill other's cups, including those without voices, and including the incredible amazing flora that Australia has now lost.

Please take care in watching the videos attached. They are heartbreaking but must be seen.. this is THE WORLD's wakeup call. Watch as Australia burns and know if we DO NOT STOP the climate break down this too will be in YOUR back yard, in flood, in fire, in heat and in cold. The changes are increasing and we have KNOWN this for over 40 years. Do something.

AND at the very least, be kind, be compassionate, be loving and pray for gentle rains in Australia.

Again please take care and be warned images in the videos below are distressing.

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Update posted by Lianne Britten On Jan 08, 2020

Dear Friends,

on the day of Thursday January 9, 2020 I invite you to spend 3 minutes praying for gentle, soft, slow, intermittent rain, cooler temps and the safety of all our people, animals, birds, reptiles and creatures that live in Australia, as well as the multitude of plants and trees. Please join in and send a wave of positive vibrations into the universe. All creeds, spiritualities and religions welcome. This is a pan-religious, non-denominational, prayer for safety and compassion for the Earth and our compatriots (human & other) in Australia.

After our prayer session on Sunday at this time we received 13 mls of rain, and a temperature drop of 30C degrees overnight (from 42C to 12C) and 2 days of cool which helped us rest, review and get on the "front foot" with the fires. The Werri Berri fire outside of Bemboka in the Bega Valley has burned over 20,000 hectares and continues to remain out of control at this time. Any wind or temperature increase can bring back imminent danger. Bega and Merimbula awoke to more smoke and ash today and already stressed people are heightened again. The watch is on.

Please join us in prayer.

Dear God, and all the heavenly angels and beings,

Please send us good, gentle, soft, slow, intermittent rain, cooler temps. Please keep all our people, animals, birds, reptiles and creatures that live in Australia, as well as the multitude of plants and trees on the land, safe.

We pray for this. We ask your help. Hear our prayer.

Please help us believe in the hope for renewed growth both in the land and in our hearts. Please fill us with compassion and kindness to others and believe in a positive future where we take responsible action for a more environmentally sustainable future to help stem the impacts of climate change.

We pray for this. We ask your help. Hear our prayer.

We pray for this. We ask your help. Hear our prayer.

Amen, Om shanti shanti, Namaste, Ameen.

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Update posted by Lianne Britten On Jan 07, 2020

Small miracles.. amidst the devastation.. it is hard to comprehend but today I am.. beyond gobsmacked. Despite being in the middle of the Cobargo fires, right next to my best friend's house in Cobargo, my indestructible ute of 1982 vintage SURVIVED the flames.. it came through the inferno.

Small things to rejoice about.

Today we breathe.. after a day of light, intermittent, slow rain.. just perfect as anything harder would erode the soil given it is truly like a war zone out there, everything razed, blackened, charred, roasted and still smoking and on fire, as Andrew Constance our local MP who fought to save his own house in Malua Bay said, this is not a fire, it's like an atomic bomb! The air has been filled with choking ash, and gum leaves, death in the air literally and on fire, hot and hard to breathe.

Yesterday my cousin and his wife took their first "breather" since Christmas, and from active firefighting duties on watch 24/7 since Dec 31. He described himself as a "blackfella" unrecognizable due to his sooty, ashfilled demeanour. He has no mask, just cut off cotton durable trouser legs doused in water to shield him from the smoke. He's saved his neighbours houses mostly, with the equipment HE has, no not provided by govt or RFS, individual purchase. He has little. He is living in a shed on the cleared dirt patch waiting to save funds to finish his home, which will maybe come.. but at least wasn't here to see the flames arrive to the dirt patch door. He and Sue stood and watched as the big gum tree caught alight Jan 5th, split in two not metres from where he stood, fell and continued to burn as he watched. Before this he had watched the neighbour's house he saved NYE go up in flames. These are the stories of the people I grew up with. This is the cousin who lived down the road on his parent's dairy farm when I was a baby up the road at Tanta, on my grandparents and great grandparents dairy farm. This is the man who didn't want to take money for himself but wanted to give the money that I will share from this fundraiser to his friend in Bemboka (a town where one of my high school best friend's grew up) who bought a half built house, scrimped and saved and almost got it built, and then.. just 3 days ago lost it all in the Werri Berri 15,000+ hectare out of control fire.. just 20 mins drive from my cousins place which is also 20 mins drive from my parent's place in Bega.

And so.. for those of you who wonder where your money donated to this fund goes.. It's going HERE. Just to the people I know.. the people I trust..

My cousin will get $200 to go toward either a fireproof suit for him or a firefighting mask for him and hopefully more money will come in to suit up his wife. $425 will go to my friend Denise. She will either buy food, and clothes as she only got out with the clothes on her back or .. I am unsure. I am not reducing the donation and as part of my ongoing donation will personally take on the cost of online site fees/banking and admin fees so as ALL MONIES go to where it is needed.

Please continue to pray.

FYI I am setting up another pan-religious 3 minute global prayer for Thursday Jan 9 at midnight Eastern Australia time (Bega), 5am Vancouver, Portland, Seattle and Sacramento time, 7 am Minneapolis time and 9pm Malaysia/Singapore time. I will post the prayer itself here.

Temps are expected to spike up to 40C on Friday again so.. please join as my ute is PROOF THAT MIRACLES DO REALLY HAPPEN.


Oh PS my sister is cooking up jam and my cuz and his wife are loving it. They spent almost 1.5 hours sitting, eating and being civilized and showered for the first time in 2 weeks yesterday. My mother is ok. Suffering a bit from smoke inhalation caused by the air con to ease extreme heat wave conditions at her care home. My sister in Morwell is ok as is her family. My uncle in Bairnsdale ok and my other cousins and aunts/uncles currently alive. Temporary reprieve. Thank you to all who care, send love, send prayers, sent thoughts and do rain dances, any donations gratefully accepted and comments and prayers gratefully received. Amen, Namaste, Om Shanti Shanti!

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Update posted by Lianne Britten On Jan 06, 2020

Dear followers..


Prayers for a few days respite have been answered. Bega's temp dropped from 42C to 12C overnight. We received 2 mls rain (nothing but better than nothing) and the temperature drop has lowered the immediate intense and catastrophic fire danger for a few days at least.

we are so grateful for your thoughts and prayers and hope to implement another pan-religion 3 minute prayer Friday as the temps are forecast again to increase.

At this time we can sleep a little better in the cooler temps and take advantage of the slim respite.

The Ash clouds and residue is hard to believe (inches thick) and air quality continues to be horrendous, Canberra is suffering the WORST air quality in the world ongoing.

I again caution you that we cannot think this is over. The fire is not over. Summer is not over and if we get rains, especially big rains, water contamination and destruction will be terrible given the lack of trees and forestation to hold the land in (runoff of and erosion of soil will be INTENSE unless small soft rains brings some small green growth of grass to hold the soil) and the contamination from the huge losses of wildlife and stock will be .. well let's just say it could lead to truly horrible outcomes.

So keep praying. Soft gentle rain, slow, no wind, no lightning, cooler temps and better air quality.

With gratitude



AND my sister got me a huge tub of Vegemite.. woohoo.. Small things really exciting.. haha.. ;)

Lianne Britten

Update posted by Jan 07


Sorry that is meant to read prayers for FRIDAY .. so Thursday night... and ONGOING prayers are ALWAYS welcome. :) With gratitude!

Lianne Britten

Update posted by Jan 06

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Update posted by Lianne Britten On Jan 05, 2020

Dear friends

I apologize but the images being shown on the news links are disturbing and traumatizing. Fires wreak havoc, terror and destruction. Be aware that the links to the live ABC news broadcasts show traumatizing images of hundreds of dead animals, and others injured.

Please do not watch with children or if triggered.

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Update posted by Lianne Britten On Jan 04, 2020

Heat, flies, ants cool change right now.. ashfilled sky.

Local Bega Commercial hotel occupants evacuated to evacuation point under Bega bridge due to "worse case scenario" and ash embers ..

Praying for no wind and some rain.

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Update posted by Lianne Britten On Jan 04, 2020

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