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I am prakaidao that it mean twinkle stars. I work as a journalist in Thailand. I live in Bangkok.I came from poor family I believe education would upgrade me to find out more opportunities about career and salary and my dream about Link the diverse world to become inclusive growth. I wish I could transform people get equal opportunity even poor or I believe education is the platform to transform our life.

The problem is I struck to do thesis master degree at university with scholarship. have a good GPA with 3.77 but just only thesis in 2 years. I can’t concentrate with thesis while I have many things to do in the same time. Thesis is a thing that you need to focus. But I have to work and follow the boss assignment as extra responsibilities since the company was effect by digital era for media in Thailand. I have to pay for mortgage condo and take care of my mom and nephew who move to live with me in Bangkok.

But I have extra responsibility that make me stressful about my career the pressure me so much last year I get sick I scared to go to meet the doctor I worry something happened but I try to start to recovered myself with doing yoga and eat good food such as smoothies vegetables and take slow life also try to not stress about responsibilities.then I get better start to deal I repeat like this all the time. get sick stop

I love my job to interview and write story about strategy of doing business, I covered story about real estate , SMEs, Entrepreneurs, Sustainability,I have been working in Journalist 17 years old. My career gain my experience to learn about people, I like to talk to people and telling about story. but the media industry including newspaper have effect from digital era people not read news in traditional media such as newspaper, TV, and radio. They read news from social media and free of source.

Thailand, The media companies have to lay off employees including the news agencies that I work with 2 years ago they have program about early retire about 20-30%, I made decision didn’t attend this program because the condition of master degree is you still need to be journalist. And 2 year with the pressure from my boss.

The life have been stress and busy 2 years then I get sick and so i have to start with take care of my health to work and to spend money for family, so the thesis is the last priority until last march 2019, I try to start then I get sick again I tried to recovered my life with not stress and do yoga and start thesis again at May, I change a topic with “ Brand Strategy for Newspaper in the Digital Disruption, The Case Study of Krungthep Turakij , the topic for thesis before was “ how to balance business and ethics for news media landscape “ that is seem to be abstract in Thailand , because at first priority the company need to survive.

My master degree is finish 5 years at last July, I would like to finish thesis in 2-3 months this year with healthy. but I don’t want to stress and get sick. So I need money for register and move to a new semester by transfer GPA for a new semester about 1600 $ and for my career also I would like to use program “ leave without pay” but I need to salary for 3 months 1300 $ each month.5500.

I am a 42 years old. I have many skill writing, interview, English language , yoga, Thai massage, I am interested about alternative medical. But I haven’t gotten successful in my career and by my own dream such as family, teach yoga, travel. I was so busy and many responsibilities so I broke up with my ex boy friend when I start doing master degree. i wish when I finish thesis I would be happy and everything I wish will coming in my life and hope a dream start at my 42 years old. If I get this opportunities I would pass the love and opportunity forward to another also.

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Oh thank you so much Jacob , so appreciate

prakaidao baengsuntia

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