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Driven by our passion for body art and committed to overcome issues related to it, we are willing to open a privately owned tattoo & body piercing parlour — INKSPIRE STUDIO, Tattoo & Piercing — in the flourishing city of Accra, Ghana - West Africa. We need your support to make it happen!

Tattoos and piercings have become very popular on the continent. The African body art crowd has become increasingly accepted leading to the growth of the industry, now exponentially attracting thousands of customers across West Africa. From women to men, professionals to elders, a great diversity of individuals share an interest for body art and views it as a form of self-expression.

Thus, we wish to offer to body art fans the right place with the right services for their real satisfaction.

What is our studio about?

INKSPIRE STUDIO, Tattoo & Piercing intends to be unique in West Africa; opened 24/6, our facilities will be held to the highest standards for safety and health by a team of professional local and international artists collaborating in a relaxed yet qualified atmosphere.

Our team will offer a variety of tattoos, — traditional, black and grey, colour, realism, neo-traditional, and new school — from existing designs to custom design artworks and body piercings for the greatest happiness of the public.

Therefore, whether it’s a small tattoo, a cover-up, a massive custom piece or a piercing, our team will be available to satisfy every need.

Our clients can be sure of our honesty, integrity and quality of work.

The business will also sell a wide range of jewels and after care products.

Additionally, promotional items created by the team such as clothing, apparel, posters and more will be featured.

What are our goals?

INKSPIRE STUDIO, Tattoo & Piercing aims:

1.To provide expert services in a hygienic and appealing location

2.To educate the public on the pros and cons of wearing a permanent body art

3.To ensure the satisfaction of our clients and giving them appropriate after care tips after any job.

4.To create jobs opportunities in the industry of body art

5.To promote body arts in West Africa and contribute to collaborations between artists from here and abroad

Why should you donate?

First thing first, we would like to thank you for your support as every donation counts. By donating to this project, you are investing not only in a business but also in a dream and moreover in a community: the body art crowd. Though we have some funding, we need your support to make this come true and we believe this funding will cover our budget.

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raised of $19,000.00 goal
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No more donations are being accepted at this time. Please contact the campaign owner if you would like to discuss further funding opportunities