Please help Tibor Loc to pay hospital treatment

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My name is Tibor Loc. I was born in Vojvodina, Serbia.

I know that we all are very busy in today's world. We all have our worries and problems. But I hope that you can help me.

Please allow me to introduce in short:

I was born in the town of Temerin. There I went to school and have earned my high school at the Architecture technical school.

In 1982 I started to work, and I love my job. I would also like to continue to exercise my profession if I had not become seriously ill.

I got married we lived and we live a very lovely and happy family life, despite my illness. We have three children, two sons and a daughter who are already married and they already have their family. Our children live very modest but very happy. I have two grandchildren, and I hope that we will have more grandchildren.

My children support me wherever they can. Unfortunately, not enough what they earn for their livelihood and they can not helped me financially.

I have 53 years old, and suffering from the rare Buerger's disease. This disease brings with it that my arteries and veins become inflamed, gradually shrink and dissolve. This starts with the arms and legs and spreads ever upward in the body. Unfortunately, the disease has no cure and therefore the dead limb to be amputated.

On 04 January 2002 was amputated my left leg, below the knee. At that time, my right leg was still healthy and I got a prosthesis for the left leg. With this prosthesis, I have tried to live very difficult until November last year.

In 2003 I got my disability pension. This means that I get 50% of the pension that, I would get otherwise. Sorry, we do all my savings that I have saved up during my years of working period spent on ambulance runs, hospitalizations and medications. Unfortunately, I can’t live on my disability pension, so it concerns us, me and my wife, getting worse.

Fortunately, we do not go hungry. My wife tried every way to take and work where they can. My wife is not picky. She has also worked in three shifts as a seasonal worker. Unfortunately there was no work this winter. During this time, our breakfast, lunch and dinner was often just bread with oil - we have survived this, but it was hard.

I survived with minor and major pain somehow the recent years, but unfortunately my situation as of November 2015, much worse. I had tremendous pain in his right leg. Has been developed black spots on my right foot (Gangrena). After a long phase of treatment in the hospital and in our home, my condition had deteriorated so much that my right leg was amputated on April 08. 2016.

Then my doctor had prescribed me medication, which unfortunately we can get only abroad, and these drugs are, unfortunately, very expensive. However, these drugs are essential to me.

Now I can do nothing without my legs; I lie in bed. Alone I'm not going to do either little things even more stuff in a position, so I am dependent on my wife. She does everything and helps me whenever she can. My wife can’t work, because she cares for me and can’t leave me alone.

Because I got sick, we had to for drugs very much money to borrow, even for road to the hospital, which is 60 km away from us. Sometimes we had 2 to 3 times a week to the hospital. I had many consultations that perform here in Serbia only private doctors who were very expensive.

Unfortunately we have no opportunity ever to repay the borrowed money. We owe currently for more people total 4,000 – dollars for now.

We very much hope, that we can find some understanding, and helpful people that would help us with smaller or larger amounts of money.

Unfortunately we have only our debt even further expenditure. My hospital treatment has not been completed. I have to continue to report regularly to the hospital for further treatment. Unfortunately, this also costs a lot of money, so multiply continues our debts.

Without your help and support, we are in a hopeless situation. No matter what amount of money would you donate to us, we are very grateful! I hope that you can empathize and understand my situation. Please help us.

I believe and trust that there are still many people in this world who believe in human solidarity and charity and help us.

Thank you in advance for your help and support!

With gratitude,

Tibor Loc

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