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Update posted by Annabelle On Nov 14, 2013


Li Wen-Chen, the pervert, the former chief of the exhibition center of the third nuclear power station in Taiwan, the repeated offender who had always been protected by Taiwan and covered his abnormal behaviors and crimes for him, a longtime friend of my biological parents, older than my biological parents and had known me since I was little, married with kids who were about my age, was sickly enough to have fancied and liked me for long time and had been trying to look for opportunity to satisfy his sick sexual desire toward me but never had a chance to come close to me as the presence and the well-protection of my beloved uncle and the fact that I’ve never paid any attention to him. As soon as he realized my beloved uncle past away, my sadness over my uncle’s death, my plan of going oversea for further study, my parents against my idea and had tried to stop me from leaving in order to keep me here in Taiwan to make profits and money for them like they had always been, he brought his friends, Qiu Wen-Wiong and Cai Li-Mei, who had been helping him with his sick abnormal behaviors, sexual desires and crimes and covered for him to my biological parents house, to offer benefits and money to my biological parents and to show his strong interests in me in order to tricked me with my biological parents, to use my biological parents to satisfy his long time sexual desires toward me, to rape me. My biological parents who wanted to use me for their won benefits were happy about Li Wen-Chen’s interested in me and the money and profits Li Wen-Chen had presented that they wanted to force me to “marry” Li Wen-Chen in order to use me for more money and profits, for their own good, when Li Wen-Chen simply just want to rape me and didn’t want to responsible for it.


On 2006.4.11., Li Wen-Chen and my biological parents tricked me together to Li Wen-Chen’s house with the lie of “ future plan for life” in order to meet their own different desires, Li Wen-Chen wanted to rape me and my biological parents want to use and trade me for money and profits. However, Li Wen-Chen did not succeed in rapping me. I escaped and reported Li Wen-Chen’s attempt rape to the police in Taiwan. Ever since I reported the attempt rape of Li Wen-Chen’s to the police in Taiwan on 2006.4.11., a victim suffered from the attempt rape, an innocent person as I was who never had any criminal records before, was illegally persecuted and murdered in every possible way by Taiwan intentionally in order to conceal the truth, to protect the pervert, Li Wen-Chen, and to kill me when Taiwan was perfectly aware of the truth and how innocent I was, and the order was directly given by the president of Taiwan, Chen Shui-Bian and Ma Ying-Jeou.


On the day of 2006.4.11., I reported the attempt rape of Li Wen-Chen to the police in Taiwan, Taiwan, a country that was not recognized by the United Nations and had always illegally persecuted and killed innocent people to conceal the truth and to protect perverts and criminals, had intentionally administered all the police systems, the prosecutors systems, the justice systems, the law-enforcing systems, the lawyer systems, the hospital and medical systems, the social welfare systems, the woman organization systems, the religion systems, the press and media systems, the companies and syndicated firm systems, the government systems, all the resources available and everything in their power, together with Li Wen-Chen, Li Wen Chen’s friends and my biological parents to charge me with the false accusation, to insult and humiliate me with all the lies and slanders, such as fraud, scam, setup seduction, badger game, …, etc, to illegally persecuted me and murdered me, to help and protect Li Wen-Chen and themselves, to conceal and twist the truth, to kill me.


Even though with the evidence and the testimony from other female victims, I won Li Wen-Chen’s case and Taiwan had failed in charging me with the false accusation, I was beaten up and murdered by Taiwan on 2007.3.28. And again, Taiwan lied about it. They falsely claimed it was a car accident and no one had beaten me up and murdered me, and charged me with the crime of the offenses against public safety immediately on the same day right after they failed in killing me on 2007.3.28., and insulted and humiliated me with the lies and slanders of insane, neurotic, psycho,…, etc., together with all those lies and slanders they made up and set me up for since the day I reported the attempt rape deliberately, and then, charged me again with the false accusation intentionally along with the illegal summoned, illegal arrested, illegal wanted, taking me into custody illegally, illegal detention, putting the innocent me in jail illegally, .., etc., in order to kill me. After that, apart from repeating all those illegal persecutions, slanders, humiliations, violents, murderings, killings, …, etc., over and over again intentionally and deliberately, Taiwan had only become more and more shameless, lawless and happy in killing me and illegally persecuted me as time goes by, never stop and never cease.


Since the day of 2006.4.11., based on the conspiracies of Taiwan, Taiwan had intentionally and deliberately set me up with the false accusation ( failed ) →  offenses against public safety → false accusation → larceny and embezzlement → obstruction of official crime → obstruction of official crimes → moved to house crime and crime unjust enrichment → larceny and embezzlement → obstruction of official crime → obstruction of official crimes  → prejudice defamation →  false accusation → false accusation in order to distort the truth by combing all the cases together, to insult and humiliate me with insane, neurotic, psycho, fraud, badger game, setup seduction, ..., etc., to rationalize all those lies, slanders and conspiracies they fabricated and planed since the day I reported the attempt rape to the police on 2006.4.11., to clean Li Wen-Chen as well as themselves and to stay without sin, to twist and conceal the truth, to illegally persecuted me and murder me, to take my life, to kill me! Furthermore, all those crimes Taiwan illegally persecuted me and murdered me can be varied in orders and will only increase but never decrease as time goes by in order to complete their conspiracies, to kill me! 


All the relevant stories and information can be found in the articles I posted on http://annabelleyu.blogspot.tw/, there will be more and more articles to come, and I do apologize for the inconvenience as I wrote those articles in Chinese Traditional.


I had lost my memories on the day Taiwan beat me up, murdered me and attempted to kill me on 2007.3.28., and the injuries on the night Taiwan beat me up and attempted to kill me, the wrong treatments Taiwan doctors had caused intentionally, and all the illegal persecutions and murders by Taiwan had already made my health in a terrible condition. There's no way for me to cure but only to control, and if I don't find the right doctor for treatments oversea in time, I will die without any questions.


Taiwan is a country that helps perverts and criminals to get away. Taiwan’s law is the killing machine for their government to protect perverts and criminals, to kill innocent people. They kill innocent people just because they want to conceal the truth and to protect criminals.


Taiwan has to be punished and pay!


Ever since I reported the attempt rape of Li Wen-Chen to the police in Taiwan, Taiwan had not only wanted to kill me, but also wanted to rape me, to satisfy Li Wen-Chen and their sick sexual desires, to force me into porn business, to make me become a prostitute, and they will never stop, until I am dead.


This is Taiwan.


This is what Taiwan really is.


This is what Taiwan has been hiding and lying about.


This is the true color of Taiwan – the real Mafia in the world.


Everyone has to know the true color of Taiwan, everyone has to be aware of Taiwan, everyone has to know what had happened to me, everyone has to know what Taiwan has done to me, and everyone has to know what Taiwan really is, so what had happened to me won’t happen again to another person, so the same thing won’t happen again to another human being, so another innocent person won’t suffer again.


I want to publish everything that had happened to me and make a movie, to prevent the same thing happen again, to stop Taiwan from killing innocent people just because they want to conceal the truth and protect criminals, to help others with the true experience that had happened to me, to do something good for others, and I would appreciate for your kindly help in participating with me in making everything that had happened to me meaningful, to make the world we live a better, safer and cleaner place, to punish Taiwan hard!


I honestly can’t imagine what had happened to me happen again to another person, and I would appreciate for your kindly help. Thank you.


Love from Annabelle.




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