Pls help save my Papa from Coma (3rd admission)

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Hi to all kindhearted people, I am knocking on your gentle hearts to help prolong my grandfather’s life who is in Coma right now at Cebu Doctors Hospital on his 3rd hospitalisation. This year has been really tough for us and we faced so many trials/challenges. At this point, I am so desperate reaching out to kind people right here. This is not very typical of us asking help on the internet but I felt like there are blessed people out here who would understand us.

My grandpa lives in a tiny island in the southern Mindanao. Last July 2019, he had a motorcycle fall upon entering our gate due to rain and hit his ribs, He didn't have any problem after the accident but experienced occasional pain on his left side near his heart, the island doesnt have tertiary hospital and they don't have equipment like X-rays to have it checked. Also, he didn't feel the need of it coz he felt he was okay, so he only ask for massaged (hilot) from time to time as his pain management, He also needs to travel for 5-7hours just to reach a bigger hospital.

Two weeks after the accident, he had difficulty breathing and we decided to get him here to Cebu City on July 26, 2019 coz my Aunt and brother lives here so we can have him checked and also take care of him. He only lives with my Lola who just recently had surgery in February of 2019.

Went to Emergency room right away after they arrived and all the tests started and found out that he had MULTIPLE RIB FRACTURES and they also found out that he’s KIDNEY and HEART are not doing well too.

Our world came crashing after knowing that some of his organs are not functioning well, he was advised for admission to get him better, medication started and other necessities.

He’s CREATININE went up day by day and led to IJ catheter surgery to start temporary HEMODIALYSIS to help cleanse his blood. His cardio doctor also advised for ANGIOGRAM/ANGIOPLASTY but requires at least 800k pesos (15K USD) depending on how may blockages in his heart. We don't have that money also that was necessary but his Cardio said until his kidney function improves.

After 2 cycle of dialysis, his creatinine went down from 6.5 to 2.2 which was a good sign of recovery but on his 10th day of admission he developed pleural effusion (water in the lungs) 900ml almost 1Liter, it was so hearthbreaking hearing that news as doctors said that it could be due to his heart failure or due to his dialysis complication. We were advised for Thoracentesis (draining of fluid in the lungs) but need to wait for 5 days to stop his ANTIPLATELET drug which is not good for THORACENTESIS.

We were given a clearance for discharged and scheduled the Thoracentesis 5 days after discharged coz his doctors were confident that thoracentesis will be a success. and for his RIB Fractures, doctors advised was it will just heal on its own after 2 months as conventional management, just make sure he won't lie against his rib fracture. We spent total of 189k pesos on his first admission, big thanks to my Aunties and Uncles for helping us that we were able to settle the bill.

On August 5, 2019 we went to Chong Hua Pulmonary OPD department for the Thoracentesis because they are more affordable compare to other hospitals and they allow it for OPD (Outpatient). We were very confident that after draining of the fluid my grandpa would fully recover as this is the only issue that he had BUT turns out this is just the beginning of another challenge. When the doctor tried to drain the fluid, they only got around 50ml where he had 900ml fluid in his lungs and worst part is there presence of blood which indicates bleeding inside his lungs, they tried aspirating several times. We were so worried seeing blood aspirated from his lungs and couldnt aspirate more fluid due to blockage.

Our Doctor advised us for another admission and suggested Chest Tube Surgery but they asks us to do lung MRI to see if theres loculation (blood in the lung air pockets) formed and YES he already have one, so Chest Tube Draining wont help anymore and his doctor suggested for VATS (Video Assisted Thoracic Surgery) to really clean the lungs and to avoid pleural effusion again. They asks us to prepare at least 300k given that his Cardiologist and Nephrologist would give clearance for surgery.

We went to his cardiologist and he advised to do MPI (myocardial perfusion imaging and 2D echo which cost us 30k) if his heart would survive the surgery. We did it and we found out that his heart had already multiple heart attack before and ONLY 35% of his heart is working and he may have a high chance of CARDIAC ARREST if we he will undergo the VATS surgery or any surgery.

We really felt depressed and very sad at this point because it feels like we don't have any choice but to take a risk. I can really see that my grandpa was so hearbroken after learning the news that his heart is not functioning well anymore tho he looks so okay. He wanted to do to Angioplasty but couldn't afford to produce 800k pesos for the surgery and another 300K for the VATS surgery, yet he has another problem with his Kidney and Lungs. We can really feel his sadness, sometimes caught him doing blank stares, we were so helpless but we ask GOD for any miracle that he would get better. We were running from 3 doctors one way or another to at least manage his current condition and comply all the medicines needed. My grandpa was so scared thinking about all the surgeries needed and he said that he's afraid to die. It pains our heart hearing it from him and teary eyed every time he thinks about his situation. I'm also crying while typing this message to you guys.

On September 19, (Thursday) 2019. My grandpa was not feeling well again and had difficulty breathing. So, we straight up went to the ER and this is his second admission. My grandpa became very anemic maybe due to the dialysis and his creatinine went up again so, he had 2 cycle of dialysis and 3 bags of blood transfusion. He recovered very well this time just 6 days in the hospital and we really thought that this is the start of the recovery because the fluid in lungs becomes lesser and had a very big improvement. We got out on September 25, 2019 and our bills 175k pesos. We were not able to fully settle the bill and had a balance of 30k pesos. Most of the payment was borrowed from our friends and lending company.

On SEPTEMBER 26 evening, just 1 day after our discharge, which I considered unluckiest day! grandpa had a HEART ATTACK! We rushed him to the hospital just within 20minutes he collapsed! We are all crying going to the hospital with my Aunties coz we can't feel any pulse on his arm.

Emergency room did CPR for 30 minutes!!!! to revive him. but he didn’t regained his consciousness, he is in COMATOSE right now and we couldn’t accept it! We were all crying coz we cant handle the fact that he was so okay few hours before and now he is like this, unresponsive. He had another heart attack second day and third attack on his 3rd they used the defibrillator. We talked to grandpa even tho he couldn't hear us to wait for my Grandma and my father from Mindanao as this was unexpected. It's been 5days already and there's no sign of progress although we are really hoping that he would wake up and receover. CT scan was done and doctor said he had the chance to recover but dont know how long and they wouldn't know how long his heart and kidney would hold on. Our running bill right now is almost 200k aleady and we don't know where to get the funds to settle the bill little by little. My grandpa's kids and my Grandma already gave everything they could, took loans, borrowed money from friends and all. So, I took the initiative to write this campaign and hoping that somebody out there would help us.

We really wanted our grandpa to live and give all the support needed at this time. We believe that there are some people do really recover from Coma although it will take time and money to support the medicines needed.

I’m really knocking on your doors gentle people to help us support my father and do everything to recover. Our current running bill is ballooning to 200k right now (October 3, 2019) and we dont know where to get any funds to pay his bills, and this will go higher day by day.

If you wish to donate, you can do fund transfer to my Auntie's

BPI account: 9089142048 (Charmaine Ojales)


or BDO account: 7230044585 (Charmaine Ojales)


This is the Summary:

July 26, 2019 - First admission, multiple rib fractures due to motorcycle fall in Mindanao, kidney and heart found out not doing good, surgery done and diaylsis done but developed pleural effusion for 900ml (fluid in the lungs) before discharged, advised for Thoracentesis (draining of fluid in the lungs) as OPD as there some contraindicated medicines. Spent 189k pesos first admission.

August 13, 2109 - Thoracentesis done but unfortunately only 30ml aspirated out of 900ml due to presence of blood (could be due to fracture) advised for another admission for Chest Tube Draining but was advised to do lung MRI to check if there's loculation (blood present in lung air pockets). MRI confirmed that loculations are already present in the lungs, advised for VATS (Video Assisted Thoracic Surgery) to clean the lungs and avoid another plueral effusion. Ask to prepare at least 300K but need to have clearance from Cardio and Nephrologist.

August 29, 2019 Cardiologist ask to do MPI (Myocardial Perfusion Imaging) to check if his heart can survive any surgery. Found out only 35% of heart is functioning and have a high chance of cardiac arrest Grandpa, afraid he might die if he will go VATS surgery and refused as they also don't have that amount to support the surgery.

September 18, 2019 grandpa had difficulty breathing, brought to ER and admitted found out he was so anemic despite having Eposino, IJ cath surgery redone again, 2 cycle dialysis done and 3 bags of Blood Transfusion given. Patient recovered very well and was discharged on September 25, 2019, bill was 185k, not fully settled.

September 26 Thursday night, grandpa had a HEART ATTACK at 10pm, rushed to the hospital, flat line. Revived after 30 minutes but in Coma right now. 72hrs post coma, no sign of improvement. CT scan result there could be sign of recovery but couldn't tell when. All medical management done currently, grandpa has 3 series of heart attack while currently admitted. Running bill is 200k.

Thank you!

Angelica Ojales



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