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It is my distinct pleasure to present to you- Project Next Level (PNL Phase 2, 2023), and to also inform you that our hearts have gotten you to sponsor or partner with us in carrying out the above-mentioned proposed project.

The proposed project idea is actually a Vision, whose time has come. It was born out of my own personal life experiences, and the need to meet the yearnings, the needs, the agitations and the aspirations of the people. It has been in existence, long before it was actually born- taking form in the notebooks, sketchpads, memories of friends, students and mentors- who along with myself, have labored to keep the Vision alive till date.

The proposed project is a program of Creative Skills & Hobbies Foundation (CSHF). A non-profit and non-Governmental Organization, with programs and activities managed by its members; established to carry out, maintain or aid social, educational, charitable, religious or other activities serving the common welfare.

The Foundation has Its take-off Office here in Nigeria- at No.14 Ekeninwo Close, Orochiri, Port-Harcourt, Rivers State- Nigeria- West Africa. Even though the NGO is yet to be registered with CAC, Nigeria, and is still struggling to get over Her take-off barriers; By God's grace, it has been able to touch some lives for good - through Her projects/activities carried out so far.

Here, any interested person(s) who share in this Vision, can become anything- either member, partner, stake-holder, part-taker, or trustee; and we shall be shapers and definers of our own fate and destiny. Let’s rise to the challenge; let’s support it; let’s stand for it; let’s work for it; and if possible, let’s die for it! For anything not worth dying for, is not worth living for.

We are prepared to discuss any aspect of this proposal with you, as it suits your logistics and time frame. Thanking you in anticipation of your prompt attention and support to PNL.

Sincerely Yours:

Emmanuel C. Okorie,

For: Creative Skills & Hobbies Foundation/PNL- Phase 2 - 2023.

Tell: +2349039156685, +2348133621932.

E-mail: [email protected]

Statutory Information On Creative Skills & Hobbies Foundation(CSHF)

  • Registered Name: Creative Skills & Hobbies Foundation
  • Registered Number: SMEDAN Number: SUIN49375553
  • Registered Date: 2sd November, 2020
  • Registered Address: 54 Aba-Owerri-Road, Aba, Abia States-Nigeria
  • Current Address: 14 Ekeninwo Close, Orochiri, Port-Harcourt,

Rivers State- Nigeria.

6. Telephone: +2349039156685, +2348133621932

7. E-mail Address: [email protected]

8. Web Page:

9.. Bankers:

10.. Insurance:

11. Medical Retainership:

Joint Venture/Partnership Registration:

Creative Skills & Hobbies Foundation is registered with the following government /public entities:

  • Small And Medium Enterprises Development Agency of Nigeria- SMEDAN Number: SUIN49375553
  • EMCKORIE Technologies, Nigeria: SUIN3789880
  • Vintage Art Gallery, Jos, Plateau State- Nigeria.
  • EMCO Technologies, Nigeria (with SMEDAN Number: SUIN73444126)
    • Project Scope Description/ Justification:
    • . The Concept:

The Project Proposal As Follows:

Project’s Name: Project Next Level(PNL, Phase 2, 2023)

Project’s Official Target Host City: Port-Harcourt, Rivers State- Nigeria

Project’s Official Target Take-off Date: May, 2023

Project’s Time Frame: May- November, 2023 (yearly)


Despite the upsurge number of tertiary institutions; enrolment rate; increased graduate turn outs, the issue of graduate unemployment and underemployment with their attendant consequences (such as increased crime rate; unfulfilled dreams, suicide, impaired financial positions, etc.) are still posing a great challenge to many developing countries, of which Nigeria is one.

And when we look at the big picture of the aftermath of the restiveness of our frustrated young generation- most of which result from the above-mentioned factors, we begin to get frightened, wondering if there is anything society can do to redeem itself from this dreaded reality coming ahead. Sometimes, we wonder and are tempted to ask the one billion dollar questions: whose fault is it? Who is responsible for addressing such menace in our communities? The truth is, if nothing is done right now to tackle this, it is obvious that it will certainly influence others and further degenerate the capacity of handling those surrounded by such negative influences.

Our society today, should realizes the truth that it has done little or nothing in creating an enabling environment for youth development, or a moral society, and rather than sit back and watch everybody blaming her for not using her various institutions for capacity building for the youth, or to breed up responsible citizens, it has on the other hand found it justifiable to blame the home-front and religious bodies alone for her cooperate failure and for every atrocity and immorality available on the streets; as a result of that failure.

After a deep and passionate look at the society- the high rate of decadence in our various social institutions, the high rate of crime in the society, the decline of creativity in our time, the level of poverty in the land, etc., the PROJECT NEXT LEVEL(PNL) was born. And this is solely inspired by God, as part of His own contribution towards saving our young generation from factors that are of leading to their frustration and failure in life. It also exist to help us reclaim our value system, and what it represents.

Project Summary:

The Project seeks to establish an environment for youth development, and effective platforms where youth may exercise authentic participation and pursue their own visions, dreams, hopes, and concerns pertaining to development and overall well-being. The project’s activities are grounded on the fundamental evidence that if young people have sufficient incomes and resources to live and sustain productive lives, they can generate economic opportunities and contribute to the wider good and care for others.

In Nigeria, and Africa as a whole, young people aged 14 - 30 are considered as one of the most vulnerable clusters of the population, affected by poverty, lack of adequate and appropriate education, unemployment, social inequality and environmental degradation. Many young people still lack access to information, equal opportunity to receive quality public services, sufficient skills and knowledge to pursue career goals and benefit from opportunities in the labor market. We recognize the big potentials and huge underutilized capacities among young people for the good of communities and the public, in general. Through Project-Next-Level, we seek to eliminate factors having negative effects on the youth welfare and then empower them to act as agents of change.

Project Next Level (PNL) is a Creative Arts/IT interactive mentorship educational project, set up to provide children from six to eighteen years of age, and disadvantaged youths/handicapped; with the basics in Creative Arts, Information Technology and its related disciplines; through its focus on child/youth-friendly visual aids for hands-on-practical solutions to real-time industry problems, the children/youth are thereby nurtured and encouraged to imbibe the spirit of creativity and tenacity for innovation in the World’s emerging Creative Arts/ IT landscape.

Through yearly renewable resource center partnership agreements with one primary and one secondary school, each to provide amenities on rental-bases for now, with on-site coordination; and yearly renewable program mentor consulting agreements with Creative Arts and IT industry experts, Project Next Level (PNL) shall run as a yearly project of two batches, divided between the two resource centers. Each batch will be admitted concurrently to go through Creative Arts or IT developers’ mentoring program that will last for twelve (12) weekends. The courses shall include the following: drawing and artistic painting of all description, leather-working, candle making, basketry, spinning and dyeing, weaving, batik and tie-dyeing, stained glass, string art, mold making, casting/sculpturing, pottery, stenciling, mosaics, printing on fabrics, etc; computer programming; mobile applications development; solar/inverter equipments installation; solar panel production; mobile hardware support (otherwise known as mobile repair); photography; graphics design; animation; and systems hardware support, installations and maintenance. Etc.

1.3 Vision

“…stimulating and fostering innovation from the cradle…”

1.4 Mission

“…Designing, delivering and providing child friendly systems that stimulate and foster vision, tenacity, innovation, and productivity for Nigeria and Africa’s emerging Creative Arts/IT landscape...”

1.5 Goals & Objectives

Goal 1 – To provide Creative Arts and IT mentor privileges to at least 1,000 children/youth per year.

Objective 1 –To hold annual programs and carry out projects that match Creative Arts and IT professionals as mentors with primary and secondary school age children/disadvantaged youths.

Objective 2- To give the participating children/youths hands-on-learning experiences based on schemes of work with child/youth-friendly visual contents as interactive class activities

Goal 2 – To provide outstanding collaborative innovations that can be developed into commercially successful, world class digital and physical products.

Objective 3- To involve the mentees with the mentors in real-time industry work problems, for providing solutions

Target groups:

1. Project’s Direct Target-Group/ Beneficiaries: Children from six to eighteen years of age

2. Project’s Indirect Target-Group/ Beneficiaries: Disadvantaged youths and the handicapped

Project Implementation Plan:

1.6.1 Consulting mentors


Project Next Level (PNL) will contract the services of twenty consultants like, Creative Arts and ICT professionals to serve as project mentors. There will be documented procedures for screening the prospective mentors. Each mentor will be required to fill an application form, an Information Release, Personal References, and a Mentor Interest Survey. There will be an interview for the mentor’s personal references (if necessary).

The application form

The application form will have the following sections: Personal Information, Work History, Application Questions, and Terms & Conditions

Information Release

It is a document that the prospective mentors will fill, authorizing PNL to run a background check on them based on the information provided in the application form, including their personal references.

Personal References

It is a document having the contact of at least two and at most three persons, who can vouch for the character and abilities of the prospective mentor. Aside the contact of these references, for each personal reference, there will be a column where the reference will fill the duration of time he or she has known the prospective mentor and what is their relationship.

Mentor Interest Survey

It is a document with the first section having a set of questions to know more about the interests and career aspirations of the prospective mentor.

The second section seeks to know the indicators the mentor will apply to assess a child’s unique innate skills, temperament and passion, in relation with the mentor’s area of specialization. The most practical and unique indicators will be adopted by Project Next Level (PNL) during the Assessment pool in establishing the discipline of each child in the program.

The Mentor Assessment Summary

The mentor program coordinator shall receive all of the information provided by the prospective mentors and log them into a document called the Mentor Assessment Summary. This will determine whether the individual will be accepted into the program or not.

The Contract

Once the applicant’s information and credentials are received and accepted after the assessment summary, the consulting mentors will be briefed on the requirements of the job and given a contract highlighting the following:

  1. Scheme of work template and sample to enable them tabulate the deliverables of each course or discipline.


Subject or Discipline


Use of Subject Topic in Industry solutions

Reference e-books & authors

Other Aids for learning enhancement

Class activity

Home activity

  1. A lesson note book with a sample to enable the mentor document a detailed, yet comprehensive contents of each weekend. The mentor shall be required to document four weekends ahead before each new month. The lesson note will enable the mentor/resource person document the following: Name of resource person; Name of subject discipline; Topic; Weekend; Date; Intended Outcome of topic; Reference book and Author; Method of introduction of topic; Content of topic; Class activity; Class activity aid for learning enhancement; Home activity; recommended home aid for learning enhancement; Conclusion

The contract will stipulate the compensation structure of the Consultant; a description of the work to be performed by the Consultant; the duration of the work; Consultant’s relationship with Project Next Level (PNL) all through the duration of the work; Ownership of work product; Confidentiality; Termination terms and other general provisions

The Work to be performed

The mentor is required to do the following:

To provide and present his/ her resource materials during the mentor orientation session; together with the visual aids and child -friendly systems, each mentor is required to show how these will enhance the learning process of the mentees under them.

To consistently hold weekend classes for the duration of three months, beginning from the assessment pool weekend to the last weekend of the third month.

To encourage cooperation amongst the mentees for problem solving by creating work groups per problem; and to create social media groups as platforms for the mentor and the mentees to connect and interact to do on-the-go brainstorming over situations that may prove deadlocked to the mentees while on set problems.

They are also to market the program to parents, and as such facilitate the collection of a certain number of forms by the parents and other interested candidates.

Each mentor on ICT is required to come along to classes with their Personal Computers/Laptops and modems for demonstrations, if any; whereas each mentor on Creative Arts is also required to come along to classes with any art materials they can afford to provide for themselves, for demonstration, aside the computer facilities, art labs/art materials that will be provided by Project Next Level’s Team, in collaboration with her partners.

PNL’s responsibility

So long as internet data, art materials or anything is necessary to aid teaching and learning, or for enhancement of a topic or topics, and the mentor has indicated so in the scheme of work and confirmed in the mentor’s lesson note, PNL is bound to provide such, in a quantity that can last throughout the period of the program. Such provisions are intended to be used only for classroom activities highlighted in the scheme of work.

PNL will make ready the following policies, procedures and templates to regulate and guide the work of mentors in this program: internet policy, mentee interview procedure; mentee assessment summary template; scheme of work template and sample; lesson note template and sample; mentor contract; mentor report log [to consistently, after every class, log in comments/areas of concern per child, in respect of a topic, or in respect of the environment or learning materials etc.]; mandatory reporting of child abuse and neglect policy & procedure; Neglect report log; Closure policy & procedure; Closure Summary template, etc.

1.6.2 The Schools/Community Centers

Marketing Plan/Points

PNL’s Team will present copies of the scope statement of the project and its goals & objectives to at least ten top schools and some community centers here in our take-off City of Port-Harcourt, Rivers State; the schools and community centers will be presented the opportunity to champion the cause of Creative Arts and Information Technology compliant generation, rising from their schools and neighborhoods by marketing the Project.

As marketers, the schools are free to give out application forms for the project to their students exclusively, or to both their students and those from other schools. However, for every form collected from a school by any student/interested candidate, the school owes PNL the duty to collect back the filled forms for pick-up by PNL.

The marketing will last for two months, beginning from the month of May and end in June, 2023. The marketing will simply be fliers, jingles, posters and banners- spread in strategic points across the City.

Marketing & Sales Points Agreement

The Training is supposed to be a sponsored project, which make it totally free of charge for all interested candidates; but should we decide for any reason to sell our application forms, the schools will enter into an agreement with PNL, to offer marketing services to the organization; in the same agreement, PNL will also guarantee the schools that they are entitled to 5% of every sale of form to the public; PNL shall state that the school is entitled to taking out its own commission after every sale, provided it remits to PNL’s Bank account the net revenue in accordance with the number of forms sold. Otherwise, there are must be other ways PNL can appreciate the schools for a job well done.

1.6.3 Resource Center Partnership

PNL’s Team shall enter into a contract with two schools as the Project Next Level’s Resource Center Partners for a total of six months, which encompasses the following:

  • two months of publicity that will require that the centers or schools avail their facilities as marketing & sales points, and as recruitment/training centers for prospective mentors/mentees
  • Three months of academic sessions
  • One month for the closing process, which shall also include the PNL’s final project exhibition- event that will be held to showcase outstanding innovations of the graduating students.
  • Finance trying to pose hindrance…
  • Sustainability of the Project…
  • Difficulty we are likely to have in providing some interest-free-loans or grants to our indirect beneficiaries (disadvantaged youths) after we have trained them on their chosen areas…

As resource center partners, the schools shall provide or rent their classrooms/amenities with Arts/E-Laboratories to PNL’s Team for the project. Each of the schools shall also provide an Office to act as a PNL’s liaison Office for on-site coordination of the project. One school shall be a primary school, acting as a PNL’s resource center for children from six to ten. The other school shall be a secondary school, acting as a PNL’s resource center for young people from eleven to eighteen, including the disadvantaged youths who are supposed to be carried along. While other schools shall market the forms, if necessary for 5% commission, the resource center partners are entitled to 10% on each form sold from their points to the public. Likewise, they will be featured on all PNL’s brochures and educational materials as 2023 Official resource center partners of the Project Next Level (PNL). Also, they will have the opportunity to feature their banners and admission brochures at the Media Press Release event of the project, which is intended to serve as an Orientation/Assessment Weekend for the admitted students. Finally, resource centers get the privilege to showcase their brands at the final project.

Resource Centers/Partners will get the privilege for either free infomercial advert spots of not more than 30 seconds, or free video advert spots of not more than 60 seconds on the Official Television and other Media Platforms partners of Project Next Level’s Team (PNL). However, infomercials that require special animations will attract animation production cost, except the school has a ready-made animation; the same applies to video adverts of the school. All such fees shall be directly paid to the management of such media platforms as PNL’s compensation for giving PNL free-to-air platforms, totally at no cost.

We also intend creating avenues for advert and publicity via our fliers, posters, jingles, TV programs, exhibition catalogues, our academic year books; as such, we solicit your indulgence to take advantage of such avenues for the publicity of your services, schedules, products, etc., and support the Vision through partnership or sponsorship. Any sponsor or partner wishing to use our platforms to send forth a positive message, will duly be considered- as such platform will be created. The first weekend of the month of May, 2023- has been selected as the Official Take-off Date for the marketing/publicity phase of Project Next Level, 2023. As such, pray with us.

1.6.3 The Mentees Enrolment

With a target of at least, 200 children/youths for its weekend Creative Arts/IT mentorship program- spanning three months, PNL, through its marketing partners will enroll children from the age of six to eighteen, disadvantaged youths in two batches. Parents with children from age six to ten will need to get their wards enrolled in resource center ‘A’, meant for primary school age children; while parents with children from age eleven to eighteen will need to get their wards enrolled in resource center ‘B,’ meant for secondary school age students.

Each child will receive an Enrolment Application form, Personal Reference form, Contact and Information Release form, Parent/Guardian Referral Letter. After filling and submitting the packet of forms, all mentees will be brought in for the assessment pool weekend to be interviewed and assessed by their mentors ahead of the program proper.

No child who has enrolled will be turned out for any deficiency- whatsoever, so long as the child has already shown interest in the project, by first choosing to be enrolled.

Personal Requirements

Mentees are not required to come along with their personal computers, laptops or art materials. However, having one in class is an added advantage for the child, and as such will be accepted. Mentees may be encouraged to come along with internet enabled phones, art materials, etc., if they can afford to.

With the support and cooperation of corporate Nigeria, individuals and organizations of like minds; PNL has got all it takes to stand to its feet. It has the capability and capacity to complement other efforts of the Government in bridging the gap between scholarship (academic world) and entrepreneurship (business world). Through PNL, we shall give every youth the opportunity to really discover and develop their unique abilities and then gain access to the financial resources they need to deploy themselves successfully.

Renting, Preparing the Training/Resource Centers and Obtaining the Necessary Licenses/Permissions for the Project’s Launch

However, we will do all the necessary things to obtain every necessary license and permission from our host- State Government, the Police and other authorities, once we finalize issues on our accommodation arrangements with our Resource-Center Partners. This will also include furnishing/equipping of the said Training Centers, and the project’s launch. God helping us.

Training Schedule

8 - 8:30 am

8 : 30 - 11 am

11 am – 11:30 am

11:30 - 1:30 pm

1:30 - 2:30 pm

2:30 -4 pm.

Muster / Roll Call



Section 1


Snacks Break

Ends Section



Section 2


Lunch Break

Ends Section



Section 2


  • Trainees assemble and the roll taken.
  • Training, theory and practical, commence in various departments.
  • Snacks are served by a designated caterer.
  • Training recommences
  • Lunch is served by a designated caterer.
  • The final lap of training for the day.
  • Training shall hold only on Saturdays.

Toolbox talk by the co-coordinator, after which trainees disperse to their various sections

At 4:00 pm work stops.

Budget Estimate for Project Next Level (PNL-Phase 2, 2023)





Rental/Preparation of the two Resource Centers /Training Venues, including the provision of Chairs, Toiletries, Electricity, etc., for the period of 6 months-N1,000,000. Per Center × 2 = N2,000,000



Procurement of about 100 pieces of used Personal Computers or Laptops, for our target Beneficiaries/Students of about 1,000; 500 for the Primary Section (Badge A) and 5000 for the Secondary Section (Badge B), for the period of 6 months- @ N50, 000 per Computer × 100 pieces = N5,000,000.



Procurement of Art Suppliers and other Art-Teaching-Aids for our target Beneficiaries/Students of about 1,000; 500 for the Primary Section (Badge A) and 5000 for the Secondary Section (Badge B), for the period of 6 months. The number of art supplies required includes stretchers, canvas, staples, oil and acrylic paint, painting hard-boards, artists tables, mixing and tinning solvents, paper, etc. We will need a good quantity of art supplies that could serve us for at least one year academic session, and will purchase some materials only when needed.



Transportation of our Equipment to and from the Resource Centers every weekend, for security reasons and for the period of 4 months- @ N100,00 per month = N400,00.



Salaries for our Creative Arts Industry Experts/Facilitators of about 10 persons @ N100,000 per person and per month, for the period of 4 months= N4,000,000.00.



Salaries for our ICT/Technical Facilitators of about 10 persons @ N100,000 per person and per month, for the period of 4 months= N4,000,000.00.



Feeding of about 1,000 Mentees/Trainees +20 Mentors/Facilitators + 4 Security Personnel, @ N1000,00 per meal X 2 meals per day X 12 weekends/days X 1, 25 persons= N24,676,000,00.






Media & Publicity



Medical Coverage



Prize monies for the most Creative/Innovative 2 Students drawn from the two Resource Centers, during our closing event, plus Exhibition-



Grand Total =


Obstacles that we expect to face during the implementation of the project and how we are going to address them

Potential Obstacles

Suggested Solutions

By reaching out to people of like-minds (Individuals and Organizations) for partnership and sponsorship

By establishing Skills Acquisition Centers across the Country, Factories and Industries that produce daily consumables, which could serve as our inner sources of income- in order to avoid total reliance on grants and donations, going forward.

We plan handling that by liaising/networking with Individuals, Public and Private Agencies that share in our dream. We will also try supporting them with funds raised from the sale of artworks and every other product we could produce as we go.

Attached bellow, are shorts taken during some classes I have had with some school children:

My Person:

Iam one of your sons or friends to be, and my names are Emmanuel C. Okorie. A native of Ndi-Okorie Compound, in Umuokwe Umuhu Ezechi, Bende L.G.A. of Abia state- Nigeria.

I am both talented and a self-thought Artist. And I still remember vividly how it all started- those days in my early childhood, when each time after the rainfall, I would gather my play-mates and we would go out to draw with broomsticks on the wet soil. With a broomstick in my hand, I would soar into the unknown, with children and adults clustering around me to feed their eyes and admire my drawings. As little as I was at the time, I could draw demons, Angels, trees, humans and animal figures off hand, most of the time.

In my primary school days, teachers from others classes, even senior classes would always ask my teacher’s permission to have me do drawing illustrations on their classrooms walls and blackboards, which made me very popular, and an object of need to many- both the school teachers and my fellow students. My artistic skills even won me scholarships on several occasions, which the Governments of the time, failed to implement. However, I did not allow that or any other frustrating factor, either from the home-front or society at large to deter me.

My artistic style is project-dependent and varies from whimsical or representational to figurative. Pursuing different styles provides me freedom and flexibility to explore new approaches and techniques which helps me propel the creative process. It also builds-on and compliments my existing skills. As an artist, I seek to share inspired ideas and make connections with others through ART. Inspiration comes from many sources: music, written text, visual stimuli (i.e. nature, art), personal experience, and internal reflections, etc. Once inspired, artistic ideas often (inconveniently) wake me up at night...I either have to work images or concepts in my head or on paper before I can sleep. Although much of my creative process is internal and reflective, sharing the final product is as important to me as creating. In fact, projects only feel truly complete once I have shared it as a means to connect with others. Connection is critical; it allows me to understand what impact my art has on others.

My older days saw me exploring the world of Creative Arts, as avenues to express my deep feelings and creative imaginations. In many occasions, I had to use money meant for my up-keep to buy arts materials, arts books, and journals. I have been able to teach myself mosaics, Artistic painting of all description, candle making, Basketry, Batik and tie-dying, Mat making, Stenciling, String art, Book illustration, Creative writing, and even some technical skills. At present, I am doing all I can to keep my creative points on the increase. And God helping me, there's no limit to what I can do.


  • Emmanuel C Okorie


  • Dawid Paskalski
  • Donated on May 14, 2023

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