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Dearest family, friends and all the good hearted people out there,

As some of you might already know, I have moved to Germany almost 5 years ago seeking for necessary change in life, but also out of economical reasons as my home country struggles vastly in many fields (but Bosnia is a never ending story and not the matter of this letter).

With my excellent knowledge of German Language (due to the war which happened in my country, and my mother and I being forced by the circumstances into exile) I rather had an easy time integrating in the community although the city of Frankfurt was more of a hiding spot for all the Balkan people seeking for a better future.

After, no more than 6 months I have decided to open up a company in Germany and start my import business of coffee made by an amazing company located in Croatia.

Imagine me competing with the big conglomerates in this really rough business, tough yes, but since I was raised with the attitude never to give up, I have always pushed through and found my place under the stars. No doubt at some points it wasn’t easy, I was destroyed and tired of all the restrictions and regulations this business required for operations in Germany, but I never gave up the fight. Eventually after two years of hard work it all became routine and I managed to put the business on its feet, if I only knew what was coming.

Business was running smooth for the next two years and I managed to employ some people and grow, yet I was fighting this awful feeling of nostalgia specially because I left my heart in Sarajevo where my beloved still awaits me.We were planing to reunite once she had completed her university degree and live happily ever after. (Spoiler alert: Fairy tails do not happen in real life)

Unfortunately as fate has it, the world changed, and so have our plans and ambitions with it…(Not to make you cry… We are still strong together though and our love manages to resist the pain of being separate)

In November 2019, I decided to try and spread my business to the Czech Republic, precisely the magnificent city of Prague. City where my late father used to live and study, and about which he spoke so fondly of, a wondrous marvel in the heart of Europe, that I strongly recommend for everybody to visit and experience its beauty and charm at least once in a life time.

The people and the actual business climate as well as huge numbers of tourist visiting every year, basically made me fall in love with the city and its business opportunities immediately and that is where my life story got a new twist.

The twist

In February 2020, I officially opened a company in the Czech Republic, and that’s how the 'Gold Coast s.r.o.' was born, with just one month into the business the COVID-19 pandemic escalated and I was trapped for several weeks in this city. With a good will and a storage contract in my pocket I traveled back to Germany to try and save my business there. However, the business strongly depended on office buildings and as all of you already know, one of the first things to become our “new normal” was office jobs turning into HOME office jobs almost over night. I attempted to turn my business into a delivery service, but like many others I was too small and too weak to compete against giants such as Amazon, Ali Express and etc.

Hence, the only smart move for me at that point was to let the business go and focus on a new beginning in a different country not that far away, but rather with a completely different approach to business and this new reality we are living in. (to be completely honest with you, it was also a cheaper option, and I am sure I will not regret it)

New beginning

With great hopes that eventually this madness would go away I started preparing everything for my comeback and a new market. Time passed and nothing changed, complete lockdown made a lot of businesses close, especially those ones who weren’t that lucky and quick enough to shift.

I needed to come up with a new business idea, during the summer I carried on with my primary business (the coffee sales) but also prepared everything for the possible “second wave”. Unfortunately as we all know by now, the second wave hit and brought new trouble to the already wounded reality.

I came up with an idea to start a late night delivery of beverage and other necessities, and started building the brand with some of my savings from the past couple of years running a successful small venture. To be fair it is not my idea but actually something what preexisted just I saw the opportunity to do it in a smarter and more efficient way. Non of the preexisting companies had any efficient marketing campaign and they all heavily depended on the delivery apps.

Preparation took quite a while since I struggled with language barrier, until I finally met some young and bad ass people who mostly lost their jobs due to Covid-19 and were basically seeking not only for job and money, but for revenge on life and its ability to throw us under the bus. The market was basically overrun by the delivery apps, companies who provided some work for a bunch of people who lost their jobs due to the pandemic, but at the same time made life more expensive for both the sellers as the buyer, or as I like to call it “legal extortion”.

Since I already went down the path of fighting giants, this time I was strategically better prepared. While living in Germany I have developed and maintained close contacts with several companies, one of which, was actually able to meet my request to develop an app which we will use as my personal e-commerce platform just in form of a smart phone app. (After five hard and exhausting months on the app we are awaiting it to be launched any day now)

In the meantime I didn’t waste the opportunity and build up a web store and invested time and money in our unique marketing. Together with my phenomenal colleagues, we are producing in-house marketing. This whole concept gave us the opportunity to actually start working on preparing materials for a franchise concept of the whole venture.

I have employed one of the best sales reps one could possibly wish for, whom despite tremendous abilities have also fallen victim to the pandemic. A couple of weeks into work, the business started growing slowly and steadily, but at least it started, we managed to be one of those quick and smart ones and not let the pandemic control us and our lives but rather make it work in our favor.

After a couple more of our friends lost their jobs (mainly in the gastronomy) we came up with the idea to use our “storage”, which used to operate as a club beforehand, but also the whole already built up infrastructure at the company, and built a ghost kitchen. It is a newly coined term, that gained its popularity during the pandemic, implying that it is a food production facility (Kitchen if you will) that solely operates for delivery.

Having such an amazing group of people surrounding me, made me think about the perspective of opening up a restaurant after this pandemic ends (one day hopefully) we manage to pay all our bills only a couple of weeks into business, not bad right?

Question mark?

Now you are probably asking yourself the question, well, if everything is so perfectly timed and running, whats the problem?

Well as often in life, nothing runs as smooth as it sounds and all of this above mentioned came with extremely hard work. We were doing our own deliveries with the our own company car, that way escaping the trap of the 30% extortion fee from the delivery apps. This way we were able to make our products (talking food and beverage and both businesses) more affordable for everyone and inadvertedly securing a competitive position on the local market, while still in the process of establishing a brand.

Hereto, first test that was thrown our way was a sneaky robbery where we got robbed and our car got heavily damaged in the process, which ,as you can imagine, set us back but we didn’t gave up and instead made us stronger, we hustled, sweated and persevered….until our car got stolen.

So this is where the actual problems begin, having our small community/market already established, it wasn’t an option for us to turn the page and go with the flow in sights of delivery apps, that move would make us more expensive and we would waste a lot of money into marketing something which would be the complete opposite of what we stand for, and a great hit for our franchise idea. The whole idea is somehow rebellious and we stand behind it, at the moment the company works without its own transport, in order to keep our clients we had to rent a car, due to which we actually lose profit.

What about insurance?

Putting a business on and running requires a lot but first of all cutting essential cost, therefore we rather bought a cheaper car in order to get things on going, also to reduce insurance cost and to reduce the risk of getting the car stolen. (Obviously didn’t work out as we wanted) Just to be clear the car was exactly a year to old to be actually insured against theft !

Our asking

Henceforth, cutting the long story short. We are looking to get funded from you guys to keep our business running, at this rate we are facing a stoppage of operations rather sooner than later. Your kindness would spare 5 young and ambitious people from unemployment and would get us back on track, what more it would provide for a bright future for many more years to come and many more people to get employed.

We know that we are not in a position to choose but still it is worth a try to ask you guys to fund not only our need of a car, but to try to raise the money for an electric vehiclefor a number of reasons. Despite its beauty, sadly, we live in a city which is rated amongst the top air polluted cities in the world, and since we live by the Moto - ‘Don’t be part of the problem, be part of the solution' and our generally eco-friendly attitude that we stand by, an electric vehicle would support our moral ethics and ambitions, such as the reduction of carbon footprint, reduction of operation costs and creating a much more sustainable feature for our kids and not only economically but also ecologically. We would also use the money to restart the coffee import business if we reach our goal total.

There are also minor governmental grants we are working on applying for, that support young businesses, it is not a lot but every little helps. As I have already mentioned previously, we are a young and smart team so we researched all of the possibilities for the best and cheapest solution. We have found a Toyota of our dreams, which fulfills all our needs, but being an electric car the asking price is slightly higher.

Hence, in order to cover our needs for the car and the stolen retail goods within it, which were worth a couple thousand euros, WE ALL together as one strong family-team Kindly ask for your vital support.

And finally the most important reason why we are asking your support is basically the franchise concept we earlier talked about. We had the whole business plan set up to that one goal, we were focused and worked a lot on and invested a lot in the actual franchise concept, and in the not even perfect scenario we would finish up our franchise concept financing by the beginning of summer 2021. Since we had this couple of problems the most important part of the puzzle is now highly threatened. We are pushing back hardly, working all day every day, but we are in a bad spot since we already have some requests regarding the possibility of a franchise and we are afraid we could not only “not make it in time” but rather fail completely due to this heavy pressure we now feel from the unexpected costs in sights of rental cost.

I can assure you that expense is precisely calculated (after all I am a Virgo in sense of Zodiac signs, being precise and elaborate is one of my biggest strengths)

Again, just to reiterate, we are welcoming any and all donations.

Thank you all for taking the time to read our plea and even if just moral support you can offer, your positive vibes and thoughts will help us get through these dark times. Once again many thanks for supporting a young-hardworking and determined group of individuals whom become as a family in these tough times of ours. (We’ve all been brought up by wonderful parents of ours whom taught us better then to beg, hence why we are asking) Please help us in the hour of need, our fate now lies in your hands.

For all of you who decide to sponsor us with 100+ euros, we are giving out vouchers for an unforgettable dinner (and you have my word on it) at our place which you will be able to redeem at anytime once you get the chance to visit the magnificent city of Prague and its wonders. Every donation will be highly appreciated !

I hope that you could share this with your friends and family in order to move us a couple of steps further in reaching our goal.

This whole idea basically came to me out of knowing that putting together a group of people, with similar positive energy, attitude, extensive knowledge and experience gathered through some years spent in various businesses, has a vast potential to work out in the outmost positive way if everyone plays their part.

Therefore, I strongly recommend for you to visit our Instagram and Facebook pages where you can get further acquainted with what we have achieved so far despite of all the difficulties. Also your ‘likes’ and ‘follows' on all the platforms would be greatly appreciated and please don’t hesitate to visit our website and leave us your comments.

The Night Shift Instagram and Facebook:

The Chef Instagram and Facebook:

Also please check the short commercial on our YouTube chanel:

Thank you for your time.

Kindest wishes.

Sincerely yours,

Mak Filipovic


Dinner at our restaurant



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