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Let me introduce myself, I am a simple person and ready to provide help to people are needed. Many people I already help either in small financial problem or helping them to get back to community. In return, I never expected they will thankful what I already help, even what I already help them in financial problem and I know it will be a gamble my money on it. The importance thing was, I helping them with my open heart. Either they want to refund the money I help are not importance. Because in circle of life they will get they pay back when do not know how to thankful people helping them.
To start my difficulty issue I am facing right now. This person I already helping him until today. It happen in this year. On the first the person I am helping are OK and he have income in the job he really love to do, FARMING. He learn from some and study everything regarding organic farming almost 15 years in a place he was working as FARM MANAGER until he been set up by his best friend. After that, he start farming his own farm as a teacher provide to him a piece of land and he do not have to pay a sen for the land. Only when he are free and helping the teacher cutting grass at the house yard. Everything has running normal and he also have income to support him and also have his own customer know how to eat healthy. Not many people know organic farming do not use chemical on it and everything are natural. On April 2017 he start have problem sometimes he can't go to work until it became more seriously. On August 2017 he sometimes are sleeping more then he wake up. Then his family sending him to hospital for medical check up and found have coagulated blood in his brain. The doctor asap detain him for a head surgery to remove coagulated blood from his brain. The first surgery was not successful to remove all the coagulated blood. A week later he fail down again and return back to hospital for second scan and doctor found still have coagulated blood in his brain and another surgery take place. This time are 100% done. After return from hospital he are unable to work at his farm. Because the doctor ask him to take more rest until he fully recover. Problem start up rise, he do not have any income to support him, even unable to buy milk for son 4 years old and he also unable to pay bank debt.
So I offer a hand to help him at the beginner, almost each month I have to provide USD750 to support him in paying bank debt and his daily use. I am not rich in wealth person, I provide what I able to help. So in return he know how to thankful the help as me provide. Every day he helping my work as a service provider on free time. But this con not keep going like this. His son also growing up every day. So it need more money to support his daily life. He have to put all his time in farming. But how he can do it without any source of income left in his hand, as all already spending on this medication and surgery.
Here I am hoping someone can offer a hand as my hand are unable to offer much. Hopefully his dream will came live again. The budget start over again not small and I not intend to put a budget amount too. Let everybody view it. The cost for re-build a simple organic farm are not small amount of expensive and it was cost many. To build a modern organic farm should cost to many. Who willing to achieved such dream for a pool farmer without anything left to start over again ?
Or if any one able to helping to funding to buy a pieces of land to start over with own land are be great for him then using people land and do not know when land owner will take it back for own use.
He also very good in produce natural enzyme for plant, either vegetables, garden or fruits trees. All are using natural ingredients and 100% no chemical involve. To whom are interesting I will provide my friends email for direct corresponding.
The goal to success are still very far away for my friend, looking for funding are best option to start it over with empty in hand.


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Help this ongoing fundraising campaign by making a donation and spreading the word.

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