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Update posted by Kyle Wheymond On Oct 23, 2020

Friends we are ALMOST there! We are trying to raise the last $1000!!! Dana cannot do this without you and your support. Even a small donation of $20 dollars helps Dana get to the point where she can get to Ontario and have the surgery she desperately needs! More on that in a minute but first an update-

Dana has had great success with the last round of treatment. Specialists in Toronto determined that chemo was not the route to go after all. This was great news and a great surprise! In other good news, Dana’s kidneys have responded to the last round of dialysis . Her EGFr is now back up to 59 which is a much less frightening number than 29. These same wonderful doctors have determined they will be able to do ONE surgery instead of the TWO that the doctors in the US wanted to pursue.

Now, the bad news. Dana has had to be hospitalized three times in the last two weeks for blood clots in her legs, lungs and kidney. This complication demonstrates how this tiny little tumor affects her entire body and not just her kidneys. Dana got very lucky that the first set of blood clots in her legs were superficial. She was not so lucky with the second and third set, which are substantial clots resulting in something very scary called a pulmonary embolism. Her blood pressure and blood sugar continue to change very quickly as the tumor causes the release of irregular amounts of hormone. To complicate matters, while we are in arbitration, Dana’s insurance provider is now refusing to cover anything related to the original pheo tumor for which they denied coverage to treat. America?! Go Figure? This means that her new treatment and medicines are not being covered and due to the complexity, these medications are not currently offered at the local community health clinic where she can sometimes get discounted medications.

We are tentatively expecting to move forward with surgery in January. Yes, there are other factors like COVID and the issues at the border. BUT we can’t move forward until the full amount is raised and in trust. In order to be allowed to stay in Ontario for the projected treatment period, all of the money that Dana will need for the surgery plus any costs associated with the stay will need to be raised. With your help, Dana can move forward and work through the worst of this illness once and for all. Please, help our friend. I know Dana is eternally grateful for all of you. Let’s show her how much we want her to LIVE.

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Update posted by Kyle Wheymond On Sep 25, 2020

Great news everyone! Because of your love and support, Dana is still here and fighting. You may have noticed this fundraiser has been extended. More on that in a minute but first, an update. I attended Dana's appointments with her nephrologist, endocrinologist and oncologist today. Dana's EGFR numbers are still dangerously low at 29. This means her kidneys are still in stage 4 failure. Since my last update, Dana's pheo tumor has grown 1 cm so because of that, her treatment regimen is going to change. She will begin what we hope is her last round of chemo sometime in the next month if they think she can handle the treatment. Dana really needs your love and support during this time. Anything from a simple text to socially distanced well-wishes would really help to lift her spirits. We are in the home stretch but as the saying goes we are not home free.

The good news is that even though Dana's kidney numbers are low, they have stayed mostly stable since my last update. Many of Dana's American friends understand how hard it is to pay for healthcare that insurance has denied coverage for in the US. Most of us who are not American are disgusted by the whole thing. Because Dana's tumor is part of her vascular system, once removed, she could be in the hospital for up to three months. This means that she is looking at close to $500,000 in hospital bills here in the US. With that in mind, her doctors and hospice provider have worked to set up the surgery and what they call aftercare through a program in Toronto, Ontario. Moving this surgery means Dana will be able to access in-hospital care for a fraction of the cost in the US. The additional benefit of this program is that some of Dana's best friends are all within an hour of this location. We all know about the lack of support that Dana deals with. Now, in the best case scenario, should she not have to stay in the hospital for three months, she will able to stay with people who will take care of her when she needs it the most.

What does this mean for the fundraiser? Well it means Dana needs just a little bit more help. Just 1300 USD will help make this happen. Dana will need to apply for a visa because her stay might be longer than what is allowed on a regular tourist visit. There are some expected obstacles with COVID predictions and borders she will need to start the visa process as soon as possible. As her friends, we want to help her avoid having to go back to the US side mid-treatment where she might risk not being able to get to the doctor because she can't get back across or has to wait 14 days each time. Dana will need to have the full amount for the stay, including the cost of all medical care, in order to qualify for this visa. Dana has also experienced a 50% increase in the cost of her current medications. This means saving for herself is now impossible. Without your kindness, it is likely Dana will not be able to make this happen.

Dana has said many times she would like to thank each and every one of you for making the effort to help support her through this. Thank you for your support.

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Update posted by Kyle Wheymond On Jun 28, 2020

I went to the doctor with Dana on Friday. Her right kidney has lost 4 points in function and are down to a 25 on the EGFR scale. This means they are quickly approaching the full failure line, This is what the doctor calls the point of no return. Because of Dana's autoimmune disorder, a kidney transplant will likely not be survivable. If you can help, but have been waiting to see how things play out, NOW is the time. She has just under 8 weeks before the surgery date. PLEASE, PLEASE help our friend.

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We love you Dana. Hope all goes well for you. And as Bill always says;"hang in there, kid!"

Bill and Jill Rhodes

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