Raising funds for cattle producers affected by floods and overflowing rivers in Macuspana Tabasco México

TumbaPato® is a magazine specialized in livestock and agriculture and as a means of communication we have the responsibility to sensitize our environment and audience to take action on matters that interest our cattle producers. Livestock, a supplier of food and raw materials of animal origin, constitutes one of the main economic activities of Tabasco`s México primary sector. Tabasco has 1,682,453 head of cattle that produce meat and milk according to statistics. On October 30, a rainy season unleashed like never before in this state. With this, crops and livestock producers who self-sufficiently produce their own food were affected. Support is requested to buy bales of dry pasture for cattle feed and not allow cattle that produce meat and milk for the region to die. The rains continue until the middle of December, but the floods and the lack of crops to feed the cattle do not subside. To give an example; A 500 kg cow needs 70 kg of grass to produce 15 liters of milk, also a cow should consume between 10 and 14% of its body weight in green forages. We need thousands of bales of pasture.