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Update 12/03/2020 - Dr Nanquil, mom's surgeon from her last operation advised not to proceed with the surgery as it is too complex which might compromise mom's life. He recommends to do a less invasive procedure for management of the mass. An ERCP with stenting every 6 months would be a better option than putting my mom's life at risk, the surgery will require 4 surgeons, an anesthesiologist and mom will need to be taken care at an ICU for weeks to months until completely healed. We have decided to save all donations and financial help for mom's upcoming ERCP this February with repeat biopsy and replacement of a bigger stent for follow up ERCP after 6 months.

Update 09/12/2020 - Mom successfully had cholecystectomy with exploration of bile duct with a t-tube left in place since 1 stone was not taken out. She will be having an ERCP for follow-up removal of the stone.

Update 11/10/2020 - Mom recently had an ERCP. An ampullary mass was found which requires removal as a preventive measure. A biopsy was taken and was found to be a villous adenoma. These adenomas may become malignant if not treated promptly.

As of today, 11/27/2020, we seeked advise from another gastroenterologist and he advised to perform choledochojejunostomy with removal of the ampullary mass to prevent progression of the mass to an adenocarcinoma. He hopes to have it scheduled as soon a possible and asked us to prepare at least 800 thousand pesos to 1 million due to the complexity of the procedure.

We are making every effort to raise funds for mom. We are selling shirts for a cause and all proceeds will be for mom's operation amd medications. You may check the details here:

Bance De Oro 011460018832

Unionbank 102378519400

GCash 09151424498

Again, I would like to humbly knock on your hearts and ask for help. Any amount big or small would certainly get a long way for my mom and it will be highly appreciated. Raising 800 thousand pesos to a million seems impossible. for me alone. Above all, I would like to ask for your prayers for mom's complete recovery.

Please help my mom.. God bless.


Please help my mother, Corazon Branal, complications from her previous diagnosis might lead to hepato-biliary surgery. She is currently not showing severe symptoms but the yellow discoloration of her skin and eyes (jaundice) got me and her doctors worried. I was advised to take her to the hospital for any other symptoms that may occur.

My mom and I are in desperate need of help to fund for possible surgery. She got hospitalized 3 times in the past 6 months. My mom was diagnosed with Henoch-Schonlein purpura (also IgA vasculitis), a rare auto-immune disease affecting small blood vessels. It has now affected most of her major organs.

Recent blood works showed elevated ESR which signifies inflammation, an elevated ALT and AST as well as an elevated bilirubin in multiples of 10 indicating a problem with her liver. Hyperbilirubinemia cannot be managed with just medications unless the source has been treated which may be due to cholecystolithiases and sludged balls found in her common bile duct from her recent ultrasound.

Mom is currently on 9 different medicines for maintenance which include a once a week injection of Epoetin-Beta 5000 UI to help control chronic kidney failure. Her Hemoglobin has improved for the past few months but still below the normal range.

The expenses of mom's medication is already draining up funds, my monthly salary is not enough to support my mom's need which leaves me desperate and I've reached to a point where we could no longer find additional resources to cover up costs of all of her medical needs. I will continue to seek assistance of our government, however, DSWD are not accepting requests due to lack of funds. I hope we can seek help from PCSO to help cover costs.



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