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Hello everyone! I am raising money in order to apply for a passport that will allow me to travel and work and would really appreciate your help.

(This account was made for me by my friend Leon because being Russian I could not make one for myself.)

Let me give a short description of my plan and tell you the story of how I came to this idea.

For now I am unable to:

• Use bank cards outside of Russia
• Open new bank accounts
• Legally work with my qualifications (Russia doesn’t accept my certificate)
• Apply for visas or travel to most of the progressive and not dangerous countries.
• Visit a doctor without paying huge amount of money.
• Stay with the people I love, feel at home with and feel secure and protected with.

All of these aspects are very important to me and I’ve been working so hard to achieve this for my life.

What is the plan:

To go through the legal process of making a new passport will cost a total of 7000€ for all the paperwork, lawyers, missing documents from my family, government fee’s and visas.

What it will give me:

The new passport will take away the restrictions based on my nationality which is my biggest goal. And allow me to achieve all the aspects I mentioned above.

So here is my story from very start till now:

First of all I wanna say that I’ve grown up in family where everybody was army workers, soldiers, majors and generals. So it was pretty tough and we never could understand each other well. I left my home when I was 17 and I left Russia as soon as I turned 18.
I don’t have contact with most of my family because they are pretty cruel and strict people who support the war, which is unacceptable for my moral principles. This is a big reason I cannot go back to Russia or even stay there for some time. All that has happened after 24th of February 2022 rips my heart apart so I cannot be apart of this anymore.

Life has started to get very hard for me. I couldn’t use any online payments/bank card and etc… I couldn’t receive any money from Russia anymore, even as little as 100euro per month.

After a while I’ve got my Rope Access qualification, something I’d been dreaming for a long time. Than I got a nice job for Greek company, started to make visa to be a lovely citizen who pays taxes and working in the proper company with insurance, having house with a bath and just happily climbing rocks. But the day before my application EU made new sanctions for Russian nationals and the simplified visas regime was revoked. So my company refused to make visa for me. I worked couple of more jobs with them and then didn’t have any job for 5 months.

After this I could managed my life pretty well even though finding work was hard. I was living in one of the best climbing camps in Turkiye with my lovely friends who became a family, truly incredible people from all over the world who could share all my happiness and struggles.
But this again could not last for too long. My Turkish resident permit expired this March so I applied for a third year of extension. Legally and on time, with proper documents and etc… But when I went to the immigration office they told me in Russian, Turkish and English that it doesn’t matter what my documents are they will not give the resident permit to me because in the field “nationality” was written “Russian federation”.
So they asked me to pay a fee and leave the county.

So on the 17th of April I arrived in Serbia, one of the few countries I could enter without a visa and I’m staying here now with lovely elderly parents of my friend who is letting me stay at his family house.

My journey is going on already for 4 years. But the last year has been a complete mess where the only thing I was doing is trying to survive, hardly able to make money and manage my life.

In short - all progressive countries where I could get a job have closed their borders for Russians or made it nearly impossible for middle class people to enter. Which has made my situation even more difficult.
I can’t go against the law and I also don’t have any place or friends to go back to in Russia.

After long research for what could I do and how I could bring myself out of all the shit that has happened I finally found a way.

It is possible for me to join repatriation program of Romania and in approximately a years time get an EU passport.

Cost breakdown:

The lawyers have told me the price will be around 7700€ with all the documentation, translation and visas.

500€ - visa to enter Romania to apply for repatriation
300€ - payment to Romanian government
300€ - all the missing documents
6650€ - lawyers job and accompaniment with all the documents and government communication.

I have already paid 700€ to start the process but for now I don’t have any job again. I’m pretty sure that If I had a year I could make and save this money somehow but in that time the EU could tell Romania to stop the program because lots of people are using it now.

So that’s why I would be very much grateful if you could help me!

I do believe that I can turn the dark side into the light one. That is what all the people I’ve met on my way have taught me.

Thank you for reading all of this to the end. And thank you for your help!

Love you a lot!


A friend trying to help a friend! Let's get this Pasport for Polina!!

A friend trying to help a friend! Let's get this Pasport for Polina!!


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  • Donated on Jul 12, 2023
  • Good luck and success

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  • Donated on Jul 11, 2023
  • Poliszka, wish you all the best, all my heart with you.

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  • Donated on Jul 11, 2023
  • Much much much love and tahini !

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  • Donated on Jul 10, 2023
  • Polina, you can do it! Love you my darling!

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  • Donated on Jun 11, 2023
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  • Donated on Jun 09, 2023
  • С днём рождения :)

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raised of €7,000.00 goal
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